Tuesday Poll: Will You Buy NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD?

Project SHIELD

On Sunday evening, NVIDIA made the largest splash of CES with the unveiling of Project SHIELD, a cloud based mobile gaming system that allows users to play PC titles right on the device. NVIDIA has worked years on creating the infrastructure and hardware of SHIELD, but some are still unconvinced that the device could become largely successful. The reason for this apparent doubt is that NVIDIA has yet to announce any type of pricing for the device, which people have guessed could cost anywhere from $199 all the way to even $499 and beyond.

From the few hands-on reviews we have seen so far of the device, the hardware seems to be of utmost quality, making some other Android-powered gaming systems look rather cheap and plasticy. The speakers are loud, the display is clear and bright, and all of the buttons and triggers seem to be what you would expect on any top console gaming system (Xbox 360, PS3) on the market today.

So, without knowing how much it is, would you buy one? Feel free to let us know the price point you are hoping NVIDIA can meet in order for you to be interested in the device.

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NVIDIA is Making Project SHIELD a “Truly Great Piece of Hardware”


Free-to-play may be all the rage right now, but NVIDIA doesn’t want that to mean that their new Project SHIELD will be anything cheap or cheaply made. SHIELD will carry all sorts of games on its platform, from free-to-play all the way up to triple A blockbusters from big name development companies.

NVIDIA wants to do something special with their new project, but doesn’t want people to think that open operating system and open game selection will mean this will be a lower quality device. They don’t want to be razor or printer companies who only profit on the sales of razor blades and printer ink to make their money. NVIDIA is planning on making an awesome handheld, “one that fits comfortably in your hand, delights your eyes and blows out your ears.” Don’t expect this piece of hardware to be on the cheap end of anyone’s budget when it launches.


Video: NVIDIA’s Project Shield in the Making


NVIDIA’s newly announced Project Shield will likely be the talk of the week here at CES, unless of course, someone else has a massive gaming surprise up their sleeve. With its Tegra 4 processor, 5″ HD display, impressive cloud gaming technology, and stock Android operating system, this device is the ultimate mobile gamer’s dream. And actually, it may be any gamer’s dream device, as it works to create an all-encompassing gaming experience from Android to PC and from handheld device to TV.

In this highlight video above, you get to see the barebones side of Project Shield.

Depending on price, are you ready to buy one?

NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD, Portable Gaming System for Android and PC Titles [CES 2013]


This evening, NVIDIA took the stage and announced the all new Tegra 4 processor. Although, it wasn’t their new chipset that had everyone excited tonight. NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang announced Project SHIELD (although he did slip and accidentally called it Project Thor at first) which is a completely portable full gaming system that supports Android and PC games thanks to cloud-based services.  (more…)

NVIDIA Announces the Tegra 4 with 72-core GPU, the “World’s Fastest Mobile Processor” [CES 2013]

tegra 4 official

When Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA’s CEO, took the stage tonight at the Palms Casino for their CES press event (our live blog), he had to admit that the Tegra 4 was one of the worst kept secrets in the mobile industry. Even still, his series of demos with a prototype tablet and Project Shield gaming system, both of which were running the T4, blew the crowd’s minds. It’s official – the Tegra 4 is the “world’s fastest mobile processor.”  (more…)