“Chromecast” Added to Google Play’s Devices List, What is It?


Remember a few weeks back when we reported that Google was working on an ultra-affordable Chrome dongle for TVs or displays called the Chromekey? At the time, we thought Chromekey would be the device name and that you would be able to “CAST” your Chrome browser from desktop or mobile Chrome browser to any display to have a bigger browsing experience. Well, according to Google Play support docs, that device appears to have been renamed to Chromecast. (more…)

Google is Developing “Chromoting,” a Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android

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Recently discovered by François Beaufort, the same man who leaks other Chrome-related news thanks to his very in-depth looks at source code, Google’s Chromium team appears to be working on a new Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android. Being called Chromoting, the app can connect to any user’s desktop computer, allowing for viewing and manipulating of a host’s desktop.  (more…)

Krome Allows For Your Device’s Notifications to Appear Right on Your Desktop


Introduced recently for Google’s Chrome desktop browser, rich notifications are cards that appear on your desktop, informing you of notifications on your account, such as new emails and Google+ activity. They are great, but with a new app called Krome, you can now also receive your Android device’s notifications right on your desktop. Once configuration is complete, you can even begin replying to text messages you receive right from your browser.  (more…)

Google Schedules Press Event With Sundar Pichai for July 24 – Android has to be the Topic, Right?


Get yourself ready for some action – Google is sending out press invites to a July 24 event in San Francisco with Sundar Pichai (Chrome and Android boss) as the host. No topics were mentioned in the invite, but with so many Android rumors floating about, we’d be surprised if our favorite mobile OS wasn’t the topic.  (more…)

Google Chrome Catches Up to Beta With New Update – Introduces Google Translate, Fullscreen on Tablets

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Back in May, Google Chrome Beta for Android updated to include the ability to take advantage of Google Translate on web pages not in your native tongue. Today, the stable version of Chrome received a similar update, along with fullscreen browsing on tablets and a new user interface for right-to-left languages.

The update – as usual these days – appears to be staged, so you may or may not be able to download it from the Play store at this time.

What’s new:

  • Fullscreen on tablets – Scroll to hide the toolbar
  • Google Translate – Look for translation bar when reading web pages in other languages
  • New user interface for right-to-left (RTL) languages, including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew

Play Link

Google Expands Retail Partnerships for Chromebooks, Coming to Walmart and Staples Locations

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Google announced today that they will be expanding the current shopping options for potential Chromebook buyers. Currently, the web-based laptops are sold in a few retail stores such as Best Buy and online retailers like Amazon, but in the coming months, you can start finding Chromebooks in certain Walmart, Staples, Frys Electronics and OfficeMax locations.  (more…)