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Dropcam Tabs Put on Hold, Pre-orders Canceled, as the Company Begins Work With Nest

Dropcam Tabs, sticky movement sensors that can be placed anywhere around your house and used to send notifications when things like doors, gates or windows open, have been put on hold by the IP cam company, thanks to their recent acquisition by Nest.

The products were first introduced back in May, going up immediately for pre-order. Unfortunately for those who pre-ordered, your order will never be fulfilled. This afternoon, Dropcam sent out status updates on pre-orders, stating that they are excited to begin “collaborating closely with Nest,” but that because of the acquisition, they are reassessing future product plans and canceling pre-orders. Those who ordered will receive full refunds within the next couple of weeks. 

No mention was made as to the future of Tabs, only that Dropcam already has “lots of great ideas” and are busy building out a new product roadmap. The company has pulled promo videos for Tabs and is also redirecting the pre-order page back to the main Dropcam site. I don’t want to say that the product is gone forever, but the product could be gone forever.

As someone who was looking forward to extending my Dropcam family of products, this is certainly sad news.

dropcam tabs cancel

  • Paul

    How about refunding Dropcam purchases? The reason I upgraded to the pro version was for these tabs. They better deliver something similar or I’ll be a little bit upset. I do love my Dropcam but there were plenty of cheaper options, but these had the tab concept.

    • Joey

      How about not basing purchases on future promises? Sucker.

      • Paul

        Agreed. I’m not asking for a refund, just making a point really. The Dropcam as is is pretty cool, though I was looking forward to these things.

  • Tyler Bowden

    Tabs could have been great for the Nest thermostat. Imagine having one on every window in your home. If a window or door is open for more than say 5 minutes, the thermostat would shut off your A/C or heat so your not wasting energy while it’s nice enough to have the windows open.

  • Firelight

    Ok – so I wanted this – and now can’t have it. Are there any other companies providing a similar product?

    • fred t

      There are many companies that sell motion and door/window sensors for about the same price. And when paired with a hub like smartthings(for $50-$100l you can basically write and rule you want when movement detected (e.g. send u a text, set off alarm, start video camera, turn on lighta , etc) . Much more advanced than dropcam offering. And google doesnt get the data on your in home activities.

  • This is great.

    Why would a company ever take a loan out or sell equity in the company again.

    New steps to starting a business:
    1) Create a concept
    2) Get a bunch of suckers to give you money with no interest
    3) Use the money to develop product and build company
    4) Sell out to larger company, who will give you the money to ‘refund’ the original buyers

    You just got a free loan with effectively zero costs! While screwing over all of the people who trusted that you would deliver their product.
    People need to STOP giving money to these crowd-funds until there are stricter rules and regulations. The people getting their money back absolutely (ethically) deserve to receive money back on top of what they gave.

    • Droid 1967

      I was going to post the exact same thign although it wouldnt of been as nicely stated as yours 🙂

    • Mech_Engr_09

      I think the whole crowd-funding thing is a huge joke. Most if not all the products come out months, sometimes up to a year after their promised delivery date. Always some type of hiccup in production or getting parts or some other b.s. and is the only reason why I have not and never will back anything. If you want my money, the only way you’re getting it is if I can go to a store or purchase it. I think it’s ridiculous that people throw their money away to companies that have no track record and just put it on faith that they will deliver as promised. I also think it’s funny when people get pissed that the company doesn’t deliver. Oh you mean this new company that has never mass produced anything didn’t get it right the first time with no delays at all? SHOCKING.

    • Bob

      Yes, tou would have otherwise invested that $29 and made 10 cents otherwise with your savvy investment skills. People know. What they are getting in to with crowdfunding. We dont need more regulations. People can make their own informed decisions. Get real, clowny.

    • velocipedes

      Sorry bud, nobody got screwed here. If you don’t know what you’re getting into with crowdfunding, then don’t get into it. You don’t deserve to be paid anything beyond what you AGREED to.

      • Aaron W

        THANK YOU (now I don’t have to say it lol) 🙂

  • velocipedes

    I was really, really looking forward to these. This sucks.

  • tiev

    But on the positive note, imagine a Dropcam -> Nest Protect Integration…. where you can trigger the Nest Protect Alarm to scream at intruders 😀 I hope add that feature 😀

  • Bryan Mills

    Yay – love when companies get acquired and stop selling product.


    • jmashis

      The irony.

    • Narj

      They never sold one. Just preorders.