Google Bringing Chrome Apps to the Mobile World Through Google Play and iOS App Store

For as long as Chrome has been around, Google treats its browser like its own ecosystem. Chrome Apps are a big part of that, but Google does not want those awesome apps to be tied only to your desktop or browser. Today, Google announced that they are opening up a program to developers that will allow them to bring their Chrome Apps to Google Play and iOS.  (more…)

Google Now Comes to the Desktop in Chrome Canary for Windows and Mac

As the text on the infamous Ron Paul animation proclaims, it’s happening. (I just preempted you, commenters, so there’s really no need to post that GIF.) Since the debut of Google Now with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, users have been clamoring for a desktop extension of the service. It took a year and a half, but Google Now has finally come to Windows and Mac users as an experimental feature in the Canary version of Chrome. (more…)

Chrome for Android Gains Long-time Beta Features “Add to Homescreen” and Bandwidth Management

Chrome for Android (the stable version) is receiving an update over the coming days that finally includes the “Add to homescreen” option that the beta build of Chrome has had for some time. For those not familiar, “Add to homescreen” allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite web pages that show up almost like apps on your home screens. If the developer behind the website has coded it properly, you may even see the shortcut appear in the app switcher  and give you a full-screen experience when loaded.  (more…)

Chrome Beta 32 Tells the 300ms Standard Touch Delay to Piss Off

Did you know that there was an “artificial” 300ms delay across all mobile browsers when you tap on something as it waits to see if your tap was meant as a single click or some other action? According to Googler Jake Archibald, Google has now removed this delay in the latest Chrome beta (version 32) for Android when visiting mobile-optimized sites.  (more…)

Video: Android Design Team Talks Favorite Apps by Design, Including New Newstand and Timely

We are suckers for a well designed Android app, so from time to time we watch the Android team’s “Android Design in Action” show to see what kinds of tips they can offer to developers, to stay up-to-date on new design guidelines, and also to see what apps they find to be well-designed. In the latest episode that aired yesterday, a number of members from the design team took a turn at walking through some of their favorite apps. You’ll see one of our favorites, Timely (16:15), along with the new Play Newstand (6:15) app, Foursquare, Etsy (20:20) and others.  (more…)

Google’s Newest Chrome Experiment is a “Journey Through Middle Earth”

YouTube Preview Image

If you have the free time this week, you will want to check out Google’s latest Chrome Experiment titled, “Journey through Middle Earth.” Built using standard web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, users can interact with a full map of Middle Earth and take a dynamic tour through Tolkien’s world. The idea is to show off the power of the browser engine, and is Google’s way of proving that their browser should be viewed as a serious tool for developers and users alike.  (more…)

Chrome for Android and Chrome Beta Both Receive Updates Through Google Play

chrome android

Both the stable Chrome for Android and Chrome Beta applications for Android received updates yesterday. The updates aren’t completely major by any means, but the stable version of Chrome did receive some much needed Kit Kat support. Once updated, the mobile browser is compatible with printing right from your device, thanks to Android 4.4’s built-in cloud printing function.  (more…)

Tesla CEO Wants to Bring Android Emulator to Model S, Upgrade Browser to Chrome

Model S

Speaking in Munich recently, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, was asked about where mobile developers will fit in on the Model S’ software side of things. The car features a gorgeous 17″ touchscreen display in the dash, and as of right now, there are a few basic apps like maps and other vehicle controls built in, but the CEO has much bigger plans.  (more…)