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6-Hour Screen on Time Guy, Explain Yourself

battery life

I can’t take it anymore. I need to know now. You, 6-hour screen on time guy, it’s time to explain it all. I want to know details. I want to know if you are even attached to a cell network (because I don’t believe that you are). I want to know, how on Earth, you have 6 or 7 or 8 hours in a day to stare at a screen. I want to know what apps you use all of the time to even get to that many hours of screen on time. I want to know which network, which phone, what your brightness is set at, if you use Bluetooth at all, are your location settings tweaked, and anything else you can think of that might help us all get to the bottom of this. (Please just don’t tell me you root, bro.) 

We have come to this breaking point after I posted this screenshot to Twitter, this morning. It’s the Galaxy S7 international model with an Exynos processor. I had over 4 hours of screen on time for the first time in my life and thought that was pretty damn good. I was excited. For two seconds until 8-hour screen on time guy showed up to laugh at me. Considering it was LTE-only, while traveling back to Portland from the NCAA Tourney this weekend, with games, music, and constant data being put to use, it seemed awesome. Apparently, it’s not.

And remember, I have tested every single major phone on the planet over the past six years and again, the 4 hours I hit yesterday is a record for me. I’m clearly doing this wrong. Teach me, battery life champion, teach me.

  • Just keeps getting better and better… No battery saving trickery; auto brightness, 90/10 LTE/Wifi mix, all Google services set to sync, Bluetooth, AOD, some GPM streaming, some Google Photos browsing, a few pics, chrome browsing, basically the usual phone stuff…

  • disastrousrainbow

    So this may be less impressive since this is coming from my S7 Edge on Verizon, but it’s the first phone I’ve had to give me nearly five hours of screen on time. Especially since I didn’t charge it after pulling it off the charger at 5:30 am AND I was at work, an area which sees constant loss of LTE signal and drops to 3G. I had my screen set to auto brightness, and things like Wi-Fi and GPS were on all day. I also had Bluetooth on for a couple hours playing my downloaded music from Google Play, and generally spent the day texting, checking apps like Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter, etc.

    I didn’t use a single power saving option so may if I would have I could have very well made it to over five hours and possibly six, but I’ll try that on Monday after another day at work. I’m VERY curious to see how I’ll do tomorrow since I’ll be home where I’m connected to a reliable signal and on Wi-Fi. Overall, I’m VERY impressed with the battery life I’m getting here and that alone may be the reason why I keep this phone versus going back to my Nexus 6P…

  • Vincent

    @kellex wifi on. Display around 50%. 1.5 hours of streaming TV. Put it in powersaving at around 15%.
    Wrote a bunch of email and read a LOT of news.

    And no I don’t manipulated anything. Just showing it is possible.

  • Doug

    He deleted Facebook, for one. It’s documented just how much an impact that makes on battery life

  • 1yelaldy1
  • BearGreer

    They just leave it plugged in. I’ve attached my current screen time. My phone has only been unplugged for maybe 30 minutes

  • Tom Smith

    Haven’t done anything special. Just us my phone regularly to check emails, make phone calls, Instagram and surf the web. Brightness is on auto. Love S7E

  • I got 6h 7m on the first day with my (Exynos) S7E. But I haven’t matched that since. Signal is generally medium to good, WiFi connected for around 11h of that day.

  • Josip Marijanović

    I got 6h35min ost yesterday on my g2
    First of all if i have wifi available(in my apartment i have 100mb/s internet, no need for 4g), i use it, and switch to 2g(gsm), i dont have bluetooth on, i think i used it for 5 times im year, location off, 2 email accounts, i mainly use reddit, twitter, twitch, and wzapp, and some light gaming about half hour of clash of clans and clash royale, and two episodes of Suits so its posible, but some requirements are needed
    but on average, gsambatterymonitor says i got cca 4h ost (when im out, i always on 4g, listening to music, etc)
    when ur home u can get that ost

  • calum wilper

    The only time I’ve ever accomplished over 5 hours of screen on time was when I turned everything off and all I did was read a book.

  • Robertatcaudill

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  • Andrey225

    My solution was to physically double the size of the battery in my Nexus 5. Adds about 3.5mm of thickness to half of the phone but I can reasonably get 8h of SOT with everything enabled and no optimisation whatsoever. Closer to 12h SOT in offline light usage.

    I only did this a few days ago so have yet to spray paint it black and make everything look neat.

  • Juan Pablo Ursic

    Why does anybody understand this? You have the same phone as other person but you do not have the same routine, the same apps, cellular network and so on, than the other person.

    It isn’t very hard to put this in a common sense ground. We don’t use same apps and also same syncing times, the network signal may not be the same, poor for some, good for others, great to a few. And there is the inttermitence on how you use your phone:

    Lets say you use your phone 10m or 15m in 1 hour and you keep it this way, just 10/15, 1 hour passes and then 10/15, it’s not the same draining as using it 20/25 or 30/35, because the time that it’s stay in stand-by time it’s less as you use it, also when it’s in stand-by, we all do not have the same syncing times as I said and also we don’t have the same apps getting notifications and stuff.

    So, there is not a 6 screen-on-time guy, there isn’t even a 2 or 3, or a 8 SoT person, there is only the SoT that you make ‘cus your own routine, your set of apps, brightness, WiFi or not, how good or bad is your cellular signal and those couple of things. Obviously you there are phones with same battery mAh, screen resolution and inches screen, and ‘cus of the software optimization and screen efficiency, you can have phones with similar specs and one may have a greater battery life but comparing the same phone but two different persons, isn’t gonna be a fair comparison.

  • MH

    I used to get 4-5 h on my note 3 when it was new, same with my note 4. Now I might get 3 if Im careful….Verizon model and LTE only. Batteries degrade over time.

  • terrorist96

    This is the most I ever got on my Nexus 6p. It was unusual. I average 4.5 – 5 hours usually.

  • GigiVald

    Note 4 users, please talk to me!!! Im rooted on my N4 and tweaked every single aspect on it to improve battery consumption, and I just can’t get more than 5h30 SOT. Wakeloks held, apps frozen (greenifyied), brightness low, Tasker optimizing, GPS off, 2G network set (yes, it wasn’t a typo), Samsung endless’s sensor features off (except for some useful ones), etc. It holds a full day usage, but after so many changes, I would expect more.

  • dinesh grewal

    Install juice defender free version app as a system app and set on aggresive, you would need titanium to convert it to system app. Remive facebook completly. Buy greenify donation version and greenify as many system apps. You will get 6 hours SOT easy. I am managing that on my note 5.

  • nevermindhoser

    I’ve noticed if you charge your phone but don’t reach 100% it doesn’t reset the screen on time. That’s what I have noticed

  • TC Infantino

    On my Droid Turbo 2. Starting my day fully charged, screen on full bright, location set to max accuracy, most of the factory bloatware disabled. I listen to music through Blutooth from phone to car stereo while driving the 30 minutes to work. I work IT so I have a Lot of free time at work, so don’t judge. While at work, I read Amazon Kindle books, listen to streaming music, read Facebook and Google+, browse the internet (DL), and watch videos and movies through YouTube and Netflix. I don’t have usable WiFi at work, so my usage outside of my home is always through cellular. I usually go through the entire workday without having to plug in until I get home. I usually get down to about 10% with about 6 hours of SoT.

  • Bluewall

    Over the course of 24 hours, mixed usage with wifi, LTE and bluetooth, I get 4 hours screen on on my Nexus 5X. I guess the S7 Edge should get more.

  • instrument

    I started getting 4hrs sot on the note2… wtf are you doing bruh

  • 1yelaldy1

    thats interesting! you can find some nice wallpapers here too – http://www.tomswallpapers.com/29076-petals-purple-lilac-flower-petal.html

  • Jeff Broders

    Root. Oh, wait, then nevermind. You want answers, but aren’t willing to use them.

  • 147Keys

    Meanwhile, my battery is already down to 38% and I have 39 minutes of SOT. Yes, that’s right, MINUTES. Still rocking a Nexus 5, and other than battery life it runs like a dream.

  • Boblank84

    only reason im holding on to the one+ one still. I consistently get 6hr screen on even after a year and a half or so with the original battery.

  • Γιάννης Κζ

    the exynos version has a better battery FYI

  • How

    I get almost 6 hours of on screen time on my Galaxy S7 edge on a daily

  • Vincent

    I have the S7 edge and reached a SOT of 6.5 hours. I achieved it with Greenify, and had aggressive doze active. Whitelisted android system and WhatsApp so I still receive notifications.

    What I like about the aggressive doze mode is that every 30 to 60 minutes it switches of for a moment to sync everything.

  • NP300

    I currently have a Nexus 6P with PureNexus custom ROM and Franco Kernel. I get around 6 hours of screen on time, but I don’t have data on when I go out, I don’t have locations or Bluetooth on, and I’m always connected to Wi-Fi but I have an AMOLED friendly wallpaper, and other apps like reddit, facebook, twitter have AMOLED themes so I use that and I am also a moderate-heavy user. I could achieve more in battery life if my phone’s battery doesn’t get hot in my pocket but I can’t do anything about it.

  • Emilio S.

    On my note 5 streaming Netflix on mobile network. Bluetooth on and connected to my Gear S2. I use power save mode and left the brightness at auto. Mind you it was a dim area so the screen never got past 15% if I had to guess a percentage. WiFi was on too but not connected. So yes.. it is possible.

  • AdjustedFlow

    No trick. My phone has 4100mAh battery (ZUK Z1).

  • Grayson

    I usually get 3 to 4 hours of screen on time with most Android phones, but I am actually getting 6 to 7 with my new S7 Edge. So here’s my details:

    -AT&T is my carrier
    -On Wi-Fi about 75% of the day (both at home and work)
    -On LTE for my commute to and from work, plus an additional hour out during most evenings (either gym, grocery store, or eating out)
    -Location always set to High Accuracy (GPS on)
    -Bluetooth always on because I have a Moto 360 and listen to music over Bluetooth while driving
    -Screen on auto brightness, usually with the slider around the 50% mark.
    -S7 always on display disabled because I have a Moto 360 and don’t need to see the time and date on my phone
    -Just 1 Google account on the phone, sync always enabled
    -No other email accounts other than my Google account
    -Google Now, Location History, and Ok Google always listening enabled
    -I never install the Facebook app and disable it if it’s preloaded (I use the website instead, which will still give you notifications through your browser)
    -I listen to about an hour of podcasts per day with Pocket Casts, while getting ready in the morning and during my commute to and from work
    -I text my wife and family throughout the day (standard SMS and MMS), but probably less than most
    -I hardly ever call people or talk to people on the phone
    -Throughout the day I use my phone to read Gmail emails and browse the internet. Internet browsing (reading news, tech articles, forums, looking stuff up, etc.) makes up a significant portion of my screen on time
    -I use Fenix for Twitter and Instagram and browse through my feeds in those apps at least twice per day
    -I also read news in Yahoo News digest a couple times per day
    -I also take the odd photo here and there, especially if the wife and I go on a walk or hike
    -The final thing I do every day, which is the other big screen on time activity besides browsing, is watch YouTube videos. I’m subscribed to about 20 channels and it’s not uncommon for me to watch an hour of YouTube videos every day, sometimes 2 if there’s a lot of stuff going on like new phones or something.
    -Ummm, yeah. I have about 20 other apps installed that I didn’t mention, but I don’t use them every day so I didn’t detail them here.
    -I don’t game, which is probably a huge reason my battery lasts a long time. And I don’t have multiple Google accounts or email accounts syncing to my devices, which I suspect uses a lot of battery for some people. Also, I’m just not a public figure like tech journalists who run a website, so I don’t get emails, messages, and notifications from social apps at all hours of the day. I usually get several social notifications per day, exchange about 50 texts, and get about 5 to 10 emails per day.

  • JP

    Get better network coverage.

  • Cameron Wright

    I use pocket casts at work for about 8 to 9 hours during my shift. Browse news stories during my break and use a LG Tone headset. I have at&t and live in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. My Nexus 6 has been the best battery life phone I’ve ever had. Not even my note 4 can touch it. Oh, brightness is set on 3/4 of the way up the bar, and location settings is on high.

  • dcdttu

    It helps to take your phone off the charger and use it straight through without any screen-off time. SoT is not the best way to show a phone’s battery life potential.

  • AJA0

    I have a total of 10,500mAH between my Note 5 and my extended battery, between 4G and GPS and tethering and calling, I barely last a day.

  • Michael Suriel

    Was testing some new kernel settings on my 6p and got to 2 and a half hours SoT while going through only a third of my battery. That was on wifi only. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten 6 hours SoT on wifi only before.

    Face it, Kellen, rooting still has its uses.

    Running a stock rom with ex kernel and Heimdall profile for my fellow 6p friends.

  • Christopher Robert

    easy way to get 6 hours of SOT. I have a Note 4 pull 6 hours of SOT fairly often. # main things. 1.) DO NOT USE FACEBOOK no matter what. the app destroys battery even if you never open it. Get it off your phone at all costs. 2.) Manually adjust screen brightness. Auto brightness keeps the proximity sensor on all day which drains your battery. 3.) turn off everything you don’t use. This mean WiFi, GPS and disabling / uninstalling all apps you don’t use. For instance on my Note 4 that is rooted there are close to 200 apps that come pre-installed on the device I have removed.

    I average 4.5 to 5 hours of SOT and normally plug in to recharge around 30% remaining batter. easily would pull 6 hours on most charges if I took it all the way to 0%. I also only charge my phone when the battery gets low, so this 6 hours is often spread over 36 hours not 24 hours. I am ruining a custom ROM and Kernel, but I also have 4+ google accounts syncing and 90+ additional apps installed fro the play store.

  • Jeremy Gross

    droid turbo man. Can get 6hr and 15 min

  • Kregstrong

    My gosh finally someone besides me has this same question. Thanks kellen, get so tired of reading when people are getting these crazy battery life’s and I’m with you, 2 hours would be dang good for me. I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten anywhere near 4 and I’ve had pretty much all the flagships of the past 3 years or so. Hopefully we will get some answers from these battery ninja hackers

    • No hacking I use my phone all day and I can say the S7 has great battery life. I get 4+ hrs of SOT on average with no app disabling, brightness on 10%, airplane mode shenanigans…

      • Kregstrong

        Well I’m happy for you, I’m at 48% with 38 minute screen on time on my nexus 6p.

        • I have only heard good things about the 6P battery life. Do you think it’s a runaway app or maybe just a dud? Those are GNex battery stays smh…

  • But do you DOZE Bro?

  • Nic

    This is the best I’ve ever gotten and its with my 6p. On both ATT LTE and wifi, brightness around 30%, location setting set to battery saver and I don’t believe I played any games just text, email and browsing.

  • LOL! I love this rant but since I got my S7 (VZW) I am averaging 4hrs + of SOT with auto brightness on, AOD, LTE/WiFi (80/20 mix), BT on during my commute, few hours of streaming (Tidal and GPM), some random games, no dark themes on any of my apps and today I binged on 3 episodes of Daredevil on Netflix…I don’t see 6hrs+ being out of reach but even with AOD display I still find myself clicking on my screen a gazillion times a day, it’s a habit I need help.

    I can see the xtra oomph of the S7e easily getting to 6hr SOT

  • enaybee

    I am glad somebody wrote about it.
    I might be the only one who doesn’t get anymore than 3 hours of SOT and I don’t even text or play games all day long. I run custom roms with battery saving scripts and whatnot. My N6P hasn’t shown me anymore than 3 hours no matter what I did.
    Since I don’t use my phone too much like teens, battery overall is good. My phone does last about 18-22 hours depending on the day.
    I guess when people claim they are getting 6-8 hours SOT they should also show their overall battery longevity to make better sense of things.

  • Synacks

    Step 1. Put down Galaxy S7
    Step 2. Pick up Galaxy S7 Edge
    Step 3: Remove bloat, install non-crap launcher, and turn off bluetooth scanning.
    Step 4: Turn off always on screen, turn off NFC.

    That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve been getting very good battery life, you just have to turn off some obvious features that you don’t use. I have NFC turned off but it automatically turns on while Samsung Pay is being used, then goes back to Off. Which is ideal instead of always on.

    Package disabler pro is also a big help.

  • Alexander Z Great

    Samsung galaxy S7 edge on Verizon.

    • Rod

      So, basically, you kept your screen on the whole day?

      Also, it’d be nice to see the graph itself posted.

      • Alexander Z Great

        I was using the phone for the 6 and a half hours out of the 25 hours, which is shown in the graph. Why does it need to be reposted? I wouldn’t just keep my phone sitting there with the screen on.

        • Rod

          Battery test without the graph status is incomplete.

          It show the signal strength, wifi and gps usage, and so on..

          • Alexander Z Great

            My signal strength is great, Wi-Fi is used when needed for Chromecast, Chromecast audio, or to do a speed test. Bluetooth is used in the car and when I decide to used my moto 360. Next time I’ll attach a screen shot of gsm monitor. What I posted is complete enough for me. I’m not pulling any tricks to try and get a pat on my back.

      • Alexander Z Great

        If you looked at the graph I posted you wouldn’t need to assume I just left the screen on. That’s just ridiculous to leave the screen on all day.

        • Rod

          Actually, over 6h of SOT with no app coming close to the Screen itself, is a little suspicious.

          • Alexander Z Great

            This is droid life NOT Android police. Thanks for all your concern and attention.. Sit tight amigo.. I can throw a ton of screen shots your way to sooth your suspicions.

          • Alexander Z Great

            Like I’m going to be on one particular app for several hours. Lmao. I don’t think you’d be satisfied with anything in posted. If chrome was up towards the top everyone would say, “I can get that battery life if I browsed the internet all day.” Make sense to you? Probably not..lmao

          • Rod

            If you had browsed internet all day, Chrome sure wouldn’t be so low on battery usage, as it’s one of the most CPU/GPU/RAM demanding apps in Android.

          • Alexander Z Great

            Hmmmm on my way to 6 hours of sot

      • Alexander Z Great

        The sweet part is I had another 5 hours of estimated use left.. I had 16% left which would of put me at 7 and a half hours but I never let my phones get below 15%. Whatcha think Rod?

  • axis_power

    Dank shitpost kellex

  • Tyler Lamb

    I’ve found that if you live somewhere there are multiple cell phone towers, your battery life is DRASTICALLY improved. Not sure why, noticed this when visiting Chicago, normally i’d be at ~40% towards the end of the day, when I got back to my hotel I was at 80%. Seem to notice this as a pattern when I visit large cities. In my hometown I don’t think we really have any overlapping towers.

    • Rod

      Of course.

      The lower the signal is, the harder your phone’s receptor has to work.

      • Tyler Lamb

        Yeah, I always have decent signal in my hometown, might have something to do with location services being able to triangulate your position if there’s enough cell towers instead of needing gps too.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Honestly, the single biggest improvement to battery life I’ve ever seen is disabling Google Now cards. Some may not be able to live without it, but I really don’t need it constantly asking if I care about a parking location, telling me about other places of interest nearby, or other psuedo-useful info just because.

  • Doesn’t an OLED display that shows a completely black screen equal screen off?

    • Rod

      Yes, but in Android’s case, the system won’t be in deep sleep state.

  • João Bonell

    Two words and one number “Huawei Mate 8”

  • rodney11ride

    well kellen you went ahead and did it, didnt you. just had to ask. lol about 3-4sot here with horrible reception in the desert most of the day. always bouncing from no-signal to 4g to 3g. alot of google sheets usage. everything else on. gps, location etc. everything syncing.

  • sarat chandra

    Redmi Note 3, 8 hours SOT on stock with no modifications…

    • Rod

      You forgot to attach the screenshots.

      • sarat chandra

        Well this is today, still 23% left and do the math !!!

        • sarat chandra

          First time out of the box with no apps installed it gave 8 hours SOT, you can check more reviews on google if you like..

        • Rod

          You forgot the graph, which proves there were no partial charges…

  • mcdonsco

    I don’t get crazy sot per charge, but can easily hit 5-6 hours sot in a single day (multiple charging points, Android auto in car, tylt at desk etc) so my phone is always topped off.

    But to address this, “I want to know, how on Earth, you have 6 or 7 or 8 hours in a day to stare at a screen”

    …easy, I do 90% of my business from my phone. Emails, texts, phone calls, property information (chrome) and about 98% of the news and tech info I read, I read from my phone.

    If I do 6 hours sot in a day, probably 4 hours or so is work, the other two personal, surfing, reading news and tech blogs etc.

  • I can get 5-6 hrs SOT with a Moto X Play (Idk what its called in US, Droid Maxx 2??) over a >>2 Day charge cycle<< (extremely important because as others have pointed out, you can just stare at your screen non stop and get crazy SOT, Lg G5 always on display is an ex, it sips power and is basically equivalent to SOT)

    *Marshmallow Stock ROM
    *50% brightness (even 30% would work for me but the slider in middle is so satisfying)
    * Always Wifi On (3G for hour or two)
    * A Hour of GPS
    * Idk why should someone keep on their bluetooth, I rarely do (anyways now-a-days bluetooth sips power, so not much effect over there)
    * Sot includes 2 hrs of casual gaming (color switch anyone), browsing for 2-3 hours, and hour for other activites
    * 30 minutes music from ff loudspeaker (at night) and few hrs through earphones

    Note: If you don't use LTE (VoLTE, data) you should limit your phone to 3g only, that saves power as 3g coverage is better almost everytime

  • CybeastEXE

    With mobile data *3g when i am not browsing a well customized kernel and no social media apps with constant notifications and half web browsing and half pdf reading i have gotten 8 hours.

  • Ant

    Lol mad at 6 hours of SOT…. 9 hours of SOT with the 6P is the new standard kellen. LMAO.

    • Butane87

      I could never get that with my 6P…seemed to have worse battery life than the Note 5 I had. My S7 Edge has the best battery life I’ve experienced since my Droid Razr Maxx.

  • Frankiie

    Easy they don’t use any social media app, nor any browser. Simple.

    • Ant

      you’re crazy lol. chrome instagram and twitter are the 3 apps that use the most juice on my 6p

      • Frankiie

        That’s pretty much what I said. Chrome(browser), Instagram, Twitter, Facebook(social media apps)

  • Armaan Modi

    I think it is possible on phones with 4000 mah+ battery…e.g. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3,Redmi 3,Gionee Marathon M5,Oukitel phones,etc…

  • Ant

    Best I’ve got was 9 Hours SOT with my Nexus 6P. This is the setting I keep my brightness on. I also have ambient display and adaptive display off and have all Google sync services off except for gmail. I also have bluetooth and location off. And i use Nova Launcher.

  • Jason

    S7E/T-Mobile/BT, WiFi, WiFi calling, location, auto-brightness turned off. the highest SoT i got to was 6hrs 44mins in a two day span with somehwere between 10-13% battery left. i usually flip my phone screen down overnight and lose on average around 3% battery. i usually do a little bit of gaming here and there, but mostly listen to music and go on the web/watch youtube clips.

  • Theot

    I’m like you Kellex, 3 hours is about the average for me on every phone I’ve had the last 5 years. I can get long standby life on the weekends, but at work during the week when I’m streaming music, radio, podcasts, texting, calls and so on I am only going to get about 3 hours max because a lot of my battery is being used when the screen is off. I still don’t see anyone getting 6-8 hours of SOT on most phones and I don’t care what they say.

  • ChristianHayden

    I can get pretty reliable sot with just a few adjustments. Use wifi whenever possible. Disable push notifications when ever possible, especially social media. Keep my brightness at roughly 40% with adaptive brightness on.

    I average between 3.5 and 5.5 hours screen time on a nexus 6. Best I ever got was 9 hours but that was at home on wifi all day reading a book in night mode so no surprise there.

  • Apostol Apostolov

    Hi, this is 9-Hour Screen-On Time Guy speaking here. On a Galaxy S5.

    My recipe for success is very simple. CM13 + Root + Xposed + Greenify (for all non-essential apps, Aggressive Doze, etc. I even greenify Play Store and Services) + Amplify (all major wakelocks and alerts, I however don’t cripple Push and GPS wakelocks) + PowerNap (excluding all major services to avoid SoD) + PixelOFF (for AmoLED) triggered by Tasker + Twilight Plugin to switch to even darker screen mesh after sunset, and to a lighter one after sunrise.

    I am fully connected to 3G (no LTE here), I use tons of 3G/WiFi streaming, I don’t play games (boo!) but I am addicted to Facebook. And yes, I keep Facebook app rather than power-sensitive web replacements.

    Haters gonna hate, chargers gonna charge… and we keep on browsing.

    • “My recipe for success is very simple”

      Not really lol

    • Armaan Modi


    • Cory

      You can switch to f.lux now: it adjusts color at the system level with root instead of drawing a terrible overlay on top of everything like Twilight does. I bet it will improve your battery life even more since f.lux is not a background task.

      • Apostol Apostolov

        Does f.lux support mesh that turns off % of the pixels? Because that’s what Pixels OFF does. I already have sleep temperature from CyanogenMod 13, linked to sunset/sunrise, so that’s not a big deal. But I hate it that Pixels OFF doesn’t recognize APK Installer and Permission Modals on Android 6.0, and has to be killed every single time.

        • Cory

          I don’t currently see any support for turning off pixels, and I wouldn’t count on them adding it. The blocking of installer and permission modals is exactly what I hated about Twilight. That problem’s gone with f.lux. It’s in the preview stage, so you could certainly reach out to the developer to see whether they could implement a Pixels OFF-like feature! https://forum.justgetflux.com/category/12/android

    • mcdonsco

      “I am fully connected to 3G (no LTE here)”

      There the key fight there. If I disabled LTE and went 3g only I’m sure I could probably get 2-3 days out of my s7…but then, I would be on 3g only all day and I can’t do that with my business. I need to be able to look things up on my phone while out and about and on the phone at the same time.

  • Nick

    Lol lol lol lol at least you can get 4 hours of screen on time. On my nexus 6p I can barely get 2 and a half with all the recommended settings turned off. I don’t have facebook, my gps needs to be on for specific apps, wifi and bluetooth scanning are off, screen brightness at 25%, auto sync off, no ridiculous apps installed and I still can’t get good battery life! Dark wallpaper, apps updated, the works! Still can’t get it. I want the reviewers to explain how and why they get that battery life because I magically stopped getting amazing battery life after week 3 with my 6p.

  • Tim Massing

    Do you even Root, bro?

  • f4bles

    I’ve had Xperia Z3 and with stamina mode turned on I could easily get 5 to 6 hours of Screen on time.
    Now I’m using LG g4 and sometimes get 4hrs of SoT when I’m reading a book on Google play books app.

  • Johny M

    Normally I get 5+hours of SoT on my Nexus 6. 80% wifi 20%lte. No Facebook, Twitter but 6 work Gmail accounts plus heavy hangouts talk/text. Connected my lg g watch for about 12hrs. Little streaming but plenty of YouTube video songs on the way to/from work.
    Stock everything, including GPS settings, non rooted

    • Jhan-Michael Lyons

      holy crap…. i wish i could get that on mine…

  • TriguyRN

    All I know is that my poor cell signal will never let me get over 2.5-3

  • Ismail Akram

    As you can see this night I watched a lot of series which was not streaming but download versions. This S7 edge. But then there is an other its next charge when I got 4 hrs and some minutes. Next day was even worse.

  • Mike

    I will say that the snapchat app on my phone (S7 Edge now, and even the droid turbo i had) if you do not exit out of the app it will keep the screen on indefinately. i have gotten 5.5-6hrs of screen time on the first use of my phone. usually about 16hrs between charges.


  • Ismail Akram

    I got above 6hrs SOT on first full charge of S7edge but that is it. Then I never reached near 6SOT and I think it’s easy to reach SOT if you use your phone non stop. Especially when watching movies. So when I am watching a lot of series on my phone ( downloaded content ) I gets high screen on time. But if I calculate for full day I get 3.5 to 4.5 SOT. You don’t have to disable anything Samsung phones are great in video playback.

  • h_f_m

    I get 6, but it’s not one day. Doze basically makes it so I can go almost 2.

  • kris90

    Well i guess u r getting perfect battery life on s7 as after using lte and traveling 4hrs SOT is awesome.. But since you have asked for it then i can tell you what needs to be done in order to get the right balance of SOT and usage.. I have a galaxy s6 and with the recent mm update i am getting 5hrs on an average..Earlier on lollipop i was getting 3.5 to 4 on an avg.. I get this by using dark themes, dark keyboard, dark wallpapers but i keep switching between dark and light themes as i get bored with dark color, location is mostly off as i don’t travel much, manual brightness is at 20%, wifi scanning always off, bloatware is disabled using package disabler pro(list of apps removed are pinned on google+ profile see link below).. My main usage is net surfing, reading on apps like feedly,flipboard , podcasts, i use samsung default player for listening music because i have it on my stoarge and we don’t have music streaming apps like spotify, milk music here in india, for videos i use default samsung player as it consumes less battery than mx player and plays almost all video formats. Then lots of youtube, whatsapp chat and sometimes what’s app calling.. I also use 3g sometimes but mostly use wifi.. I don’t have 4g in my town.. Also light gaming, i only have two games installed nfs & alto.. In idle my phone consumes 0% battery (this was on marshmallow and lollipop as well u can see the down the link that i have posted).. I have almost 85 apps installed in my phone and i use them most of the time. I guesss that’s it and hope this helps.. I am using samsung galaxy s6 purchased in india running stock rom that is marshmallow 6.0.1 with march security update.. Thanks

  • Dustin

    My best screen on time. Galaxy note 5 on t-mobile.

  • Turbo

    Droid turbo, 6-8 hours of screen time, off the charger at 6 am, then charge again at 10 PM for bed. No tweaks, or root, and screen set on auto, but all the way down. I have no launchers or social media battery killing crap like Facebook as well. Conditions: poor reception at work building, off Wi-Fi at work, poor GPS in building, location services all on, GPS on, 3 Gmail accounts on push, another email synched every 2 hours. I play a couple of games for maybe an hour a day, lots of web browsing, Netflix for a little less than an hour, Pandora for an hour, and sometimes I’ll run Waze or navigate for a little less than an hour.

    • Turbo

      I forgot to add my Bluetooth is on, and synched to one wearable, and a moto key link thing. I also use hangouts a lot for messaging.

  • jer85008

    It’s pretty easy actually. Just leave it plugged in. Your’e welcome.

    Seriously though, I never understood this either. Around 3.5 – 4 hrs is tops for me on any phone I’ve used in the last five years.

    • Armaan Modi

      Buy a phone with 4000+ mah battery like Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

      • jer85008

        In the US? Not likely.

  • Gamblor77

    Hahahaha this article made me LOL. People are so full of sh*t is basically what it comes down to. 4+ hours of SOT is pretty solid as it is… but there are so many liars out there or people who cripple their phone to the point of being unusable just to compete in the battery stat wars…or they’re straight up using photoshop and trolling up a storm.

    Some of these BS stats are the equivalent of saying you get 120mpg in your car because you modded the engine when the manufacturer itself may only list 40mpg. BULL-SH*T!

  • Murphy’s Magnet

    I’m usually getting 4.5 to 5.5 hours of SOT with an average of 16 to 17 hours of total battery life. I’m on T-Mobile and I’m using about 70/30 WiFi to LTE. I’m not doing anything special though. Most setting are the way the phone came. The only thing I’ve adjusted is App Power Saving. I have a bunch of apps set to shut down when I don’t use them for a few days. Most days consist of answering email, some texting, couple of phone calls, some Dead Rising 2, Contest of Champions, listening to music or podcasts in the car and taking pictures.

  • Jimneezy

    Not saying I got 6 hours but over the weekend I popped in my sim from my nexus 6p to the S7 edge just to try it out and by the 50% batter mark I had 3.4 hours of screen on time. I was on pace to getting over 6 hours so its doable, and I did nothing different but disable some bloat apps, nothing more

  • Desertwhale

    I get 4 hours screen time without even trying on my rooted Droid Turbo. I’m sure if I turned brightness down I can get 5+ easy. It’s all about cutting wakelocks, greenify, etc.

  • auspider

    I got 6 hours Saturday and 6-1/2 hours Sunday. Stayed around the house, scanned social sites, read some articles, viewed my ncaa bracket 12 dozens times, watched some youtube/FB videos, entered myfitnesspal info, ran 6 miles in the neighborhood with streaming music and gps tracking on, texted a few dozen times, and called a few people. Everything on (I never turn anything off), no battery saver, with screen set at 50%.
    The bigger question to me is, what the hell are you people doing on your phone that you’re only getting 3 hours? I’m assuming games.

    • C Shwizzel

      I’m not a gamer. I have an S6 on Verizon, which I turn on Airplane Mode at home cuz I get 0 signal and use Wifi everything (calling, texting, data) while I’m home. I can’t even get 2 hours of SoT. I use Nine Email and I sync several email folders for work (that I need…can’t turn this off), keep my brightness on manual, usually around 75-80%, tried dark themes, light themes and everything in between…nothing changes it. The worst part is I can’t even get to the end of the day. In fact on Saturday, I had to charge 2 different times (from less than 20% to full)…I’m not on my phone a lot on the weekends…no games, no social media…only texting, browsing, email, music (some…not a lot), camera, lastpass, Google Keep, and some other apps…not doing anything crazy here. I’m with Kellen, I average less than 2 hours SOT on every phone I’ve had the past few years (GS6, GS4, GS3, HTC One M8, Nexus 5, and a few others…).

      • auspider

        My wife doesn’t complain about her S6, but I’ll have to ask her if she has to charge during the day. My old moto X 2014 would consistently get 3 to 3-1/2 hours, but I’ve since upgraded to the 6P. During the week I only use it for about 3 hours a day so I’ve got plenty to spare when I plug in at night. On weekends its nice having all the juice.

  • IgotGAME

    Hey my screen cap made it! I am the guy with 58% battery life left and 3 hours SOT. I have multiple screenshots like this so it’s not a one off thing.

    Here is what I am doing:
    – AOD off (I have a smart watch so isn’t needed)
    – Location off (turn on as needed)
    – I don’t really use Google Now although it isn’t disabled or anything.
    – Everything else basically on
    – I use auto screen brightness
    – I use Mattblack theme
    – I did use Package Disabler Pro and disabled all the bloat I don’t use…I did not disable KNOX or S Health

    One thing I can say I’ve noticed, when I am at home my auto brightness doesn’t get as bright as it does at work so I get a little better battery life at home than I do at work…although it isn’t drastically different. I work under bright fluorescent lights at work so my auto-brightness is pretty bright at work.

    Here are a few of my screenshots:

  • Defenestratus

    They’re called “unemployed”.


    “Mother’s basement dwellers”


    “Only tan they’ll ever get is from screen UV”

  • Leif Sikorski

    I think with little changes it’s possible.

    From my experience during the last years.
    – depending on the network type and signal strength sometimes 3g uses less battery than wifi, For some reason the wifi battery drain bugs still come and go on Android and Google never really fixed them. Or Google sends back and forth lots of stuff once a device is on wifi – but there is definitely something wrong with wifi on Android. Not always…but too often.
    – don’t use the Facebook app
    – The Google location history and to some degree Google Now … they’ve a huge impact on the battery life in a bad way. I also always deactivate the Google Account sync for things I don’t use (Google Kiosk and such things)

    That’s the experience I’ve made on quite a few devices. Some of the Google stuff has a pretty bad impact on the battery life while not always being really useful in the daily life. Sometimes I’ve the feeling that OEM apps and services are better optimized than the Google ones.

    3 1/2 – 4 hours is something I get even on the S6 which has much lower capacity battery. I just prefer to use Samsung apps over the Google ones (S-Health instead of Google Fit and so on).

    • sc0rch3d

      “- don’t use the Facebook app” – haven’t tested that on my current phone z3c. FB never seems to show up high on the list of batt stats, but i bet it’s usage is disguised by other functions (like if it accesses GPS, then it is reported elsewhere). I’m giving that a go starting right now.

  • Alwin Crasto

    Forget it Kellen. Getting that absurd amount of screen on time requires you to put time and effort into micromanaging device and app settings and it’s just not worth it. Those who brag about screen on times do exactly that and dedicate themselves to proving their devices superior. Their usage pattern doesn’t reflect that of the average smartphone user and I’m inclined to think their usage is over a very short time period over Wi-Fi rather than a full work day involving travel and on mobile data.

    • C Shwizzel


  • Franklin919

    My best screen on time was with my note 3 and my S5, but on my 6P I normally get 5 to 6 hours of SOT using both LTE and wifi. Keep in mind your battery will depend on how good your coverage is in your area. I keep gps on battery save, and turned off wifi & bluetooth scanning and keep my screen brightness to around 20 to 30 percent.

    • Jimneezy

      I believe that’s what it comes down to, living in an area where you get good – great service where your phone isn’t struggling to find constant reception

      • middlehead

        I have LTE turned off on my phone for exactly this reason, and signal still wreaks havoc on my battery. My apartment is at the bottom of a hill, so my best signal is 3 bars of HSPA (or 1 bar of LTE) and my office is in a basement where my best case is 1.5 bars of HSPA. I have to charge twice a day, even with wifi available in both locations and a 10 minute commute.
        But I go to my brother’s for the weekend (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon), and I only charge once.

      • Marco Studenski

        Yeah, but so is the location setting. Personally, I like that my phone knows where I am. It makes apps like Keep and Inbox work so amazing. But it means that my phone is always telling Google where it is. Consistent GPS and Network location checks and constant phone-to-server communication results in poor battery life. Also, Auto Brightness. Screen brightness is a killer, if you don’t reign it in. I choose to forgo both battery saving methods for a better user experience.

    • Franklin919

      just going to leave this here just in case someone thinks it may have been charge prior to testing. 😉

      • MattG

        Ok but what are your most used apps? Are you just streaming video or actually using the device? I could see watching videos as being more efficient than actively tapping away for 6+ hours.

        • Franklin919

          No gaming except slots but yeah alot of streaming, and plus never use any social apps as they will kill your battery fast. Also you should never use alot of widgets as that also plays a part in how you device performs.

  • Daniel Swan

    I regularly get 5.5 hours+ on my Asus Zenfone 2 Laser with normal daily usage. Extending battery life is no small reason why I root my devices. I use Xposed with Greenify and Amplify to make sure that anything left running in the background is doing so with absolute minimal impact on battery. I keep brightness turned down unless I’m outside and don’t use autobrightness. I have account sync turned off as well as location. I don’t use email or GPS often, so why keep them running?

    This is Android, bro. If you’re not getting decent use on your devices, then you probably are doing it wrong. There are tons and tons of battery saving tweaks, apps, mods, and so on readily available. All you have to do is open Chrome and search.

    Honestly, if you’re this clueless about how someone could legit get 6+ hours SoT, then I’m not sure your future as a tech blogger is as secure as you believe it is.

    • yochanan

      Condescending much?

  • Daveeeee

    Nexus 6P
    4 1/2 Hours
    Custom kernal.
    Bluetooth always on, location turned off.
    Wifi only on when screen is on.

  • Allyn K C

    I find SOT a meaningless statistic by itself. Even when linked to an activity, it’s only meaningful if you are comparing to another device doing the exact same activities – which basically brings us back to bench-marking territory.

    Reported SOT usage by OEMs is pretty much meaningless; and individual SOT reported by a random user in a forum is of pretty much equal quality. It’s only when provided by a reviewer (who theoretically compare their devices equally, but lets not get into that tangent right now), or when looking at bulk data to see average SOT reported by multiple people in forums that I even pay attention to SOT numbers.

  • AC Bro

    I have found brightness makes a HUGE difference. If I set my brightness just a bit higher than what I usually leave it at, I notice my phone is drained a lot more by the end of the day, then I remember “oh, I turned it up a bit to see under X circumstance.” Could be it?

  • Rod

    It’s possible if you take the device off the charger and use it non-stop until it dies. That way, you’ll have no drain from network usage and standby time.

  • bmos18

    Kellen are you only referring to the S7 or also the edge. I have the edge and on most days I get 6 hours screen time. But the edge has a bigger batter so maybe I’m not suited to answer. But I will say I do nothing special. Brightness set to auto. Streaming play music and using Pocket cast at work and watching Hulu on lunch I get around 6 hours easily and I don’t charge my phone most days until before I get up the next day. And then battery is around 20 to 30%. And no battery saver mode enabled. And no wifi at work. Maybe some is due to network signal. I do live in Los Angeles. sync off and location on

  • Voi

    You need to go manual on a whole bunch of stuff. Ask yourself if you really need background activity and push notifications from all apps where it’s active. A lot of apps update stuff in the background where it’s more than sufficient to let them update when you fire up the app. E.g. Feedly, Twitter, Facebook (messenger excluded). The less background activity the more battery. Also brightness is of course a huge factor. If you avoid wi-fi you get more control over background activity as you can enable “restrict app background data” under settings > data usage. This only has effect if you’re not connected to wi-fi.

  • ahhh yes

    I have a z3c and always get 5 1/2 hrs average pic attached over 3hrs and 48% battery left. No stamina mode. Mostly wifi AMD Bluetooth on. Bluetooth only used for SmartWatch 3. Mostly use chrome hangouts a.d phone

    • sc0rch3d

      oh dam….how are you pulling that off? i’ve been very happy with my z3c getting 2-3 hours SoT and having more than 20-30% battery going to bed. My results are all over the place trying to be on wifi, or turning off GPS, or mix of 3g/lte (office building sux). I’ve been playing PAD pretty hardcore the last month and the z3c is not made for that kind of gaming (works fine with casual gaming).

      I wonder if an android app exists that we can all agree to use and it spits out a text file of current settings so that we can copy and test it.

  • Abdullah Amir

    Just go and buy 4000+ Mah smartphone and that’s it. My phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 can take average 6 hours 40 mins with no fuss. Most other users on 4pda.ru are reporting simillar results

  • Sandeep

    Note 4
    Auto brightness
    GPS and Bluetooth is off
    Black wallpaper to make use of amoled screen
    Wifi on all time
    Chrome Facebook messenger coc twitter shadowgun youtube etc
    This is the real kicker here
    Charged with Fast charge is off got more than 6 hrs
    Charged with fast charge on got above 4.25hrs

  • Well, right now I have 2 hours on screen time on my s7 edge, and it’s still on 59% percent. I have bluetooth on (Moto 360 connected), Location is set to battery saver, screen brightness set to auto, connected to WiFi, I’ve been listening to music for a while now. I think I registered over 4 hours yesterday, heavy usage, including camera.

  • Ryan Zeigler

    1 enable ‘ultra power saving’ mode
    2 turn on the screen for 6 hours

  • Turb0wned

    Basically turn off everything that makes a smartphone a smartphone.

    • I wonder, if you turned all radios off, factory wiped the phone, set brightness to manual, minimum, set screen timeout to none, got rid of all widgets, and just let the thing sit on a table with the home screen on… what would SOT be? It would probably be amazing… and completely useless lol.

      • Not exactly the same scenario, but when I had my S6 the battery life sucked. I ended up planning to return it and go back to my G4, but for a week I planned to use it to just test out T-Mobile coverage. I did a factory reset, and had just 1 or 2 apps (speedtest and Sensorly), and I could go several days between charging the thing.

        • Turb0wned

          Sooo 48 hours with 1hr screen time.

          • lol

          • Couple = 2, Several = 3-4. Remember that with Sensorly the screen is on constantly when it’s mapping data.

          • Turb0wned

            Sooo 3 days with 1 hour screen time of you not even touching the screen. Gotcha.

          • Lol my point is when you don’t do anything with it they last forever. No idea where this 1 hour came from though

          • jordan

            6 hours and 10 minutes.. I also downloaded a huge app today, deleted it and downloaded it again. HOWEVER i have Some Xperia z2.. I always have over 6 hours nothing special. I also watch youtube videos all day long and have over 15 windows open or whatever it’s called:p

          • jordan

            A pic

        • Sounds like the best SOT phone I’ve ever owned. 😉

          • Lucky Armpit

            I still miss my StarTAC. What an awesome phone.

          • yochanan

            Me too! I had two: One with the useless extendable (and breakable) antenna and one with the nub. Both were free found while cleaning out aTosiba warehouse. It was shut down overnight and everything inside was recycled or trashed. Well, except for the working laptops which were sold.

      • Turb0wned

        Pretty much. Everytime you read those guides on getting better battery life it says, turn off GPS, Location, Bluetooth, screen down to 20%, always Wifi (because they always have wifi at work), battery saver, delete Facebook, delete Facebook messenger, delete Instagram, ect….

        • skitchbeatz

          There’s always that one guy though that says he didn’t turn anything off and is still getting amazing battery life

          • Curtis Bond

            Yeah, amazing as in 4hrs SOT? That’s believable. 6, 7, 8 hrs? Lies.

          • Tyler Durden

            Loving it.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Well the reason to delete FB, Messenger and Instagram is because they are horrible and cause nothing but wakelocks. I don’t run an Android device anymore but I remember Instagram alone wasting my battery with it constantly pulling it out of sleep.

        • Tyler Durden

          GPS- only on when needed
          Location- same as GPS
          Bluetooth- off when I dont need it
          Screen is adaptive like it should be
          Battery saver on at 25%
          Facebook gone messenger stays
          Instagram doesn’t use but 1% battery and boom 5 hours + SOT

          • alberteezy

            S7 or S7E?

          • Tyler Durden


    • Eric

      Turn everything off, but leave the screen on with a pure black wallpaper to take advantage of the amoled power savings 😉

    • Chad

      Does anyone remember how poor battery life got after 4G became the standard?

      • My GNex was terrible even with the “extended” battery.

        • TylerCameron

          I had great battery life on my Galaxy Nexus. WAY better than the Rezound, OG DROID, Thunderbolt, and Droid Incredible that I had before it.

          • Cael

            God, the battery life of the Rezound pissed me off soo much! Then it was already a brick and you put in another brick for an extended battery and it was still f-ing terrible.

            HTC just knows how to ruin good phones.

          • TylerCameron

            My theory behind the Rezound’s terrible battery life was the Snapdragon SoC’s at the time had awful power management.

            Droid: OK battery life. Had a TI OMAP
            DROID Incredible: TERRIBLE battery life. Had a Snapdragon
            DROID X: Great battery life: had a TI OMAP
            HTC Thunderbolt… Actually, I had okay battery life on it!
            HTC Rezound: terrible battery life. Had a Snapdragon
            Galaxy Nexus: good battery life: had a TI OMAP

            I think the multi-core Snapdragons at the time just had awful power efficiency.

          • Robertatcaudill

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      • TC Infantino

        I do! I had the HTC Rezound, and that thing’s battery life sucked horribly. I learned my lesson from that phone, and always bought the phones with the biggest battery from that point on. I have had the Droid Maxx, Droid Turbo, and now the Droid Turbo 2.

    • Xavier_NYC

      Honestly, I think SOT is overrated. I use to care about it but now, I’m just happy as long as I can get through the day or two.

    • michael arazan

      I turn off everything, including Google’s suite of apps. Just go to settings, then apps, every morning and turn off my used apps and G-Apps. Listen to bluetooth music/ podcast for 2 hours and it uses <10% in that time. At night I use my phone in front of the TV reading and games for 4 1/2 hours before 16% warning is triggered

      Uninstalled my weather app saved me 10% extra battery life, was using accuweather in lieu of just using Google now.

      • TylerCameron

        Wow. The Nexus 6 must really suck.

        • michael arazan

          4 1/2 SoT is pretty decent, and that’s using it straight, including 2 hours straight of Blutooth radio/music/ podcast

    • Alexander Z Great

      You must be a “real world user.” I believe my LG G2 was the first phone I consistently reached 5-6 plus hours of screen on time by using my smartphone as a smartphone.

    • Tyler Durden

      Everything turned on except AOD which is useless and I get 5 hours 30 minute average.

    • AusyCoop

      Not always true.

      Nexus 6P here. I typically get 6-8 hours of SOT. I don’t really do anything special or have anything disabled from stock. The only things are: I don’t use Facebook, am careful with apps I install and use (I have snapchat and instagram but I don’t use them much and never let them run in the background), I’m usually on WiFi most of the time, screen brightness is typically 30%, and I use the AMOLED theme in my most used app for Reddit.

      All location services are set to high, push notifications are allowed in gmail, reddit, instagram, and snapchat. Most of the time I’m watching videos on YouTube, browsing reddit, listening to music, or texting.

      • Turb0wned

        Man I was only seeing 3.5-4 hours SOT with my Nexus P. Main reason I’m using my IPhone 6S plus again.

        • AusyCoop

          Yeah, I’m not really sure why some people only get 4 hrs and others get much more. I honestly haven’t done anything special to get this battery life. Everything is stock except for my personal apps that I’ve installed. Its so awesome, I’ve never had to worry about having battery left since I’ve gotten this phone, even on my longest days.

          • Joshua P.

            Cellular reception is a big reason, if you have excellent reception you are going to get better overall battery life.

            There is another factor, on my nexus 6p I typically get around 4 hours or less SOT with my normal use, but if I use the phone heavily I can get 6 hours, in other words if I use the phone sporadiaclly I can get about a day of life and 4 hours or less SOT, or I can just use it for 6 hours straight.

    • Alexander Z Great

      The real world user has spoken.. In my case, it’s far from the truth. I use most if not all of my smartphones abilities. Galaxy S7 edge ftw!

  • Adil Tajgeer

    i’ve been getting 4+ hours pretty consistently with my s7 edge with moderate use and still ending the day (730am to around 1130pm) with above 20% when i finally plug it in.

    • Miguel

      Yep, I don’t see anyone getting more than 4hrs of screen time, my S7 Edge is around 4 to 4:30 but againg it all depends on what you’re using your phone, games, browsing, jumping from app to app.

  • seldomused

    Battery saver on for 6hours, off for 10 seconds to take screenshot.

  • T4rd

    It’s simple Kellen, don’t live in a Faraday cage! =p

  • T4rd

    They’re including the “always on” display, lol. =p (joking, because I know it doesn’t count that)

  • Dan

    All I have to say is they certainly are NOT playing Hitman: Sniper for 6 hours.

    • T4rd

      Or any Supercell game, lol.

  • trixnkix637

    I call shenanigans on 6 hrs SoT with actual usage.

  • I keep seeing this too and I just don’t understand how. I know my Nexus 6 running Chroma can’t get anything close

    My moto360 and Mi Band HR definitely drain battery. As well as location services with all the location history and reporting

  • Do you even root, bro? 😉

    • 😀

    • Franklin919

      Use to but since a couple of years back I lost the feeling of rooting and custom roms, as the experience has got better. The only time I might root is if I want to run the black out versions of google apps plus some others.

  • Josh LaCelle

    Using your phone normal you will never see 6hrs SOT with the current phone lineup. I have had the Note 5, Nexus 6P, and Samsung S7 Edge. I use them all the same and never see over 5hrs and 30mins of SOT. Average 4hrs.

    • Turb0wned

      Not Android but the 6S Plus is up there. Incredible battery life I get out of it.

      • Adil Tajgeer

        i’ve found the iphone is still the king of standby, my 6s sips battery the way my s7 edge or 6p don’t even come close to if i’m not interacting with it (and even if i’m streaming music it barely drains the battery)

        but if i am actively using it and especially if i’m playing games (duh) it drains the tiny battery pretty fast.

      • Josh LaCelle

        True, that thing does get great battery life.

        • Tony G.

          I have the Turbo, N6 and 6P but two weeks ago I got a 6S Plus. My best so far is 7h 18min screen time with 27% left. The phone was on for 17h 30min. I don’t think even my Turbo got quite that good.

  • Brian Walz

    Yes 6 hours SOT if the only things you do are call or text with built in apps and you download nothing

  • Cory S

    The only phone I have ever broken 5 hours SoT is the S7e. Even moy Note 5 was 2.5-3 hours max. I have noticed it is pretty easy to get it way up there if you just watch a lot of videos. Web browsing and general app usage tends to kill it fast for me.

  • Larry Simpson

    It’s all BS if someone is getting 6 hours of SOT

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    But Kellen you said yourself,,, (and I experienced it) that you consistently got over 4 hours SOT with the OnePlus one when it was first released. That phone had great battery life… did you forget?

    • That’s the only phone ever!

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        So what do you get on your 6p? I tend to doubt most folks battery life claims…but I can say most (Including myself) average 4 hours SOT (well I scrape to 4 hours if I let the battery drain out) . . .

        And could it be that you live is a black signal hole of death? seeing that you got good Battery life when you were very very very far from your house on the S7?

        • Haven’t ever fully tested, but I do believe it’s my typical 2.5-3 depending on the day, which is totally acceptable to me.

          • Steven Libretti

            this is exactly what i get on my 6P. all those who get any more than that, i’d like to know their secrets as well!

          • vzwuser76

            Same here for my 6p. My screen brightness is set to just off the bottom with adaptive brightness off. Location services set to battery saving, BT off, WiFi on. Right now I’ve been off the charger for about 25-26 hours with just over 3 hours of SOT. But, I don’t stream music or videos very much if at all. Most of my use is websurfing and posting comments. If having the screen on but not touching it is the key, then that’s why I’ve never gotten these kinds of SOTs. The best I’ve ever gotten was on my 2013 Droid Maxx and I got around 4-4.5 hours, but that thing was a beast.

  • Paçaro

    I can barely get 3 hours on a G2…

  • Anyone can get 6 hours of screen on time. Use your phone to stream videos non-stop, navigation, or heck just leave your phone’s screen on for a while. Battery tests show that the S7 Edge can play 10 hours of movies I believe before it runs down, so if someone posted a screenshot of the SOT then it would be an unbelievable 10 hours. However, no one gets that kind of battery life from they phone being unplugged from say 6AM to 11PM.

    • So is that what we’re talking about? People with 6+ hours of SoT are just streaming movies? Because yeah, I can crank out a movie here and there and dominate an SoT battle. But I feel like we’re talking about actual usage. There is just no way, right?

      • Maybe not that specifically, but they are ones who use their phones virtually non-stop for X number of hours straight. I mean heck, if I unplugged my phone, then went on a train or airplane ride for 6 hours I’d probably be using my phone non-stop then as well and could easily pull that. The thing is, very few actually post the uptime of their device since it was unplugged, so you don’t know if it was at the end of the day or just the end of a long binge session.

        • Well, this is their chance to explain heh.

          • I’ve done it on occasion, and this is how I get those magic 6-7 hours of SOT as well. Normally I get 3-4 at most.

      • I feel like Screen On Time is just one of those boastful things people post about for admiration, just like selfies or potato-cam photos of their dinner. It doesn’t really mean much to others because the circumstances are always different from user to user. This guy probably did everything he could settings-wise to extend that SOT for the sake of screenshot props. I think we all know real world usage hovers around 3.5 hours. But you know what? #RemovableBatteriesFTW

        • Adil Tajgeer

          SOT used to be a way to show that the phone was being used. because it’s not hard to get crazy battery life if the phone is in standby for 99% of the time. but now i’m sure people are exploiting ways to make it look like their phone gets crazy battery life even if their SOT is high.

          it was/is(?) more prevalent where people have used a specific kernel and made adjustments to show if it is more effective or not, outside of that space, i don’t know why people try to mess with their phone to show MAXIMUM SOT GUYS.

          • Well, this is their 15 minutes I suppose. Everyone has a “talent”

          • Adil Tajgeer

            yea, back in the day i used to be all about roms and kernels and stuff, now i just basically want my phone to work well out of the box (aside from disabling apps / changing some settings) i don’t want to deal with jumping through all those hoops.

            and for the most party battery wise, i’ve been happy with my recent phones, my note 4/5 S7 edge, 6p, 6s all make it through my typical day which is good enough for me.

          • Yea same boat. The only thing I try to get out of the way with a new phone is root to take advantage of VZ UPD hotspot and a couple other minor perks, but yea, I’m done with all that ROM and kernel stuff. I just need stability in my life.

          • Adil Tajgeer

            i haven’t even rooted my nexus! (6 or 6p)

            i did unlock the bootloaders, but mostly because i’m too impatient to wait for OTAs when they announce them, since for whatever reason i seem to be the last person in the world to get one. (still haven’t gotten the N OTA that went out recently)

          • Daistaar

            You have to enroll in the beta for the N preview. Otherwise you’ll remain on the stable builds.

          • Adil Tajgeer

            i am enrolled in the beta, i got the first OTA (to go from Marshmallow to N) but didn’t get the one that came after. i even left my phone on for a couple days to see and it never came through, a manual check says i’m up to date.

            not a huge deal since i’m use my s7 edge for now and i can just flash the firmware (which i might since my 6p is running like crap since updating to N via the OTA)

      • Terry Barnhill

        I recently posted screenshots on the S7 review of my S7 Edge battery stats. Over 24 hours off charger with 6 hours SOT. Most of that was on wifi with auto brightness and location services enabled. I’ll try to dig up the screenshots

      • Terry Barnhill

        Here ya go

        • Aloys Garnier de Kermerc’hou

          Congratulations on spending 25% of your time looking at a screen 😉

          • Tyler Durden

            It’s as if people use emails for work.

          • Aloys Garnier de Kermerc’hou

            Gotta be a hero to handle emails only from a mobile device… But granted, that’s a possibility.

          • mcdonsco

            Your work doesn’t require you to do so? Congrats on that! Others have different varying jobs.

            Be together, not the same bubs, it’s an Android thing.

          • Terry Barnhill

            Hey I was on vacation lol

      • mrc0mments

        It’s just like people bragging about their MPG. These are the “hyper-milers”.

      • abqnm

        In addition to videos, ebook reading adds hours of screen on time, usually more than video playback. Reading long articles on the web at reasonable brightness levels and not interacting with the screen except for scrolling entire pages (none of the constant couple lines at a time scrolling) can also result in quite significant screen on time boosts. And if it’s done on wifi, it’s even more.

        It’s entirely possible to get ridiculous screen on times from all kinds of devices. You just have to have lots of restraint, access to wifi, and certain usage patterns that complement how the device drains battery.

        If I just use my phone freely as needed over a workday, my screen on battery life is maybe 3-4 hours max. But if I’m sitting at home reading, watching videos in my dark room (low brightness), browsing news articles and whatnot, it will last 5-6 hours. If I’m just reading an ebook and nothing else, 10 hours is possible with room to spare.

        The people with ridiculous times are just bragging about atypical use cases and configuration.

        • TC Infantino

          LOL I appreciate your information. I now know why I get pretty good SoT. Most of my daily usage is reading Kindle books, and watching movies and videos. I never knew that these things were gentle on the battery. I have always wondered why people went to extravagant lengths (turning off location services, dimming the screen, turning off Blutooth or other connections, etc…) to get close to 6 hours SoT. I really always thought that the screen on was a fairly standard drain of the battery, with only things like games being much harder on battery drain.

      • Grayson

        I mean I typically watch at least an hour of YouTube video on my phone per day, sometimes 2 hours if there is a lot going on like a bunch of phone reviews dropping or something. I don’t think it’s that uncommon. YouTube is popular. I posted a super detailed rundown of my settings and usage, so if you search for my name you should be able to see it.

      • TC Infantino

        Ohhh, that may be why I get good SoT. I usually watch a few hours of video, along with my normal usage. I never realized that streaming video used less battery than other things like browsing the net, and FB.

      • Marco Studenski

        It’s definitely possible. Especially if they’re only posting the SOT screenshot. I’m convinced that if someone claiming crazy long battery life out of their phone started using my phone, they’d get similarly crazy results. But I also think I would get a more all-around enjoyable Android experience.

    • Rod

      Android increases processor/GPU clock upon touch, to make the UI run smoother.

      If you leave the screen ON without touching, it’ll drain much less power than actually using it.

      • Exactly what I’m talking about, it’s easy to get a high SOT if you don’t show other battery stats like how long your phone has been unplugged for, and what has consumed that power (i.e. the screen, Netflix, gaming).

        • Rod


          And it’s easy to spot that. The person must provide that apps usage list.

    • Miguel

      I have to agree, I’ve been getting around 4-4.5 of screen time on the S7 Edge, I don’t see anyone getting more than that with the smaller battery inside the regular S7.

  • Suicide_Note

    Begin on WiFi with screen brightness at its lowest setting is a start.

  • Tim Glaraton

    Teach us your ways

  • RadicalPie

    I think you should let him make a Reader post on the site. Inform us all battery champion.

  • bbplayer5

    Turn the brightness down to the lowest setting, turn the color to basic, put it in AP mode but turn wifi back on to make calls… ??? Profit?