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DROID TURBO User Manual Leaks (Updated)

droid turbo3

Forget whatever HTC just announced for a second, the DROID TURBO user manual appears to have just been leaked by MotoFirmware. We are still digging through its contents now, so if you don’t want to wait for us to update this post, feel free to jump into it through the link below. 
Update:  First of all, the design matches up to what we had seen and heard about from sources. The centered front camera is the identifier here, along with those capacitive navigation buttons. We are also now finding specs listed, included an 5.2-inch “ultra high-definition display,” “high-capacity long lasting battery,” 21MP rear camera, Qi wireless charging, and support for Motorola’s Turbo Charger. Actually, the Turbo Charger is included with the device. I would be lying if I didn’t mention that the display size was a bit of shocker. Most of us thought that we would get a 5.5-inch QHD display, even though some benchmarks hinted at 5.2.

droid turbo

Update 2:  Like last year’s DROID family, we are seeing support for the best features from this year’s Moto X, including the entire Moto suite of apps like Moto Voice, Display, Actions, Assist, and Connect. The device is running mostly stock Android again as well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.33.46 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.33.56 PM

Update 3:  Here is a tiny picture of the backside.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.36.20 PM

Update 4:  Eventually, this site (http://www.motorola.com/mydroidturbo) will be loaded with DROID TURBO info.

Via:  MotoFirmware (PDF)
  • Sallie Nevins

    It’s still not an iPhone 6 !

  • Christi Phillips Lockridge

    OMG OMG OMG!!! The DROID Does countdown has began!! It will run till the 28th when it will be revealed and a sale date disclosed. I’m so stinking excite y’all! Screenshot taken at roughly 1:14 a.m EST directly from the VZW site

  • Taglogical

    Thank the Gods this thing has capacitive buttons. Onscreen buttons look nice, but aren’t as functional. If only this had an LCD and an SD slot..

  • bluebanzai

    Did nobody else mention that a ultra-hd screen is 3840×2160 pixels giving us 847ppi? I know it doesn’t state the exact res anywhere but ultra-hd means either 4k or 8k…so from the current Maxx to the Turbo is going to go from 720p to 4k. man!

  • BoFiS

    Ugh, too big, no MicroSD slot, and off-screen buttons stupidly for 2014…yawn, wake me when the Z3 Compact is announced for Verizon and I’ll be way more interested 😉

  • Christi Phillips Lockridge

    Ok guys so tell me what the difference between this and the Moto X 2nd will be? Prettier screen? faster? More hands free funct?

    • Josh Matthews

      Basically, the screen on the Turbo is twice the resolution but probably not noticeably better. The processor should be a Snapdragon 805, compared to the 801 in the Moto X. The only real advantage in that upgrade is the new GPU, Adreno 420. So gaming should be better.

      Way I look at it, deciding between the Turbo and X, you’re deciding between design & battery. The Turbo will probably have ~1,000mah higher battery capacity, which is pretty damn significant. Add in the QI charging and included Turbo charger, you’re looking at a much better battery experience on the Turbo. That being said, the Turbo has capacitive buttons and is part of the infamously ugly Droid series. The X is obviously beautiful and has tons of customization options.

      My use dictates functionality over form, so I’ll probably go with the Turbo. If you don’t need all that battery and don’t do much graphic-heavy mobile gaming, there’s not much of an advantage in the Turbo compared to the X.

      EDIT: Completely forgot the camera, sorry. Obviously, it should be heavily improved in the Turbo. Personally, I use a real camera for any photography I care about.

  • Colts5609

    Almost makes me wish I was still with Verizon….JK, still very happy I left Verizon. I’ll stick with being able to use almost any GSM phone on the planet.

  • bduncan89

    anyone have an idea if FoxFi will eventually support 4.4.4 (or Android L) in the future? Currently have unlimited data, and wondering if I would be able to tether with the droid turbo with/without root

  • schoat333

    Wow that’s ugly. Reminds me of the Thunderbolt.

  • ilovedessert

    Any chance this will be sold unlocked???

  • Josh Matthews

    Basically confirms a 3300mah~ battery. Says it takes 3 hours to charge the battery and on Qualcomm’s website they are advertising their new charging standard to be able to charge a 3300mah battery in 3 hours.

  • maniel

    capacitive buttons instead of on-screen ones? weird

  • Chris M

    Droid line is so ugly. Can never get behind these.

  • jcorf

    Ugh, stupid capacitive buttons

  • Shadowstare

    Please let the phone look better in person. *crosses fingers*

  • Christi Phillips Lockridge

    Oh and does anyone know of the standard GB coming on this bad boy is gonna be 16 or 32gb?

    • Josh Matthews

      almost assuredly 32gb based on the fact that they’re consolidating the Droid series to one flagship device. The flagship Maxx’s of the last two generations each came with 323gb standard.

  • disastrousrainbow

    I don’t get why people are saying this is an ugly phone. It’s basic design is straight out of a second generation Moto X just…more Droid-esque with the frame, yet even that is more along with the new Motorola aesthetic.

    • Josh Matthews

      Well if you want get design-snobby about it, capacitive buttons look so goddamn ugly when the screen is off.

  • Christi Phillips Lockridge

    Seriously, we’re all super excited for this phone and have been waiting for a month for any little tid bit of information but the question still remains; WHEN’S IT COMING OUT? I’ve never watched a phone so closely before so i’m unfamiliar with the release protocol. From what you’ve seen with previous phones trips through the FCC and top secret leaks of this magnitude, when is your best guess as to when they’ll release this phone? 2 weeks? October? THanksgiving? Christmas?

    • Droids

      Look at the date and time displayed on the screenshot.

      • Christi Phillips Lockridge

        so you really feel that they’re going to release it for sale on the 12th?

      • Christi Phillips Lockridge

        The 12th is on a Sunday, weird time to release a phone

  • Shadowstare

    This could seriously be my next phone, but PLEASE let it looks better in person.

    • Christi Phillips Lockridge

      the manual literally says on page 2 under the At A Glance heading ” *Note: Your phone may look a little different”

      • Shadowstare

        I’m guessing they are referring to the arrangement of things on the home screen. Why would the manual tell you that the design of your phone may change? What is it a transformer? I like that that Moto Turbo Charger is included like it wasn’t with the Moto X.

        • Christi Phillips Lockridge

          Yeah i know….but i wanted to give you a little hope lol

          • Shadowstare

            Ha Ha. Thanks. Now if Verizon will just announce the phone…..

          • Christi Phillips Lockridge

            Yeah i know right! I’ve got an upgrade burning a hole in my pocket and a POS Galaxy S5….i was stupid and gave up my Ultra for it. I kept asking the sales reos what i’d be losing at a Verizon Corp store and you know they couldn’t tell me diddly. I asked about the hands free specifically and they had no idea the Ultra/ Maxx could even do that. I WAS STUNNED. Droid is made specific for them and they had no clue what it’s capable of.

          • Shadowstare

            My upgrade is scheduled for mid November and I can’t make a proper decision until I know all of my options. I wasn’t looking for another Droid (current phone DNA), but the specs on the Turbo might be took good to pass up.

            But I almost never go to the Verizon store at all, let alone to buy a phone. The reps can’t keep up with all the features on new devices so they pick their favorites and push those when possible. Either they do that, or are told my corporate to push this one device. I like doing my research and knowing the phone I want ahead of time.

          • bluebanzai

            This isn’t uncommon. The past few years I’ve come to the Verizon store to play with the latest devices (so I can be sure that I still recommend the droid line over anything else to my friends/family), and listened to what the sales folks say to the poor, clueless saps with an upgrade. Sure, they tout iPhone to anyone with blonde or gray hair (seriously). And if anyone asks about android they go right to Samsung.

            Samsung’s quirks and ability to unlock the bootloader would be my last recommendation to anyone just getting into smart phones or making a major upgrade. The Note is purely for powerusers. Occasionally if they are dressed nice, I see them reach for the beautiful HTC line or sometimes the LG G3 if they talk about taking a lot of pictures. But I seldomly watch them bring somebody over to the Droid display. Even if somebody is endlessly talking about how they hate having to charge their phone so much, they still rarely recommend the Droid Maxx.

            I’m not sure what it is that makes the salespeople at Verizon steer clear of making them a solid recommendation but I’m sure it’s something…I know they aren’t designed for everyone but if they say it’s Kevlar and you basically don’t need a case and you can drop it on it’s back or sides thousands of times….wait a minute. Don’t they get a commission for selling cases and accessories?!?!? THAT’S IT! Samsungs need cases, chargers and extra batteries! CONSPIRACY!

  • IBCrazy

    Wow… That’s all I can really say. Just wow. This looks awesome.

  • Godzilla

    Nice phone. Enough to make me regret leaving Verizon? Man, hellz naw!

  • Dee Mann

    So was this waterproof or no?

    • Josh Matthews


  • ceruleanblue

    A 5.2-inch ultra high-definition display? So, will we start seeing a shrinking of phone size now, even for those with high resolution screens?