Windows 10 Could Get Android Apps

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Microsoft and Windows have created closer relationship to Android in recent years, thanks to their Your Phone app that does a bit of mirroring magic on Windows 10 devices. Microsoft may look to take another step in that direction with a project that could let Windows 10 users run Android apps natively.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft’s “Project Latte” is focusing on an idea that will let developers easily bring their Android applications over to Windows. This could be a way for developers who have yet to make Windows applications get in the game with less work. The target launch could be as early as next year.

We don’t know all of the details here, but they’d likely have to remove any dependency on Google Play Services, as I can’t imagine Google is going to open that up to Windows any time soon. Still, Assuming the work-around there isn’t difficult or that Project Latte has an idea to help developers there, this could be a pretty major move by Microsoft.

The Your Phone app already does some cool stuff, like show you phone notifications, let you make or take calls, and play with some Android apps that are on your phone, but this is another level. The Windows app ecosystem is pretty sh*tty, in my opinion, so I’d be interested to see which developers could find success making this move with projects they’ve already made for Google’s operating systems.

Windows 10 users, this sound big to you?

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