Motorola’s Webtop and Lapdock are Dead.

In news that will likely disappoint very few, Motorola has officially killed off its custom webtop software and lapdock mobile accessories. First introduced at CES in early 2011, this was Motorola’s attempt at creating the ultimate portable business and computing solution. Docking a phone into a shell of a laptop to create a computer experience – what an innovative idea, right? Well, after hitting stores under a sky-high pricing model, the accessory line failed to take off. The slow, buggy, and limited software also didn’t help the cause.

It was pretty obvious that this move was coming, after seeing the UI for webtop in Ice Cream Sandwich switch to a full tablet mode. But now, the end is here. It’s one of those solutions that I wish would have been done properly, but unfortunately, it just never was.

Will you miss the webtop and lapdock idea?

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DROID Bionic Lapdocks Available Today Through DailySteals for $60

If for some reason, you still find yourself in need of a Motorola Lapdock and own a DROID Bionic, then look no further than today’s deal over at DailySteals. Since Motorola has essentially killed the Lapdock now that former CEO Sanjay Jha is no longer in control, you’ll probably find fire sales like this all over the internet. In fact, Verizon is willing to part with them for $50 if you can find a store with any in stock.

I personally cannot stand the Lapdock. I own both the Bionic and RAZR versions and have found them to be completely unusable for long periods of time. The idea may have been good on paper, but the execution, like many Motorola products over the last couple of years, was terrible. But again, if for some reason you can’t move on in life without having owned a Lapdock, today is your day.


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Deal Alert: DROID Bionic Lapdock Now Going for $50 Brand New at Verizon

It seems like the only time we bring up Motorola’s Lapdocks these days is to tell you when they are on sale. Today is as close to free as you are going to get on these devices. Reports are filtering in that you can pick up a Bionic Lapdock for $50 brand new at Verizon. Other reports are that these are out-of-stock so if you have a Bionic it might be worth a call to your closest Verizon store to see if you can get in on the deal.

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Motorola DROID Bionic Lapdock Selling for $90, Non Refurbished

If any DROID Bionic owners have been holding off on picking up a lapdock, then you may want to strike now. Down from their price of $500 (that’s what the site says), you can pick one up for only $90. With the lapdock, you can charge your device, cruise the web in style, play games, and watch all the videos you want on a full display. It is sort of a novelty item in terms of computing power, but for someone who enjoys toys for their devices, it will serve you well at this price.

If the Bionic does indeed receive Ice Cream Sandwich, we expect that it will have the Webtop 3.0 beta software, which would be a definite bonus for owners. With the 3.0 software, once you connect the device into your lapdock you are greeted by the standard ICS tablet UI, complete with app drawer, notifications in the bottom right, and everything else you would expect from the ICS tablet experience.


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Deal: DROID Bionic Lapdock Available for $80

Motorola made a bold move last year by trying to introduce a line of accessories into the game called Lapdocks. They were like mini netbooks in size, however, on the inside they were completely different. In fact, there really was no inside – the dock was a screen, keyboard, mousepad and battery. The rest, meaning the power, all came from your phone after it was “docked” onto it. The idea is actually pretty brilliant, unfortunately for Motorola, the execution was all wrong. The software was buggy, the initial devices were not universal, and the price was beyond unreasonable. At $200 to $300 for again, something with no guts in it, you were better off just buying a netbook and calling it a day.

For those of you that were at least intrigued by the idea though, today is your day. 1saleaday is selling them brand new (not reefurbished) for the DROID Bionic at $80.


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Sneaky Deal: Motorola LapDock 500 at Verizon Only $149, Compatible with the DROID 4 and RAZRs

Most people can’t justify spending $300+ for Motorola’s LapDock 500. It’s a device and feature that has potential, but until Motorola adds some polish, that price may not be worth it. But what if you could score one for $149? Would that be worth it? If you game Verizon’s accessory system a tad, you can have it for that price today. The instructions below will walk you how to purchase the accessory by choosing the DROID 4, but according to Motorola, the RAZR and RAZR MAXX are also compatible with it.  (more…)

Motorola Announces Lapdock 100 for Webtop-enabled Phones Including the DROID Bionic

If the original Lapdock that was available for the DROID Bionic wasn’t fulfilling your needs, there is a new version on the way that may be worth a look.  The Lapdock 100 was announced today by Motorola, giving them flexibility in the webtop game going forward. Rather than having to build a new piece of hardware for each webtop-enabled phone, the 100 allows them to use a cable to connect phones instead of physically docking them.

The Lapdock 100 will have a slightly smaller 10.1 screen, ergonomically-slanted keyboard, and is incredibly lightweight at just 2.2lbs. Available on AT&T first (likely for the Atrix 2), it will make its way to Verizon later in the 4th quarter. No pricing has been announced.   (more…)

Making the Lapdock Useful [Opinion]

One of the most interesting yet useless accessories to the Droid Bionic is the lapdock. When I first saw it at CES I thought it had some potential even though I was astounded that it came with Firefox instead of Chrome. As the reviews came out and I finally spent some time with it, it became obvious that it was hardly useful between the half-baked OS and the horrible mouse and keyboard. That said, I do think that Motorola had a great idea with a bad implementation.

As phones become more powerful and limitations are breached, we’ll still have the issue of trying to do something on a small screen that works better on a larger screen. Motorola’s lapdock and desktop adapter are both trying to give users other form factors to interact with their content on their phones. The problem is, I don’t think Motorola really understands what problem they’re trying to solve (if any).  (more…)