Motorola is Working on a Rollable Codenamed Felix

Motorola One 5G Ace

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Even though neither of Motorola’s Razr foldables have received much traction with the buying public, the company is pushing forward with a 3rd iteration, expected to launch later this year. You have to admire that level of determination to get it right. While we wait to see how Razr (Gen 3) pans out, it’s now being reported that Motorola is working on an entirely different experimental category, that one being the “rollable” smartphone.

According to 91mobiles, Motorola is in the early stages of development for Felix, the internal codename for this reported rollable device. And by early stages, we’re talking really early stages, as in they are still developing the software and how the product is being described may end up being completely different when and if it ever launches.

In the report, Felix is described as being a traditional portrait-oriented smartphone that features a screen capable of unfurling into the shape of a tablet in landscape. It sounds similar to what LG was working on before they exited the smartphone business.

As we said, we could be a long ways away from Felix, but we’ll certainly keep you posted should we learn anything else.

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