Here are Android “L” App Design Screenshots for Maps, Settings, Music, Keyboard, and More

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Everyone is waiting patiently for Google to release the Android L preview build tomorrow, but hopefully these screenshots can help ease the impatience.

Android L, from what we can see so far, is a major redesign for the OS. App color schemes and various layouts are changing considerably inside of system applications, which might have Android L as one of the most distinguishable updates the OS has ever received. For example, colors for system volumes are now going to be a bright yellow instead of Holo Blue, and many other apps and lists seem to be much more vibrant. 

Google Keyboard will also see a nice update at some point, more than likely through Google Play, which looks to bring a very minimal and flat appearance.

Google has posted an entire walkthrough of their new design language, so take a peek if you want to dive deeper into Android L.

Below, we have posted a few of the big UI update screenshots we have seen on the site.

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components-buttons-persistant-footer-4b_large_mdpi components-buttons-usage-flat-do_large_mdpi components-cards-content-card_books_large_mdpi components-dialogs-content-dialogs_03a_large_mdpi Style-Color-Themes-theme-02_large_mdpi

style-imagery-integration-imagetypegallerya_large_mdpi style-imagery-integration-imagetypeheroa_large_mdpi style-imagery-integration-imagetypeherob_large_mdpi style-imagery-integration-introduce_scalea_large_mdpi style-imagery-principles-delight_large_mdpi

style-imagery-principles-information_large_mdpi style-typography-8_large_mdpi style-typography-24_large_mdpi style-typography5_large_mdpi style-typography7_large_mdpi

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