DROID Bionic Lapdocks Available Today Through DailySteals for $60

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If for some reason, you still find yourself in need of a Motorola Lapdock and own a DROID Bionic, then look no further than today’s deal over at DailySteals. Since Motorola has essentially killed the Lapdock now that former CEO Sanjay Jha is no longer in control, you’ll probably find fire sales like this all over the internet. In fact, Verizon is willing to part with them for $50 if you can find a store with any in stock.

I personally cannot stand the Lapdock. I own both the Bionic and RAZR versions and have found them to be completely unusable for long periods of time. The idea may have been good on paper, but the execution, like many Motorola products over the last couple of years, was terrible. But again, if for some reason you can’t move on in life without having owned a Lapdock, today is your day.


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