HTC First aka “Facebook Phone” Reportedly Already to be Discontinued

htc first

Just a little over a month ago, Facebook held a press event in Menlo Park at their headquarters to announce a partnership with HTC and AT&T. The child of that partnership was the HTC First, priced at just $99 and the first device to come pre-loaded with Facebook Home. While Home was met with mixed reviews from the media and consumers, the First itself didn’t seem all that bad. Beneath Facebook’s launcher lays a vanilla Android operating system, with mid-level specs inside of a well-designed body. According to sources of BGR, none of it was good enough to keep the device on shelves for even a few months.  (more…)

Facebook Home Updated to Support HTC One and Galaxy S4, Kind of

htc one vs galaxy s4

In case you happen to own an HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 and have desperately been waiting to try out Facebook Home (woah, don’t all start rushing Google Play at once), both of those devices received support for the social network’s Android launcher last night through an update. The update actually took place through the official Facebook app and not the Home app, so be sure to update that one as well.  (more…)

HTC First Now Only $0.99 For New and Upgrading Customers, Are You Intrigued?

htc first 99

We know that many of the readers here are not huge fans of Facebook, but today, AT&T lowered the price of the HTC First, otherwise known as the Facebook phone. When it launched it was $99.99, but it is now down to only $0.99 if you are upgrading or a new customer. The phone features Facebook Home, a whole new take on what a smartphone can do, but underneath that it runs perfectly stock Android 4.1.2. For $0.99 can you really get a better stock Android device?  (more…)

Facebook Home Passes 500,000 Downloads Mark in a Week

facebook home ron1

Facebook Home made headlines over the weekend thanks to its total number of downloads crossing the 500,000 mark in 5 days time. Seems like a big deal, right? Unless of course you compare it to the success of Instagram, which grabbed over 1 million downloads in a single day back when it launched on Android last year. But then again, Facebook Home is only available on four devices (six shortly), two of which aren’t necessarily the most popular on the planet (HTC One X and One X+). For the most part, you have to imagine that the majority of Facebook Home downloads are coming from the top two Android devices on the planet, the Note 2 and Galaxy S3.  (more…)

Facebook Rolls Out VoIP Feature to Messenger App for Android

Facebook VoIP

The past couple weeks have been pretty big for Facebook, first launching Chat Heads and following it up with Home. To make sure that you never leave Facebook’s applications, they have upgraded their Messenger app again today to include free VoIP calling for people in the US.  If you need to get ahold of someone on your Facebook friends list, this feature is live in your Messenger app right now.  (more…)

Inaugural Facebook Home Update Coming Second Week of May

facebook home install

Today at AllThingsD‘s Dive Into Mobile conference, Facebook’s head of mobile engineering gave information on the first installment of monthly updates that is to be pushed to the Facebook Home application. Without diving into what the update would include, he did give mention that the update will be available starting the second week of May, but other details with sparse.  (more…)

Video: This is Why Facebook Home Sucks, at Least for Now

facebook home

I know this may be hard to believe, but I actually did find some time to spend with Facebook Home over the last 24 hours. As someone who self-admittedly is far from a lover of the social network, I still felt it necessary to give it a shot as the release is a bold move by Facebook in general as it relates to Android. This isn’t a fork, but it’s Facebook telling you that you should live and breath Facebook at all times, especially on your phone. The rest of what you know as a phone is not as important as the status update of your least favorite classmate from 11th grade Biology – at least to Facebook.

So what do I think? Boy, does it need a lot of work. The video below sums it up nicely.  (more…)