Samsung: Galaxy S Series and Original Galaxy Tab Will Not Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

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Come on folks, you didn’t actually believe the original Galaxy S series would see Ice Cream Sandwich, did you? Whenever you put “update” and “Samsung” in the same sentence, you should know how that situation is about to go down. While I’m a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus and the newest versions of the Galaxy Tab series, the original Galaxy S line of phones took how long to see Gingerbread? The Fascinate just received Android 2.3 on December 1…as in 3 weeks ago. The original Galaxy Tab was about a month sooner than that, but with single-core processors, TouchWiz, and a focus on the future from Sammie, you should have expected this news. Not that that makes it good or “OK” news, but just that the world’s jaw would have dropped if they had announced that they would receive ICS.

Don’t worry though, if the original DROID can see an Android 4.0 port, I’m sure these phones and tablets will as well. Go developers, go!

Via:  SammyHub, Samsung Tomorrow



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