Tuesday Poll: Interested in DROID Bionic Webtop Accessories?

When the Atrix 4G was introduced at CES in January, one of the major selling points was its built-in webtop docking capabilities.  The idea that your phone could essentially turn into and power a laptop, was pretty intriguing.  The pricing on the other hand, not so much.  With the release of the DROID Bionic, Motorola has introduced similar webtop accessories but, also has plans to throw in a new “Webtop Adapter” that is targeted at customers who want to experience webtop on the cheap.

We are just wondering if anyone is interested in this type of accessory at all?  Current signs point to the full LapDock as being priced at $299 with the HD Station and Adapter falling in somewhere below that.  You definitely have options – are you looking to jump on any?

Interested in a Bionic webtop accessory?

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DROID Bionic Weptop Accessories Start to Arrive at Verizon Stores

Over the weekend, we posted up a ton of info about the line of webtop accessories for the DROID Bionic that are expected to be available at launch including the brand new Webtop Adapter.  Those same accessories are now starting to arrive in stores which is a good sign that we are on schedule for that September 8 release.  We are a little concerned still about pricing though, and were hoping to see some sticker prices on these.  The LapDock for the Atrix was horribly priced and to our knowledge, did not sell well.  Could Moto possibly go down that same sky-high pricing road again?

Oh, and we heard a couple of rumors that a pre-order could potentially start on Thursday (9/1), but are looking for confirmation on that.  Gettin’ closer.   (more…)

DROID Bionic Accessory Lineup Will Include Webtop Adapter for Quick, Inexpensive, On the Go Presenting and Sharing

It’s pretty well known that the lapdock accessory for the Motorola Atix wasn’t a success due to an insanely high price tag and mostly buggy software.  In fact, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha in a Q2 earnings call, commented on adjustments to be made going forward with webtop docking accessories now that they better understand their customers.  The big question remained though, what would their approach be for the DROID Bionic?

We still are not 100% sure what the pricing scheme will be, but we are seeing a new webtop accessory called the Webtop Adapter that will be introduced as a less expensive (“affordable”) option for those that are “curious” about the service.  To use it, it’s as simple as plugging the adapter into the Bionic’s HDMI and micro USB port, and then running an HDMI cable from it to a TV or monitor.  If you want to charge the device while webtoppin’, there is also a slot for a charger.   Not bad, right?

More details after the jump.   (more…)