Real Boxing Hits Google Play, Remains a Tegra Exclusive Title For Now

Real Boxing

At the 2013 CES, NVIDIA took center stage with Project SHIELD, showing off an upcoming Android title called Real Boxing. Well, we still don’t have SHIELD (and you know how I feel about that), but Real Boxing hit Google Play this AM. Real Boxing is the most life-like fighting experience you will find on Android currently, bringing enhanced 3D graphics and lighting. The game is so detailed, you will see every drop of blood as you pummel it out of your opponent.  (more…)

Qualcomm: You Won’t Be Seeing a Project SHIELD Rival From Us


From what we can see, either you love the idea of NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD or find it to be the biggest waste of resources ever. According to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Product Manager’s recent comments, I think we know where they stand on that one.

In a recent chat with The Verge, Raj Tulluri said that these devices will find a way to come out to market on their own, which gives Qualcomm little reason to compete with their customers in the hardware-making game. In essence, he feels that they would be stealing business from themselves if they made a rival to Project SHIELD.  (more…)

NVIDIA Teases More Project SHIELD, This Time With Borderlands 2

Project SHIELD Borderlands 2

Late last night, NVIDIA decided to continue its tease fest of Project SHIELD to the Android/Gaming communities. We still have no release dates and no pricing, but sure, let’s go ahead and watch some more demos of this thing in action. This time, we have them showing off some Borderlands 2 gameplay, with textures cranked all the way up to 11 while the game is being streamed from a Falcon TiKi PC in the same room.  (more…)

NVIDIA Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at Creation of Project SHIELD

Project SHIELD

If you watched our coverage of CES from this year, you undoubtedly saw and heard our thoughts on NVIDIA’s upcoming gaming device, Project SHIELD. The device, which basically looks like an Xbox 360 controller with an HD display attached, is NVIDIA’s vision of the future of gaming. Imagine being able to take your PC quality games with you wherever you go, while having full access to Android’s ecosystem, including Google Play and other Google services. For Android fans and gamers alike, it might be a dream come true. (more…)

NVIDIA Posts CES Booth Tour Video – Shows Off Cars, Tegra 4, Project SHIELD


It seems a little poorly timed, given CES is wrapping up, but NVIDIA has released a short booth tour video which gives folks an in-depth look at the NVIDIA CES experience. With a quick look at the Grid Cloud Gaming system, a behind the scenes peek at Project SHIELD, and the Tegra-powered cars, the NVIDIA booth was definitely one of the best ones there.  (more…)