Google Wallet App Updated With Automatic Transfers

According to the changelog posted for the latest update to Google Wallet, the service now supports automatic transfers for when money is received. Do note, while the app states the feature is inside, it is reported that it won’t go live until next week.

As an example for how this could be useful, if your friend sends you $20 to pay for half of the dinner you just split, that money will no longer sit inside of your Wallet account until you take action on it. With the update, that money will automatically be sent to either your bank account or debit card, depending on which option you prefer.  (more…)

Google Confirms End of Google Wallet Card on June 30

Monday’s report of the Google Wallet Card reaching end-of-life status is now confirmed. Moments ago, Google sent out emails to Google Wallet Card owners, notifying them of the June 30 stoppage, which will result in their physical Wallet Card no longer working.

Google notes that the Google Wallet Card will work up until June 30, but that users won’t be able to load any new money on it after May 1. If another user sends you money after May 1, you’ll still see that cash, though.  (more…)

Google Appears Ready to Kill Physical Google Wallet Card

The end is near, Google Wallet Card owners. According to code buried in the latest version of the Google Wallet app, Google plans to end support for the physical Google Wallet Card on June 30. That’s a bit unfortunate for the six of you still using it, but I can’t imagine the card was much of a success and probably isn’t worth the hassle for Google.

Not familiar with the physical Wallet card? It was introduced back in November 2013 as a way for you to pay for things using your Google Wallet balance. It wasn’t like Coin or any of the other 1-card-to-rule-them-all credit card types, but more like a PayPal card that paid with whatever cash you had pushed into your Google Wallet account.  (more…)

Google Wallet Now Lets You Send Money Through a Phone Number

Google Wallet, the former Google payment app that is now some sort of hybrid friend-to-friend payment service, added a new feature today that should make sending money to others easier than ever. Through an update to the app that should arrive over the “next few days,” you will be able to send money to anyone in your contact list, as long as they have a phone number. That’s right, you don’t even need to have an email for them.  (more…)

Android Pay Launches Today! (Updated: APK)

Google announced moments ago that the rollout of Android Pay on Android begins today. We thought today might be the day, after seeing the new Google Wallet app last night, but yep, it’s now official.

Like the old Google Wallet, Android Pay (which will replace your Google Wallet app) works with any NFC-enabled Android device running Android 4.4+. Sorry, OnePlus 2 owners. Android Pay supports credit and debit cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Citi and Wells Fargo will be available “in the next few days,” while Capitol One is “coming soon.”  (more…)