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Motorola Confirms That Moto Maker Will Continue

This morning, Motorola told members of the press that they would be closing the Texas plant where they assemble custom orders for their 2013 flagship, Moto X. The first question we asked after being told this news was, “What about Moto Maker?”

Moto Maker, for those not familiar, is the web interface that allows customers to customize a Moto X through options like the color and material used on its back plate, how much storage is included, and if your phone will greet you with a saying upon boot-up. It is without a doubt, one of the biggest selling points for the Moto X, and a service we hope lives on for future Motorola products.

According to a short-but-sweet note from Motorola, we now know that Moto Maker will indeed continue on. 

That’s all we know, though. Going forward, without a plant located so closely to customers, we are curious to see how Motorola plans to quickly fulfill orders. Remember, one of the originally goals for Moto Maker orders was to have them at doorsteps within four days. Can Motorola do that if they are assembling devices outside of the US? We will hopefully know that soon enough.

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  • Rodeojones000

    So a couple thousand people lose their job and your first question is “What about Moto Maker?”

    • [A]dri[A]n

      Well, yeah. There isn’t really anything else to question.

  • moto x is the best phone ive used…ive tried others they are 2 big…i dont sit n watch 2 hour movies on my phone while i take a sh*t 720p is fine the display is vibrant and gorgeous…the size is perfect i can use it one hand without a hitch(and looks massived compared to my friends iphones) without being any less pocketable…this stupid big phone trend is absolutly stupid…people look fkn stupid with these notes and phablet sized phones up on their face or carrying around bc they can barely pocket them and sit down at the same time…i want a “phone”…moto x is still the best “phone”…i dont want a phablet…and i prob cant live without active display or that lil twisty phone launch motion…moto x has lg knock on basically without hitting my phone just by picking up…camera is ok for what i use my phone for…i cant think of much other phones have that id need…except a bigger battery…that i wish i had…n maybe an sd slot

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  • Already over Moto. Moving onto HTC One M8. {{-_-}}

  • Rahul Saraswat

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  • NexusMan

    Lenovo has plants in the US. And even if they are built outside of the US, while the quick turnaround of the past was great, Motomaker can certainly continue with a longer wait time.

  • Godzilla

    “You know you predecessor was a great phone for 6 months…….he saved Motorola’s life……..and your’s……..I dare you to do better.”

  • Ryan N

    Why are people bashing the moto x so badly? It’s a great phone. This is very unlike the usual DL crowd…


    • MicroNix

      It was a good functional phone. I would not call it a great phone.

      • Ryan N

        I think your confusing great with holy grail. I’d rank it better than good any day. I’m sure anyone that owns it would agree.

        • Ryan

          Lot of people that say its a bad phone don’t understand that specs don’t make a phone, its the usability and friendliness of the device. There’s also the marketing behind it that could make it even better. But I digress, people have their opinions on stuff, like my disgust with Samsung as of late with the Galaxy series and their seemingly “unlimited” budget and now all I see are iPhones or Galaxy devices on the streets. Maybe the occasional HTC or LG, but those are like 1 in every 50 devices I see.

          Oh, and my Moto X has been wonderful still. Love it; just a big shame that the Ft. Worth plant is being closed down. I saw this coming anyway when Lenovo wanted to buy Motorola from Google, so it was going to be apparent. At least I can be proud that I got one assembled next door to me at least.

      • NexusMan

        Of course its a great phone. It more than satisfies, delights and assists its owners.

      • lol ur a loser…made absolutly no sense…moto x is the only good phone out…everything else are good phablets

        • Raven

          Although the way you said it is a bit extreme, the fact is that the Moto X is the best sub 5″ phone for those, like me, that prefer smaller phones and not giant phablets.

        • Beauregard Stauffer

          But the nexus 5 is great

        • shooter50

          Its a girly phone

          • shooter50

            Looks like something Barbie would use

          • Can’t tell if you’re being funny or you’re just stupid…

        • MicroNix

          Mediocre display and camera doesn’t make a great phone fanboy.

          • Marikel

            I completely forgot that the beautiful AMOLED display on the Moto X was mediocre. 720p resolution still gives it a very pixel dense display. I don’t see a difference between the 720p on the Moto X and the 1080p on my HTC One M8.

      • DLDL

        It is a great phone. If it wasn’t then why is Google trying to implement always listening on all android phones now? Your part of the spec sheet crowd.

    • Deez

      Yeah, teenage girls everywhere love that cute little device! What gives?

      • Ryan N

        I was unaware that the DL team was comprised entirely of teenage girls. All gave the phone high praise as well as going as far as naming it the best phone of 2013…

        I believe you came across this site by mistake…

        Ahh yes… Here’s the link to the one you were looking for:


  • Mudokon83

    Man after seeing the videos of how MASSIVE the LG G3 is (especially compared to my SIII) I’m kinda now hoping for something nice from Moto. Even though I have the feeling they won’t have a micro SD slot.

    • M3D1T8R

      I’m trying to remain positive on the SD slot since the new version of the Moto G, as well as the new Moto E both have it. That may end up being the make or break feature for me.

      • Mudokon83

        Ah yeah good point. Yeah at this point I don’t think I can handle a bigger phone. I’ve looked at what I could get right now, but its all mostly just a baby-step up in specs from my S III. So we’ll see with the Moto X+1 if it hits that sweet spot.

    • Godzilla

      Same here, I am very tempted by the G3 or in my case it’ll be the G4 but if moto can make a 5 inch screen phone that is smaller than my current S4 I think they would really have something there. And yeah I fear moto will only have SD slots in its cheap phones.

  • cgalyon

    Sure hope so! My Moto X is being replaced due to hardware problems (discoloration and front camera fell out of housing). They granted me a redesign-replacement, which was ordered earlier this week. Hopefully it will come soon

    • Gr8Ray

      Lots of people have had this happen with the front camera, and it continues to happen on the replacements. I’ve been lucky enough (so far) to dodge this issue with mine.

      • droidrazredge

        How can you tell when the front camera falls out of housing ? Is it really noticeable or do you normally tell when you’re using your front facing camera ?

        • Steven Dolbey

          It’s actually just the foam grommet ring thing around the camera that gets dislodged. You can clearly see it. My first Moto X had that issue. The little ring just kept creeping down towards the screen. I’ve attached a picture.

          • Al-Burrit0

            Wow I never knew about this but I just notice my front camera has something in the way I can’t really tell how it looks on your picture, but it has never affected my camera when i use so idk. It is a little disappointing knowing this happens to the phone. Actually this is my replacement device and it came like this when I opened it isn’t really mine it. My first moto x was replaced for other reasons.

        • Gr8Ray

          Most people notice when they suddenly can’t use their front camera, and start digging deeper into the cause.

      • yes ive had this issue….thankfully….bc of it i got a nice ebony wooden backed moto x with red accents to replace my black accent cherry back moto x….wooo! for free(besides 25 bucks but so worth it)

    • MicroNix

      All these issues yet everyone here is chomping at the bit for more. “Thank you sir may I have another?”

      • Jeff

        No issues here, even after dropping it on a brick. Don’t take the problems of a few people to mean that EVERYONE has problems with their phone.

  • coolsilver

    Didn’t help carriers dragged their feet about setting up their customization for the Moto X. Really made it hard to buy custom for weeks. By then everyone who wanted one had one.

    • Rashad

      I blame Motorola (Google) for making it an AT&T exclusive from the beginning. If it would have been available on all the carriers at once then perhaps it would have had more success.

  • EdubE24

    Dear Customers

    We need to satisfy investors and show bigger profit margins. Paying people in America to assemble our product does not allow us to do this. We will now be outsourcing our “MotoMaker” phones to one of our plants in Asia. By paying these employees monthly salaries with what it would cost to pay an American one day, we feel like we will be in a better position to meet these demands.


    • ah yes…good ol outsourcing

    • zurginator

      Lenovo doesn’t own them yet.

      • JohannaHolkhamred321

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    • zeth006

      Nothing is free. It costs money to hire and pay engineers and designers. The materials themselves including the glass, plastics, silicone, and not to mention the plethora of precious minerals are bought from someone. The factories themselves have startup and maintenance costs. And then you have marketing and distribution. These are fixed costs. When smartphone prices are dropping each year, you cut costs in the one area where you can–assembly.

      Stop blaming corporations. Blame the American customer who keeps chasing after what’s cheap.

  • Alex Boro

    Okay I don’t care then!

  • Colton

    I am still excited for Moto. Lenovo just released a beast phone and I think they will be able to handle Moto fine. I don’t see them drastically changing Moto’s formula of phone design.

  • coolsilver

    Yea just proves that even China wants to Insource their jobs… or just steal ours legitimately. Such crap. Makes me wonder if I want to buy that Moto 360 at all. Probably will but still irritating.

    • Michael Bassett

      uh wut?

    • Gr8Ray

      99% of everything else you buy is made in China, but this is where you’re going to take a stand? I guess you’d rather they continued with a failing business model and go bankrupt, while all the competition is making their gear overseas?

  • Rashad

    Theoretically, since Lenovo has assembly plants in my state (North Carolina), couldn’t they assemble there and still make money?

    • Al-Burrit0

      This hopefully.

    • X_minus1

      currently Motorola loses money BECAUSE Moto X/G/E/+1 is a low-demand colorful mediocrity (sorry, but it’s true) that can’t compete with SAMSUNG/Apple and make money.
      360 is NOT Motorola’s savior either.

      Lenovo WOULD NOT assemble Motorola in the USA, 90% probability.
      I hope the Lenovo deal will not go through, though.

      • Rashad

        I think that marketing is key. The ad campaign for the Moto X was horrible. If their ad campaign was better then I think their sales would have been better. Samsung and Apple make money because of the ad campaign. Their ads are good for the most part and they appeal to the average consumer. Moto’s ad campaign sucked so it didn’t do enough to appeal to the average consumer. So much for that Google backed ad push.

        I doubt that Lenovo would assemble in the US even though it is capable of doing so. That Texas plant closing means a loss of jobs for the people there but I’m sure that the assembly plants in North Carolina could do the job IF Lenovo wanted to go that route.

        As for the Lenovo deal going through or not, I consider it a done deal even though it’s not official. I didn’t want the Nokia deal to Microsoft to go through but there was nothing stopping that and the same applies here. It’s just a matter of time before it happens.

        • EdubE24

          Or people go into the store and say “I want a good camera”, “great screen” and something that will last for my two year contract. Not sure the Moto X fits that bill.

          • Rashad

            The phones I see people tends to get me confused. I saw one of my coworkers get an iPhone 4s two days ago on a new 2 year contract. I asked why did you get an almost 3 year old phone? She was so clueless. I told her to at least get the 5c or 5s. I felt bad for her.

            I agree with the good camera part.

            The great screen is debatable. From what I’ve seen people really care about how a phone looks and works. If the screen is bright enough they don’t care. Your experiences may differ but the people around me get a new phone and it’s last years model after the new version came out.

          • Jprime

            In agree and see it all the time. People tell me the great deal they got on last years iPhone. They just want to say they have an iPhone.

          • EdubE24

            To some people that extra hundred may be a big hit to the pocket. I’ve had those times!!

          • Al-Burrit0

            Very true people just care if the phone is functional enough w/ good camera and if it looks nice. That’s why if the commercial is appealing of course they’ll get the phone. A few weeks ago my cousin was going to get a smartphone and I was trying to convince her to get the G2(free 2 year contract) and she ended up getting the IPhone 4s. I asked her why?! And her response was because Iphones never go out of style. SMH

          • MicroNix

            Well lets put it this way. The vast majority of flagship phones have screens and cameras fairly down (still not sure what HTC was thinking with their camera). Then you come out with your own “flagship” with a mediocre screen and camera and try to call it the best thing since sliced bread, well, that’s not going to cut it. Unless you are in the lower markets like with the Moto G, you don’t come out with an expensive “flagship” that doesn’t even compete with the current flagships of your competition in these EASY TO NAIL categories. When it comes to cameras Moto never ever got the memo that people want a good camera experience on a high end phone. Cameras on smart phones are now the mp3s of the camera industry; they take “good enough” pictures for most general purpose situations. There’s absolutely no excuse not to nail the hardware and software for a great picture taking experience. Lastly, when you have Samsung with the displays as your competition, you don’t come out with a flagship with a blah display. Again, these are things every other flagship is nailing.

          • michael arazan

            Because people can get a iPhone 4 for free and still think they are in the in crowd or keeping up with some hype their friends share

          • wtd2009

            completely agree. add “great battery life” onto that list. moto needs to hit the essentials, it’s the first hurdle or people won’t even give the other great qualities about the phone the time of day.

            this is, of course a very distant second to marketing as Rashad mentioned. People need to know about the product before they can even begin to examine if it’s right for them.

          • C-Law

            Moto x definitely fit this description. Best android phone I’ve ever owned

          • Not in the “good camera and great screen” categories, both are on the low end compared to other phones out there.

          • lmao…how about good quality….oh ok no samsung or korean made phone…then lets look elswhere

      • K

        The Moto X may not have been a success, especially with it’s limited launch, but the Moto G has been a great success for Moto globally.

      • dizel123

        Well, the Moto G is the biggest selling smartphone in Motorola history, so I’m thinking it doesn’t qualify as low-demand.
        And right now, NOBODY can compete with Samsung and Apple

      • hyperbeatser

        you NEED to use CAPS LESS often

      • DainLaguna

        Low sales do not make a mediocre phone

      • stang68

        “X_minus1″…clearly a Moto hater lol

        I like how you seem to KNOW all of this stuff. Good for you.

      • smh…you dont have to over take samsung or apple to be successful…not every company can spend 500million on advertising

  • chris125

    Not surprising, It is all about profit and making things in America just cost too much. Lenovo is about making $$ so they are going to do what they need to do to get moto back out of the red.

    • zurginator

      Lenovo doesn’t own Moto yet.

  • TheRunner024

    That’s good news.

  • Chase Chick

    Great, so now I get some pre-made Chinese garbage. Thanks everyone who didn’t buy this phone!

    • grumpyfuzz

      Didn’t know I had to buy this phone… But anyways, you’re welcome!

    • PoisonApple31

      Always was some pre-made foreign garbage, just that it was assembled here.

    • Gr8Ray

      Seriously, with as many of the quality issues people were seeing with their custom moto maker phones, I don’t see how the Chinese could do any worse. Some people are on their 5th replacement.

      • Ryan

        I must be the lucky one, because I’ve yet to replace mine for any particular reason. Still running like a champ.

        • Gr8Ray

          Mine too, ordered on Verizon launch day. It seems like they started slipping when demand rose.

    • Under the bridge downtown

      Where is the Droid MAXX built?

      • Rashad

        I want to say somewhere in Asia, more than likely China.

  • Paul

    sudo make me an x+1!