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I/O Poll: Buying the G Watch or Gear Live?

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The first Android Wear watches are now available, so what do you think – are you buying one? As of today, you can pre-order the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live and have them at your front door within a couple of weeks. Or are you holding out for the Moto 360, which Google would only continue to confirm is “coming this summer”? Or are you not interested at all?

It’s time for some I/O-related polls. First up – are you buying either the G Watch or Gear Live?

Buying the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live?

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  • BoFiS

    Waiting for the 360 or you know, something less huge that’s also round 😉

  • Scott

    I placed an order for the G Watch, but since it won’t ship until July 3rd and I won’t get it until 3-5 days later, I would have until July 21-23 (15 day return period) to make a decision on whether I want to keep it or return it for a Moto 360… here’s hoping we get more info before then!

  • tock

    I like how the second most popular vote, under Moto 360, is not buying a smart watch at all. Also, the audible sigh of the audience during IO when they announced that the 360 wouldn’t be available until late summer… priceless.

  • Pdewet

    So even though the Gear Live is running android wear its still only compatible with Samsung phones? This is from the play store…”The Samsung Gear Live is compatible with all Samsung phones running Android 4.3, Jelly Bean™”…If so that is such a huge NO go because my next phone will probably not be a Samsung

  • jordeninghamego

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  • SO afraid of the 360’s limited availability… we’ve got over 5000 rabid DL fans ready to pounce the minute it goes on sale

    • LionStone

      6500+ now…

      • Oh no. not lookin too good!

        • LionStone

          I know! They gonna go fast!

  • mustbepbs

    Still haven’t found a use case for myself to drop $200+ on it. It’s basically a less functional phone on your wrist. I’d rather just take the device that I pay exorbitant amounts of money for out of my pocket and use it than drop even more money on something to make me “fashionable”, AKA “lazy”.

  • Fooer

    Serves no purpose for me, so I’m going with the “Not buying it” option. I can’t imagine using this thing for anything

  • Saw those results coming from a mile away. Should drive the price of the G and Gear down for me to add to my watch collection.

  • Anthony

    Where is the option “Waiting to see if I can port Android Wear to my Gear 2”? I hope this becomes a possibility.

  • pyro74boy .

    I’m not buying anyone of these watches. They are all gimmicks in my opinion and just a waste of money. I will go out and buy a real watch and have better battery life vs ANY smart-watch and not have to worry about recharging the battery every few days.

    • Ryan N

      I see your point. But this is a different niche than a regular watch. Serves a different purpose. That’s like someone favoring a flip phone over a smart phone. Yeah, the battery may last longer in the flip but it’s a product for a different market.

      • pyro74boy .

        To tell you the truth I miss the old school flip phones and the great battery life they have. I hope that someone like Samsung or LG brings the old flip style design back to the U.S market. I have seen some Samsung flip style phones running Android outside the U.S and I really wish they would bring something like this back to the good old USA. These Smart-watches are going to have to come way down in price before I will even think about buying one of them.

      • tootowe

        That was a great analogy.

  • James Vincent

    I’ll have any Android smart watch as long as it ain’t Samsung. But I’m gonna see where we are at nxt year.

  • djdsf

    Another thing I have to ask, is why is the G Watch $30 more? The Gear Live has an extra sensor (Heart Rate) and better screen resolution. The only thing offsetting the G Watch from the Gear Live is the extra 100mAh of battery which is kinda negated by the addition of the heart rate monitor in the Gear Live.

    So, why am I paying $30 extra for essentially less of a watch?

    • discstu37

      I too have been searching high and low to find the answer to this question. To make matters worse, the pricing is actually flipped in EU. That being said, I have a Mio Alpha which takes heart rate from the wrist and is persistent when running, and it can be a good barometer, but shouldn’t be the end all be all. Yes, I see the benefit, but ultimately, I want the device that’s going to give me the most “stock” experience, and I think we all know that when it comes to these manufacturers, that’s NOT going to be a Samsung product.

  • djdsf

    I really want an Android Wear device, now, my only problem here is that I have no idea what the specs of the Moto 360 will be. Yes the 360 has a beautiful design, but as with anything tech, the specs also matter. I think I might have to buy the G Watch as my daily wearer and then buy the 360 when it comes out, hopefully with better specs (Battery and resolution) as my “Night/Dress” watch.

    • discstu37

      TBH if I am looking for fashion at the $250+ price point I’ll buy an actual dress watch. Android Wear, to me, is akin to wearing a Nike Fuelband or Fitbit Flex.