Samsung Revisiting Idea of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab


You can imagine that there were some unhappy people after hearing that Samsung was planning to leave out the original Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab lines from its Ice Cream Sandwich update plans. Apparently there were enough that Sammie is now revisiting the idea to see if they can somehow make it happen. This is good news for the millions of folks that bought Galaxy S phones across the globe, but we’ll have to recommend that you not hold your breath, hold on for dear life, or cross any appendages as it could be a while. With TouchWiz reportedly the blame for the initial “No,” and also knowing that Gingerbread took almost a full year to rollout, it could be a while.

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Samsung: Galaxy S Series and Original Galaxy Tab Will Not Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Come on folks, you didn’t actually believe the original Galaxy S series would see Ice Cream Sandwich, did you? Whenever you put “update” and “Samsung” in the same sentence, you should know how that situation is about to go down. While I’m a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus and the newest versions of the Galaxy Tab series, the original Galaxy S line of phones took how long to see Gingerbread? The Fascinate just received Android 2.3 on December 1…as in 3 weeks ago. The original Galaxy Tab was about a month sooner than that, but with single-core processors, TouchWiz, and a focus on the future from Sammie, you should have expected this news. Not that that makes it good or “OK” news, but just that the world’s jaw would have dropped if they had announced that they would receive ICS.

Don’t worry though, if the original DROID can see an Android 4.0 port, I’m sure these phones and tablets will as well. Go developers, go!

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Samsung Fascinate Gingerbread Update EH03 Ready, Possibly Rolling Out Now

Wow, look at Samsung go. Just yesterday the DROID Charge started to receive Gingerbread (Android 2.3), and now today, the Fascinate is getting some love. It’s build EH03, the same one we were told would be the final build by a source a few weeks back. Click the image above for the full view on the changelog.

One of our readers has reportedly received the update already.

More info.

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Samsung Fascinate Receives “Alphalulz” Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Straight From Source

Developers are hustling to get Ice Cream Sandwich on as many devices as they can these days.  The next to show up is a fully working build for the Samsung Fascinate by JT1134 from RootzWiki.  When scrolling down the list of working features, this looks like a fully functional daily driver ROM.  3G calls working, WiFi, camera – everything that you would look for to see if a ROM is worthy of flashing.  (more…)

Verizon Finally Starts Field Testing Gingerbread for the Samsung Fascinate, Build EH03 on the Way

The screenshot we have included above popped into our inbox this morning from one of our good friends in the industry. As you can see, it’s Gingerbread (Android 2.3.5) for the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon. According to our trusted source, Big Red has finally started “field testing” the software which is a good sign that Fascinate owners may actually see it at some point in the near future. The build number is EH03. My guess, you will see a leak of this build any day now from one of the various Samsung devs in the community.

And of course keep in mind that this build could fail and we could get EH04 or something else. As of now, this is in testing.

Now, if only we could see something for the DROID Charge.

“ZOMG, it’s just a build.prop edit!”

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Best Buy’s “Free Phone Wednesday” Kicks Off Tomorrow: Atrix, Nexus S 4G and Fascinate Available at No Cost

When we received a tip earlier in the week that Best Buy was planning something major for August 17 and 22, we were hoping for the world, but were pretty sure they were going to be running free phone promos instead.  Free phones were confirmed today through a small press release.  So for one day only (tomorrow), you can cruise into a Best Buy and pick up an Atrix 4G, Nexus S 4G or Samsung Fascinate for free with a new 2-year contract.  And yes, I said Fascinate – the same phone that Verizon no longer carries.

Hopefully they pick a better Verizon option on the 22nd.

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Samsung Fascinate Retired at Verizon, New Device Ready to Take its Place?

No, we didn’t put the word “RETIRED” on that screenshot.  That’s actually how Verizon is referring to the status of the Samsung Fascinate as of this week.  The device has been pulled from Big Red’s online shop and will probably be just as tough to track down in store.  As far as we know though, the device will still receive Gingerbread, but after that, support will likely dwindle.  Not a bad run for a non-DROID branded device, except for the amount of time it took to see Froyo of course.

So if a device is on the way out, does that mean that something will replace it?  We would certainly hope so.  Right now there are rumors of a device from Samsung called the Stratosphere, which may or may not be the Galaxy S II.  We’re pretty sure that it will be one of Verizon’s next 4G LTE devices, but other than that, device specifics have not been revealed.  Or it could end up just being that Epic 4G-esque device with a slideout keyboard that we saw a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe a Fascinate II?  It is anyone’s guess at this point.

Fascinate owners, sad day or just shoulder shrug-worthy?

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Samsung Fascinate ED05 Update is Ready, Fixes Incoming Call Issue

Within the last hour or so, we notified Samsung Fascinate owners that they could potentially take their device into a Verizon store if it was having trouble receiving calls and exchange it for a different certified like-new device.  So much for that idea.  A new 10MB update should be pushing to Fascinates in the next few days that will fix that nagging incoming call issue along with a couple of SMS bugs.  The new version is ED05.

Let us know if you see it!

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