Microsoft Office Confirmed for Android, Release Penciled In for Q1 2013

As of today, Microsoft does indeed have plans on releasing Office for Android devices. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been questioning when exactly this was going to happen after having received bits and pieces of info, but nothing official. Finally, that has changed this morning as new info and even screenshots have hit the web via The Verge.

Thanks to their sources, Office is confirmed for both iOS and Android devices with a rough release time frame of Q1 of 2013. The apps will be free for those with a Microsoft account, but to use certain features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the user will need a paid Office 365 subscription. (more…)

Microsoft Releases Xbox SmartGlass Application for Android Phones, A New Favorite App for Gamers

With the launch of Microsoft’s Surface this week, the part that gamers were all waiting for was the SmartGlass integration that allowed tablets to interact with your Xbox 360. If you remember during their E3 press conference this year, Microsoft said they would be bringing this integration to Android devices, and today they’ve started with the release of their application for Android phones.  (more…)

Microsoft’s Official SkyDrive Application Made Available for Android

Starting right meow, Microsoft’s official SkyDrive application is available on Google Play for Android devices. If you’re unfamiliar with SkyDrive, think of it as Dropbox or Box, but made by Microsoft. Once signed in to your Microsoft account, you’ll be given access to 7GB of cloud storage and it also allows for instant upload for easy access of files on multiple devices or computers.  (more…)

Microsoft Surface Unveiled Last Night, Have Any Thoughts on It?

Yesterday afternoon or early evening (depending on where you are located), Microsoft unveiled their next big thing to the tech world, a tablet called Surface. I know, I know what you are thinking, “Just what we need, another damn tablet.” This one doesn’t look all that bad though. It comes in a couple of versions – RT and Pro. They have 10.6″ HD displays, full USB ports (2.0 on the RT, 3.0 on the Pro), run versions of Windows 8, are incredibly thin (9.3mm and 13.5mm), have a variety of storage sizes (32GB, 64GB, and 128GB), vapor protected finishes and built-in kickstands.

Along with the hardware, they have a really exciting set of accessories as well. See that picture above? It’s like a Smartcover for an iPad, only it has a touch sensitive keyboard built into it which includes a multi-touch touchpad.

We aren’t sure how much these suckers will cost, but Microsoft mentioned netbooks and low-end computers at some point in their presentation last night, so you can imagine they’ll be competitive. Overall, I’d say I came away impressed. Whether or not that means I’ll buy one is something else altogether.

What about you? Have any thoughts on Microsoft’s latest and greatest?  (more…)

Microsoft Brings Kinectimals to Android, First Game for the Platform

Microsoft seems to be showing a bit more love for Android as of late. Just the other day, we finally received an official Xbox Live application (which totally rocks) and up next we have a brand new game. I am completely unfamiliar with Kinectimals, but from all of the positive ratings it has received in a single day, I may have to check it out.  (more…)

Microsoft Creates On{X} App For Android, Wants to Automate Your Life

Weirdest title in history, right there. Why on Earth Microsoft has developed an Android-only app is beyond me, but we’ll take it. The app is called On{X} and it aims to automate your life, similarly to what Motorola has done with Smart Actions.

Through On{X}, you get to pick out “rules” using a web portal that then translates everything to an app on your phone. It’s as minimal as it gets, but think of how nice it would be to have your calendar launched every time you arrived at your job. Or what about having your phone start a weather app in the morning only when it’s raining, so that you know how to dress for the day? It’s location, time, and action based.   (more…)

Infographic Shows Us How Confusing and Convoluted This Whole Patent War Is

This whole battle of tech intellectual property is getting, or has gotten, out of hand. It seems that every company that you know the name of is suing or is being sued for something that they have done. Most notably for readers of this site though, is the attack on Android from all sides. has massed together some of the numbers and has put their infographic spin on it, and the whole thing looks just as confusing as you would expect. (more…)