Video: Flying a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 With NVIDIA SHIELD


NVIDIA is working extremely hard to create a product that people want, bringing Android to its highest potential in the realm of mobile gaming. One of the features that SHIELD offers that I can’t get enough of, is the feeling of an actual controller in my hand while playing my favorite games. So, what happens when you pair said controller, complete with joysticks and triggers, with a new Parrot AR Drone 2.0? Pure nerd magic.  (more…)

NVIDIA SHIELD Price Lowered to $299, Release Date Scheduled for June 27

Project SHIELD

This morning, NVIDIA dropped a bomb, announcing that they have lowered the price of SHIELD from the original $349 mark, to just $299. Thanks to enough community feedback and response to the product from potential buyers, NVIDIA felt it best to lower the price, allowing them to get the device into the hands of even more dedicated gamers. For those that already pre-ordered SHIELD at the $349 price, NVIDIA says that once the device ships, only the new price of $299 will be charged to their cards. 

NVIDIA SHIELD Hits the FCC, Still Penciled in to Ship Before End of June


NVIDIA’s upcoming Tegra 4-powered SHIELD device still needed to make one pit stop before being shipped out to customers and that’s the required stop by the good ol’ FCC. Now that the device has been approved for all of its WiFi operation, we can still plan on the device being shipped out before the end of June, at least according to NVIDIA’s pre-order page.  (more…)

Tuesday Poll: Are You Buying NVIDIA’s SHIELD?


Well, pricing is official – NVIDIA’s SHIELD gaming system will run $349 at launch. So the big question now is, are you going to buy one? This product was first unveiled some five and a half months ago at CES to a mix of emotions and reviews from both media and consumers. We all wondered if there was a need for a portable gaming system that can stream and play your PC  games along with your current mobile collection? Is your phone already a good enough mobile gaming device or is this truly the future of mobile gaming? What would the price be? All tough questions that I’m not sure anyone has an answer for (well outside of the price which we now know), until we can spend more time with.

So tell us, are you buying SHIELD? If so, sell the community on why you are buying it. If not, we tell what is holding you back.

Are You Buying NVIDIA's Project SHIELD?

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NVIDIA SHIELD Release Details Announced, General Pre-Orders Start May 20 For $349


Details have finally been released for NVIDIA’s highly-anticipated SHIELD. Previously known as Project SHIELD, they dropped “Project” and decided SHEILD was a better way to go. Either way, we first saw the Tegra 4-powered SHIELD at this year’s CES in January, so after months (it felt like years) of awaiting news on pricing and a release date, we finally have it.  (more…)