Deal: DROID Bionic Lapdock Available for $80

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Motorola made a bold move last year by trying to introduce a line of accessories into the game called Lapdocks. They were like mini netbooks in size, however, on the inside they were completely different. In fact, there really was no inside – the dock was a screen, keyboard, mousepad and battery. The rest, meaning the power, all came from your phone after it was “docked” onto it. The idea is actually pretty brilliant, unfortunately for Motorola, the execution was all wrong. The software was buggy, the initial devices were not universal, and the price was beyond unreasonable. At $200 to $300 for again, something with no guts in it, you were better off just buying a netbook and calling it a day.

For those of you that were at least intrigued by the idea though, today is your day. 1saleaday is selling them brand new (not reefurbished) for the DROID Bionic at $80.


Cheers Jaxun, Big Fonz and Robert!



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