iFixit Tears Down the Moto 360 (Updated)

The Moto 360 has been torn down! I’m not sure why I am showing excitement over that fact, but hey, round things do not come around often in this world of square displays, chipsets, and boards. So, yeah! Moto 360 teardown!

The team at iFixit took on the task, as they always do, showing how easy or uneasy it would be to repair a Moto 360 should yours run into problems. In the case of the 360, it isn’t exactly easy, scoring 3 out of 10. Translation – you probably shouldn’t try to repair your Moto 360. Let the professionals do it.  (more…)

iFixit Gives the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch a Teardown, Looking for the Secrets of Android Wear

Google’s first iterations of Android Wear have been on people’s wrists in the form of the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live since Google I/O ended. Like clockwork, the guys from iFixit have gotten their hands on a few devices, so they could tear them down to show us what exactly goes into the two new smartwatches in case you ever had to do some repairing yourself. We also like seeing the insides of these products, especially new-to-market tech like smartwatches.  (more…)

iFixit Tears Down the HTC One (M8), Good Luck Repairing by Yourself

HTC may have made the most luxurious feeling handset on the planet in the One (M8), but should you need to do any sort of repairs on the phone, you’ll likely end up replacing the whole thing. iFixit, the king of fix-it-yourself tutorials for gadgets, ran through its typical “teardown” of the new HTC flagship and found that it was slightly easier to repair than the original One, though it’s still nearly impossible.  (more…)

Chromecast Gets the iFixit Teardown, Google’s Dongle Doesn’t Hide Much


The iFixit team didn’t wait too long to get their hands on Google’s new little TV streaming dongle. There is not much to the Chromecast to begin with, so the iFixit team realized they wouldn’t have to pull out the big guns to tear it down. Nevertheless, they broke out the tools and cracked it open to give us a glance at the magic behind the new tech. (more…)

iFixit Gives OUYA the Teardown Treatment, Finds the Small Console Fixes Up Easy

ouya ifixit

It is like a cycle – a new mobile device comes out and first comes the drop test and screen scratch videos. After that comes the inevitable teardown from the guys over at iFixit which, unlike the first two examples, are actually interesting and useful. Now that OUYA units are actually starting to ship out to more eager developers, we get to see how the OUYA is put together and how easy it is to fix.  (more…)

iFixit Teardown Reveals 7-Band LTE Chip Inside Nexus 4

Well, would you look at that. On Friday evening, iFixit posted their “teardown” of the LG Nexus 4 and discovered that it has a Qualcomm 7-band 4G LTE chip inside it. But, wait! I thought it didn’t have LTE and was HSPA+ only? It is. For whatever reason though, an LTE chip was left inside.

Could it have something to do with the LG Optimus G having 4G LTE, a phone that is almost an identical build to the LG Nexus 4? Maybe. Was there a chance that it would have LTE at launch, but breakdowns in carrier negotiations stopped it? Eh, you’d be going out on quite the conspiracy limb to suggest that. Who knows, maybe Google was simply future-proofing the phone to be able to connect to LTE somewhere down the road? Or what are the chances that an LTE-ready version launches in the coming months? No one but Google probably knows the answers to those questions.

The bottom line is, that there is an LTE chip inside this phone. We just aren’t sure that it’ll ever be operable. One can dream.

Via:  iFixit

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