“Save to Google” Chrome Extension Makes Organizing the Web Easy

Back in December, Google introduced a new way to organize the images you find while searching through Google’s image search. By quickly selecting images, you were able to create collections and tags of the things you happen to search for that you may need access to down the road. Today, this idea is growing up some with the release of a new “Save to Google” Chrome extension that lets you easily save items from the web and store them in Google’s new “Saved” site.  (more…)

Chromium Bug Tracker Points to Possible “Morning Reads” Feature for Chrome

According to references for “zine” and “morning reads” inside of Chromium, the open source project on which Chrome is built, we could be seeing a fancy new feature come to Chrome hopefully in the near future.

Right now, the references are from bug tracking indexes, which detail a morning gathering of top news you may be interested in. To put it simply, when you wake up in the morning, Chrome could offer you a basic overview of news that you may be interested in reading from across the web.  (more…)

Flyperlink Brings Floating Web Browsing to Your Android Device

Flyperlink, an app available for download on Google Play, brings Chat Head-like web browsing straight to your phone. When skimming through links on your device, whether it be on Twitter or through Google Now, Flyperlink can pop up these webpages in individual bubbles, viewable and moveable for your convenience.

After initial setup, Flyperlink runs in the background until you click on a web link. At that point, you will decide which app you want to open a link with – Chrome, Flyperlink, or any other browser you may have installed. If Flyperlink is selected, you can then choose to open the link with Flyperlink just once, or always. When Flyperlink chosen, a bubble will appear that you can expand and minimize, and the bubble can be moved to wherever you would like, in case it is getting in your way. When you are done with a website, simply drag the bubble to the trash icon at the bottom of your screen. (more…)

Brave Browser App Looks to Block Intrusive Ads, Replaces With Clean Ads to Help Content Creators

A new Internet browsing application is about to the hit the streets, called Brave, aimed at combating intrusive ads that slow down your mobile browsing experience. If you have ever been the victim of slow load speeds on websites, it’s most likely that ads are the culprit. With Brave, ads that slow your load speed will be replaced by ads that are “clean,” meaning that the site owners will still get paid, but your browsing experience won’t be greatly hindered.

When you first load up a webpage, a site using ad technology that tracks you can place cookies and other miscellaneous content onto your browser, which in turn, allows an ad to show things relative to what you have been looking at online. For example, if you browse Amazon, then head to another website, you might see an ad for whatever it was you were looking for on Amazon. This is nothing new, but for anyone not looking to be tracked constantly on the web, Brave wants to solve this problem, while also not hurting content creators. (more…)

Be a Jedi in Google’s Latest Chrome Experiment, Lightsaber Escape

In the latest Built for Chrome experiment, appropriately titled Lightsaber Escape, you can be a Jedi warrior, attempting to escape an Imperial battleship while fighting Stormtroopers. For gameplay, your phone acts as a lightsaber controller, with syncing taking place between the Chrome app on your phone, and the Chrome browser on your desktop computer.  (more…)

Google Safe Browsing Now Protects Hundred of Millions of Chrome Users on Android

Google’s Safe Browsing, the security service behind Chrome that protects you as you cruise the internet by warning you of potentially harmful or dangerous sites, is now protecting millions of uses on Chrome for Android. Google announced the availability of the service this morning, noting that you are likely already covered by it, assuming you have Chrome 46 or higher installed.  (more…)