Hey, HTC is Doing Something

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Remember HTC? It was a company that made Android phones quite a few years back. They even made a few really good ones, no doubt owned by a good number of folks around these parts. Well, I bring this company back up because according to its Facebook account, they be doing something over there.

HTC Taiwan posted a render of what appears to be something in the shape of a phone, along with the words “Log in. Not yet done.” Then there’s a save the date for June 28, 2022. On the bottom of the image we have HTC’s logo along with the Viverse logo. Viverse is HTC’s metaverse platform that lets users chat, hold meetings, and plenty else in AR/VR settings.

It feels like a safe bet that this phone is designed to take advantage of HTC’s platform. The question is, will it be available in the US and can I buy one? Honestly, the metaverse stuff doesn’t interest me at all right now, but I am extremely curious about some new HTC hardware in general. This is exciting times, for sure.

We’ll definitely keep you posted on this HTC Viverse phone.

// HTC Taiwan (Facebook)



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