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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller Details Leaked, Available July 29 for $299+

More information is beginning to leak from NVIDIA, as it appears the company has two upcoming product launches, the SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller. Part of a new “SHIELD Family,” these two devices will fit alongside the original SHIELD gaming system, in a lineup of mobile devices built specifically for the hardcore gamers out there.

Slides have leaked with pretty much any information you could ask for regarding the new SHIELD Tablet and Controller. For starters, let’s go over what it looks like we should expect from the SHIELD Tablet. 

The device features an 8″ Full HD display (1920 x 1200), Tegra K1 processor with 192 CUDA cores, 2GB of RAM, a DirectStylus as seen in the Tegra Note tablet, 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage, WiFi or WiFi+LTE connectivity depending on the model you purchase, Bluetooth 4.0, microSD slot for up to 128GB of storage, 5MP rear-facing camera, 5MP front-facing camera, will receive OTA updates direct from NVIDIA, and should run Android 4.4+ out of the box. As mentioned, there are two models, one with only WiFi and one with WiFi+LTE. The 16GB WiFi model is priced at $299, while the WiFi+LTE 32GB model is priced at $399. For a luxury tablet specifically built for gaming madness, those prices seem great.

NVIDIA looks to have built a standalone controller as well, most likely intended to connect to your SHIELD Tablet. Specs include WiFi Direct connectivity (should significantly cut back on any lag), a headphone jack and microphone, joysticks, triggers, full D-pad, numbers, and a great looking build quality. We assume it will feel much like a SHIELD controller, but minus the built-in display and could be much slimmer. The SHIELD Controller is priced at just $59.

A slide for availability and pricing leaked, with the SHIELD Tablet and Controller set to go on sale in the US starting July 29. Europeans can pick up the package beginning August 14, while the rest of the world will need to wait until the Fall season.

While the tablet is priced at just $299 (WiFi-only), $399 for WiFi+LTE, and the controller is $59, this seems like quite the little gaming package. Seeing as how this is NVIDIA, you can expect more GRID action (cloud-based gaming), Steam compatibility, and a whole bunch of other goodies. For more details, we will need to wait for NVIDIA to make their official announcement.

What are your thoughts so far? We’d love to hear them below.


SHIELD Leak - 2

SHIELD Leak - 3

SHIELD Leak - 1

SHIELD Controller

SHIELD Leak - 5

Pricing and Availability

SHIELD Leak - 4

Via: Video Cardz
  • jajajajajakaka

    How hot does it get

  • anon

    Rookie questions: if its a 1080p screen…what exactly does 4K ready mean?

  • chris_johns

    this looks awesome…at 300 i might consider this givin the n7 32gig was around what 260-270 out the box?…extra bucks this is def worth it and nvidia gives you pure android…only thing i could wish for is 3gig ram at least…but im sure nvidia knows what their doing…i might consider this almost 100% if there is no new nexus tablet to replace my struggling n7….can someoen compare the physical size of this tablet compared to the og n7?

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  • $358…no thanks. Ill stick with my Nexus 7, PS3 controller and Splashtop for only $150 (n7-$150, already had controller from ps3 and got splashtop free from amazon store)

    Yeah yeah you people “id like to see you try to play (whatever here).” dont really care that much. If i wanted to play a high end game I would just go sit at the computer in the first place.

  • Jean-Simon Langlois

    Sigh another tablet… Like market need one more… It’s just Sad.. The original shield was a good unique idea that needed just some tweaks and marketing… i was waiting for an original shield update to jump in. I was about to get it few moths ago… I like the idea of the original to play anywhere when gf using pc and/or tv… But i dont see the point to use 2-3 pieces to play on small tv (tablet)… should just plug in the pc to the tv (steam ) or play directly on the pc… Sad.

    • Kate Perry

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  • trwb

    The direct stylus on my tegra note 7 sucked. Not to mention the bezel kept popping open and the thing was getting what too hot. I had to return it. It was not a good purchase.

  • RobertSGrant

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  • charlesrlee

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  • hoosiercub88

    I guess after I feel I need an upgrade to my Nexus 7 FHD this will be my next tablet.

  • AlisonMGonzales

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  • Wade M Santini

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  • Sebbe

    Compatibility Nvidia Shield portable. Are they calling the original project shield or Nvidia shield for Nvidia Shield portable now or is it perhaps the new iteration of the Nvidia Shield?
    There have been benchmark reports on a device with 4gb of ram as well.

    I really hope they didn’t ditch the original clam shell device design totally, cause I am far more interested in that then a tablet.

  • fredbrown5

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  • shamatuu

    Not bad. Though i will probably get the nexus 8. Just because its going to be cheaper and getting updates in a timely manner and Android L to be called whatever its called.

    • hoosiercub88

      If early indications are any source to go by.. the Nexus 8 will probably be priced almost identical to this.. $400 range.

      • shamatuu

        well if it happens it happens but the rumors can change by launch and i think Google can cut the price at a certain loss.

  • JackFrost
  • JackFrost

    Why didnt they make a controller attachment like that on the wikipad. Or this retractable one

  • AngryBadger

    hmm, can’t wait to see these in action. Looking for a new tablet. My Nexus 7 is a blast to use, but I have to share it my lady. will this support multiple profiles like the nexus 7? If it works with steam… epic.

  • SharnaHayneskvl

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    Damn…..I was hoping for a sequel….Guess I’ll pickup the OG Shield

    • Sebbe

      Yea if the old benchmarks with 4gb of ram etc and an other resolution etc wasn’t a new iteration of shield. I will do the same, I guess we will have our answers in a little bit over a week.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    No Only-Wifi 32Gb version?? Enough reasons for not buying it.

  • M3D1T8R

    Just noticed the tablet has a stylus too, cool. I just really wish it was 32GB standard.

  • TC Infantino

    Now this seems like a excellent idea. I like that you have a tablet with good specs at a decent price, and can pair up a controller to it, instead of having a controller with a built in screen. It gives you much more versatility. I will most likely be getting one.

  • grayson360

    I mean I would have loved to see a more compact form just like maybe a Shield 2 BUT the specs and everything else is seriously impressive.

  • bull3964

    I was interested in the original Shield and I was waiting for a spec bump to jump in. But this has no interest for me. I already have a Nexus 7 that I can connect a controller to if I so please. The whole idea of the shield was a mobile gaming device. A two piece device is not mobile. Who is going to sit down at a table with a tablet on a kickstand and play this with a controller?

    It’s $299, but then you need a $59 controller and a $39 cover to make it match the same functionality of the old device. So, it may as well be $400. Even then you have to balance this thing on your lap with the cover if you don’t want to sit at a desk or table somewhere.

    This went from something unique to just a (admittedly powerful for now) tablet. I’m not going to own both a Shield tablet and a Nexus 7 and buying anything other than a Nexus tablet is folly.

    • chris_johns

      or you can spend 300 on an AMAZING android tablet…and as a bonus buy a 60 dollar controler to play games….i dont see the argument here

      • bull3964

        You need more than the $60 controller to play games. There’s nothing to prop the thing up with without a kickstand case of some kind.

        The thing is not released yet. You can’t exactly call it amazing. It has good specs, but specs does not a good device make. Nvidia still has a lot to prove that they can compete in this space and provide good long term support.

        • chris_johns

          Says who?… I’m pretty sure the shield and the original note tablet are running close to the current version of Android and run pretty much stock Android software on top of the fact Nvidia has top of the line manufacturer partners that make quality hardware… and if you ever owned anything by NVIDIA like my graphics card it gets updated every other week with a new software and driver tweaks… You obviously never owned an Nvidia product… They really have nothing to prove… the fact you brought up there is no way to clay this other than buying the kickstand case is absolutely moronic I don’t even know how to respond to that… Pretty sure itll work fine without it

          • bull3964

            I am both a current owner of several Nvidia products and past owner dating all the way back to the Riva 128, but that’s not really relevant to the discussion.

            Nvidia has had a troubled history as a SoC OEM. Tegra 2 was late to market by months and then they ended support for it prematurely, leaving several partners in a lurch, unable to update their own software because they lacked drivers. Tegra 3 never really lived up to its battery life claims and was quickly outpaced by dual core Qualcomm designs after being on the market for a limited time. Tegra 4 was just never widely used, partially because OEMs shying away from Nvidia from issues with the previous SoC designs and partially from Nvidia shifting their focus away from the general smartphone and tablet market. So, any Nvidia SoC is best approached with a bit of skepticism both for its reported capabilities and promises of long term support. Nvidia may be a pillar in the graphics card market, but they are still just a bit player in the SoC market, having focus and goals that have been in flux over the past few years.

            Beyond all that though, you have to examine the product in question and as yourself “what significant advantages does it offer over the competition?”

            The big selling points, as far as I can see, are graphical capabilities of K1 and Grid.

            The K1 is very impressive, but it remains to be seen what will actually harness it. Any of the big name player tablets around the same price range are going to be fine to run the majority of the Android games that are available. Nvidia never really was all that successful in getting devs to make special versions of their games for Tegra hardware. They exist, but are few and far between. That’s unlikely to change in the future because there’s going to be very little hardware out there that will have a Nvidia SoC in it, limiting the market even further than it was in the past. So, there will be a handful of K1 optimized games out there and very few others that will tax it otherwise.

            The other use case is Grid game streaming. Since that has all the heavy lifting done on the PC, the K1 isn’t all that important anymore. Also, very few PC games are optimized for touch, so the vast majority of Grid streaming use is going to require the gamepad and some way to prop up the tablet at minimum. So, I was correct in my assessment that you would need close to $100 worth of accessories to fully realize one of the main selling points of this tablet over its competitors. Finally, what you are left with at that point is an arrangement that’s awkward to use on your lap and isn’t all that portable. We also have to question if we are going to need Grid long term. Steam in home streaming already works really really well and works for a wider range of hardware targets. It’s only a matter of time before it’s both integrated into the Steam android client and also available outside the home network.

            There’s nothing really ‘wrong’ with this tablet when taken at face value. The design looks pretty good and it’s not really wanting for specs. However, there isn’t a ton that makes it stand out from the crowd either and plenty in Nvidia’s history of Android products to make someone wary. It’s just hard to recommend a tablet that strays from reference hardware that Google uses to develop android. If K1 becomes a dev target in the next Nexus, that could change. But as it stands, it seems Qualcomm based tablets are the way to go.

            In the end, if someone wants to use Grid away from their home, it still seems as though the original Shield is the better choice due to it’s lower cost and higher portability. If couch gaming is the goal in home, I would argue that a cheap netbook coupled with Steam’s in home streaming may be the better way to go long term, especially if you don’t currently have a graphic’s card in your PC that is Grid compatible. The only remaining niche that makes the shield tablet stand out are tegra optimized Android games. If that’s something that appeals to you, by all means get a shield. Just understand that it’s a very limited product segment.

          • chris_johns

            Id lose my job is i spent an hour of my day reading that…nvidia mobile chips had prob with lte modems and were more expensive then Qualcomms chipsets which is why they werent uaed by manufacturers later on look it up…and this tablet is buikt like no other tablet for the price so your buggin asking whats it do that others don’t… The front speakers alone out this above any other tablet at its price point

  • slide83

    WTF, No AC wifi!?

  • James Walker

    It is becoming pretty clear that the future of gaming platforms and consoles are going to be centered on mobility, specifically tablets. And Im down for that!

  • Raven

    I was never interested in the dedicated controller designed Shield, but this pairing is exactly what I would want except for the storage. Where is the 32G+WiFi for $349 option. I want no less than 32GB, but I don’t want to waste money on a LTE radio that I will never use.

    • hkklife

      This puppy is lacking only a 32GB wi-fi option with AC wireless and Qi charging to make it perfect!

      • Raven

        No AC huh? Even my Nexus 7 (2013) has that.

    • Aaron A.

      SD card!

      • MoreStorage

        You have to have more storage, especially if you uninstall a game, you lose all IAP’s when you re-install it again. One of the biggest rip-off’s about IAP’s in Google play is that most games rip you off losing IAP’s when you download to another device or re-install a game if you uninstalled it.

  • JSo

    What Android games are people playing that they need to get all serious with a controller?

    • With GRID and Steam, players can play PC games on their tab and controller. These are built for “serious” gamers more than likely.

      • JSo

        Ah, yeah. I guess those would be good apps to use it with. I have used Onlive actually. But I usually just play on my PC if I want to play Onlive. I couldn’t think of how games made for Android could really be that important. lol

    • Menger40

      Not android games, PC games. This supports NVIDIA’s game streaming.

    • synplex


    • Tomek G

      I am wondering the same thing. The original shield offered portability. I could use it on the train or while taking dump at home to finish one more round in civilization. But how would that work with separate controller? I have to put tablet on lap (and hope it won’t fall or get snatched) and then controller in hand? Seems damn awkward. Plus the controller looks very much like Xbox one

  • BoFiS

    Ugh, this makes the original shield WAY more appealing to me, in that, why would I want two pieces when trying to play a game, especially away from home like on my commutes on the subway. I hope this means the original either gets an update or a price drop ::fingers crossed::

    Though it is neat that the gamepad can work with the original Shield Portable, so if you’re playing a multiplayer game, I guess outputted to a TV, someone else could play on that gamepad alongside you.

    • Raven

      Because I never wanted to buy yet another Android device and have to drag around the bulk of the controller when I don’t need it and it can’t really double as just a plain portable tablet. This way we can have an awesome tablet that also has a great controller if we want to use it.

    • Mr E

      I agree, at least for me. Personally, I already have a laptop that I could use to play games on. The killer feature of the original Shield was streaming PC games and having physical controls on a single device. I know it probably wasn’t super successful, but at least it was unique. Unfortunately, my PC was never supported, so I’m kind of hoping we get some kind of semi-portable Steambox with either the original Shield’s form factor or that of the PS Vita.

  • …aaand they killed it.


    Was sold until storage. Gaming tablet should bear-min/bottom out at 64GB. They should be offering 64/128 and up to 4GB RAM.

    Price? Add a hundred…that would more than cover it and there would be no complaints from _gamers_.

    • Aaron A.

      Add a hundred… No complaints..


  • Lunkman

    I don’t know a single person- adult or child- who’s ever mentioned any interest in an Android gaming device/console/handheld whatever this thing is classified as…(note that I am not referring to stand- alone tablet).

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Perfect. Sell Nexus 7 2013 + Shield the buy this. Boom.

  • radiohead14

    “mobile devices built specifically for the hardcore gamers”…

    there are hardcore mobile gamers out there?

    • I’m a hardcore mobile gamer 😛

      • Zack Kallen

        If it can play ESO sure :p hahaha

        • Sebbe

          ESO are on Steam now so why not xD

  • I think this is a better solution than the shield…

  • M3D1T8R

    Mmmm… Front speakers, SD slot, might get by with the lowsy 16GB version. Might possibly replace my Nexus 7.

  • Rezin

    $399 32gb lte is pretty sweet…all that power rendering to only 1080p is gonna be killer…it’s the only thing holding me back from buying whatever high spec Samsung tabs as all that power they put in gets wasted on filling that high resolution screen

  • Qbancelli

    I’ll pass. I ain’t buying any phone or tablet without a Qualcomm chip in it.

    • Why not?

      • chris_johns

        lol love how he answered you…people are fanboys and cant give logical reasons to be

  • Bryan Mills

    1080p, 16gb, 2gb?

    No no no no.

    Before you say “oh why do you need 3gb of RAM, there’s an SD slot”. It’s a gaming tablet. It needs to be built for it.

    • Cory S

      1080P is fine. It is going to have a lot more HP for graphics.

      • Bryan Mills

        Yes, but 16gb and 2gb of Ram is unacceptable

    • Dale

      I think the specs are outstanding for $299. Want 2k resolution, 32gb of storage, and 3gb of RAM? Be prepared to pay a lot more than that.

      • Agreed. I think NVIDIA knows that people want great specs for an affordable price. For $299, this is a sweet little package.

        • El Big CHRIS

          Totally agree. I’m on the fence for a tablet, preferably a nexus, but this package sounds sweet

        • Bryan Mills

          Lol Nexus 7 with that Tegra 3 died QUICK.

          • chris_johns

            yeah back in 2012…..come on guy your such a fanboy…plus my og n7 still used daily without a prob…its not the spring chicken she once was but tech moves that fast in two years nowadays

      • Bryan Mills

        Yeah that’s the point. A watered down gaming tablet I do not want. I’d pay more for premium hardware.

        This is fine for the occasional 2 game person.

        • Dale

          The K1 is on par with the Snapdragon 805 in performance. Worried about storage? Then go buy a microSD card. Also, 3gb of RAM does not matter right now, maybe in a year, but by then this tablet will be irrelevant anyway along with all other devices released this summer. This tablet is hardly watered down.

          • Bryan Mills

            I could have bought the same specs last year.

            I want a tablet that is going to last me. This isn’t it.

            My opinion. Murica.

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Tegra K1? I think not buddy. It is going to WRECK every chip in gaming for a considerable amount of time.

          • Bryan Mills

            Uh huh. They said the same about the Tegra 3 and 4. Didn’t happen.

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Really? Where have you been? The Tegra 4 was a tank for a long time after it came out. Running great in my Shield.

          • Sebbe

            Idd, to bad there so few Tegra 4 optimized games

          • chris_johns

            dude…stop reaching…go buy a fagazy sammy tablet

        • Matthew DiGiacomo

          It’s not watered down. The whole purpose of the SHIELD line is to stream in GLORIOUS 60 FPS from your Geforce powered PC.

          • Bryan Mills

            PC mustard race gotta have 800fps.


          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            What? You probably don’t even know what a Geforce is anyway.

          • Bryan Mills

            I know all about PC crap. I’d rather save my hard earned money.

          • This guy gets it. These devices aren’t meant for causal Android gamers who play Candy Crush and Tiny Wings. They’re meant for PC gamers who want to go mobile.

          • Raven

            Now, if I can prop it up on a table and connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to it for some real gaming I would really be interested, maybe even use the HDMI out to a big screen. I never have been a real fan of console controller based gaming.

          • There’s a cover sold separately for the Tablet that acts as a kickstand 😉

          • Raven

            I knew about the cover. My bigger concern was how well hooking a bluetooth keyboard AND mouse up to it would work for gaming with either a game like N.O.V.A. 3 or streaming from my GeForce PC.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      If its any higher than 1080p than you have to stream higher than 1080p with GRID and Steam streaming.. not many people have that kind of bandwidth.

    • DrewNusser

      I’m partially with you. I would love 3GB or more of RAM and 64GB of space. However, the biggest draw to this thing is going to be GameStream, which it will do very well. Plus, I can’t think of an Android game that would require more than 2GB RAM right now, so I’m okay with these specs. Still, Tegra K1 is gonna wreck the competition (not in devices shipped, but in power), and this thing will run any Android game you throw at it for at least the next couple years.

    • What games need 3gb of ram?

    • Alex Boro

      Tegra K1 is the best mobile gpu. Most games don’t even take advantage of 3gb of ram

    • chris_johns

      If this thing handles all games with no problams which im absolutly sure it does…what does it matter? now your just saying numbers just to say numbers…i bet this tablet flys as a tablet runs everything perfectly and you wouldnt tell the difference…or not enough to justify a price boost with spec boost

  • Cory S

    so it’s either 16GB or 32GB+LTE for 100 more. Seems harsh being 32GB is as little as I’d want for a gaming tablet, and I don’t want LTE.

    • microSD slot. 16GB should do you fine.

      • Cory S

        MicroSD sucks for games. All it’s really good for is media.

        • Probably will be able to give better insight once the device is announced and we see games being played, so until then, I’ll hold off from saying anything about the storage lol

          • Cory S

            It’s still Android, and android isn’t SD friendly. You guys need to stop giving OEMs a break for not putting enough storage on devices. My ancient iPhone 3GS has 64GB for crying out loud.

          • Bryan Mills

            Yeah 10gb or less usable. Hello 2 games and full!

          • These devices are not entirely made for that. They’re built for streaming PC games, which means you don’t need an insane amount of storage built in.

          • Cory S

            I wouldn’t really argue they are made for GRID. At best GRID is a neat beta gimmick for people who happen to want to stream a game from a perfectly fine PC to a tiny tablet from within the same house. Also, it wouldn’t need a K1 if it were primarily for streaming.

  • Dale

    This is going to be hard to beat at $299. So, this or the (mythological) HTC Nexus 8?

    • SharnaHayneskvl

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    • Kinetico

      I’m in the same dilemma. Both devices will be some of the best tablets on the market.

    • SharnaHayneskvl

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  • kixofmyg0t

    That’s not bad actually. I wasn’t interested in the first SHIELD but this looks pretty good.