Chrome Beta for Android Gets “Add to Homescreen” Shortcuts for Sites and Web Apps


In the newest Chrome Beta (build 31) for Android, Google added a new “Add to homescreen” option that allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite websites that can be displayed on your home screen. If your favorite websites have been coded properly, some will even show up as apps in your app switcher and direct you to more of a web app experience than just the Chrome browser.  (more…)

Chrome for Android Updated, Brings Navigation Gestures and Image Searches Seen Recently in Beta App

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Back in August, the Chrome Beta browser for both Android and desktop users received an update that brought advanced image searches and new navigation gestures for mobile. The features was received quite well, and now after testing, the features have been brought over to the stable build of Chrome for Android right on Google Play.  (more…)

Chrome Beta Update Will Introduce New Gestures for Navigating, Advanced Image Searches

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The Chrome team announced this morning that betas of Chrome for both desktop and Android will receive updates that introduce easier (or advanced) image searching. On desktop, once you have the new beta installed, you can right click on any image from a website and then choose the option to “Search Google for this image.” On Android, you’ll be able to long press on an image and then choose a similar option. So if you found an image, but wanted to know more about it, this is going to be the quickest and easiest way to do that.  (more…)

Chrome for Android and Hangouts Receive Updates in Google Play

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Both of Google’s Chrome for Android browser and Hangouts applications received updates today, available for download through Google Play. The Chrome update lists two new APIs that developers can utilize, one that enables video and voice communications directly in browser without the need for a plugin, while the other allows the processing of audio within web applications. In addition, there is now a “visual indication” when you scroll to the top or bottom of a webpage.  (more…)

Motorola Connect and Migrate Go Live in Chrome and Play Stores Before Moto X Reveal

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Hours before the official reveal of the Moto X, two new Motorola-powered apps have popped up in both Chrome and Google Play stores with ties to the insanely hyped device. One is Motorola Connect, a Chrome extension that allows you to see text messages and calls coming through your “Connect enabled phone” in Chrome. The other is an Android app that helps you migrate “photos, videos, SIM contacts, and even your call and text history” from your current phone to one of Motorola’s new devices.  (more…)

Google Cast Chrome Extension Now Available

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The extension needed to cast your computer’s Chrome browser to a Chromecast device is now available. This extension allows you to find and play content on your Chromecast device from your Chrome browser. Of course, you’ll need a Chromecast device, which most of you don’t have because you had to order it this morning. Anyways, get the extension installed ahead of time to make sure you can cast away from the get-go.

Chrome Extension Link

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