HTC Wants to Know Which Phone You’d Like Them to Remake With Updated Specs

Drew Bamford, the current head of HTC Creative Labs, took to Twitter this week and tossed out a fun hypothetical. If HTC was to recreate a phone it has previously released, but gave it updated specs, what phone would you want them to redo?

This is a fun question.

While I’m sure some would vote for the HTC One (M7) or M8, I have to go with my all-time favorite HTC hardware and that’s the One X. Not only was it a great size, but you give that lovely hardware a bigger screen (get rid of dedicated navigation buttons), new specs, plus an updated camera system and I’d buy that thing in a heartbeat.

What about you? Have any HTC hardware from the past that you’d like to see updated with 2019/2020 specs?



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