Nova Launcher Beta Updated With Night Mode, Bug Fixes

The beta for Nova Launcher received an update this week, bringing with it a new Night Mode feature, improved search bar configuration, as well as fixes for bugs. The Night Mode feature can be turned on manually whenever you want it, or can be set by time. For example, once it’s 8PM, the feature can turn on automatically, and once 7AM rolls around, it turns off. Night Mode essentially turns all white objects, such as the search bar and app drawer, to black, making them easier on the eyes when in low lighting.  (more…)

Question of the Day: Do You Use a 3rd Party Launcher? Which One?

In today’s Galaxy S7 tips and tricks video, the 2nd to last tip I suggest is for you to swap out the Samsung TouchWiz launcher and app drawer for something on Google Play, a 3rd party launcher. I suggest this in almost every single tips and tricks video because 3rd party launchers really can turn your phone into a powerhouse of efficiency (and Samsung’s launcher is terrible).

With a 3rd party launcher, you can easily change the look of your phone with an icon pack, take more control over the layout of widgets and icons and other home screen add-ons, introduce gestures for accessing settings or apps or shortcuts, and even do really cool things like access an app’s widget with a swipe on its icon. 3rd party launchers are awesome. In fact, changing to Nova Launcher – the DL favorite – is the first thing I do after completing a review of a phone.

For today’s question, it seemed like the perfect time to catch-up on the launchers you are all using these days. Are you still using a 3rd party launcher? If so, which one and why?

Mega Deal: Grab Nova Launcher Prime for $1, Down From $5

If customizing the look of your Android phone is something you enjoy doing, as it is something we most definitely love, you should head over to Google Play right now and grab Nova Launcher Prime, the pro unlock key for the hit launcher app, Nova Launcher. Basically, anytime you see the DL staff share home screens, we are using Nova Launcher. With its regular updates and virtually endless amount of customization options, it’s our go-to launcher.  (more…)

Nova Launcher Beta Update Adds Gestures for Double-Tap-to-Lock, Google Now, More

Nova Launcher beta just received a fantastic update that adds a bunch of new features that a number of you have likely been hoping would arrive one day. We’re talking about double-tap-to-lock, a gesture option for opening Google Now, options to make the app drawer just like Google’s latest vertical app drawer (with recent apps and persistent search), and more.

The update also attempts to fix the slow Marshmallow notification pulldown, though it does require root. A bunch of bugs have been squashed as well, plus optimized an startup time and fast scrolling in long lists were added.  (more…)

Friday Poll: Vertical or Horizontal App Drawer?

Today’s poll is as simple as it gets because there is clear controversial divide about the way an app drawer should scroll in 2015. Google forced the vertical scroller on many of you this morning in an update to the Google app, so it’s time to decide once and for all which way you all actually prefer.

Are you Team Vertical or Team Horizontal? Why?

Vertical or Horizontal App Drawer?

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Nova Launcher Beta Update Normalizes Odd Icon Sizes, Adds Marshmallow Search Bar

An update rolling out now to Nova Launcher Beta attempts to make your desktops look much more uniform should you have an icon or two that stick out in weird, shapely ways. It also includes a new Marshmallow-esque grayscale search bar, incase (like most of us) you aren’t a fan of that colorful disaster that Google pushed out a few weeks back.  (more…)