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12 of the Best Moto 360 Design Concepts

A week ago, Motorola opened up a contest that asked designers to reveal their vision of the Moto 360. The prize? A Moto 360, of course. The contest itself didn’t grab our attention initially because Motorola included a potential price for the soon-to-be-released smartwatch of $249. But now that a week has passed since Motorola attempted to shut that price down, we can focus on all of the beautiful designs that have come through the contest, and boy, are there some great ones.

The entries are flooding in by the day, with the entry period closing on June 10. Since there are bound to be at least another 12 gems designed between today and the end of the contest, we may do this again. For now, we have put together a list of our top 12. If this doesn’t get you excited for the potential of the Moto 360, then I don’t know what will. Should Motorola allow third party skins or clock faces like this to be installed on their watch, then this could end up being the best piece of technology in the last few years.

Here is our list. 

moto 360 concepts-6

It’s clean, classic, yet still shows calendar events and notification counts for things like email and messages.

+Andy Kim

moto 360 concepts-5

It may not have notifications or app shortcuts, but this digital clock face brings you the time in an easy-to-read format, which is important with a clock. It then adds in calendar, weather, and location without overdoing it.

+Alex Mostoufi

moto 360 concepts-1

There is a lot going on here, yet the concept manages to keep the important items, like time and current weather at the forefront. You also get navigation info, heart rate, future alarms, the date, and current location as added bonuses.

+Ferenc Kaszas

moto 360 concepts-4

Simple time, current weather and date, plus a small area dedicated to missed messages. It comes off a little Galaxy Gear-ish, but a font change would probably change that.

+Nazariy Kulyak

moto 360 concepts-3

It’s a classic watch styling, but then it becomes tech-forward with colorful icons to weather, Gmail, and Hangouts. I do wish the clock hands were white or grey, to make them easier to read, but I like the contrasting styles together.

+Evan DeGray

moto 360 concepts-2

By showing love for Muzei Live Wallpaper, you can see how this clock could change depending on your wallpaper mood. The possibilities really become endless. Couple that with a clean watch font that shows time and date, along with simple and minimal icons at the bottom for frequently used apps, and you have a winner.

+Sean Smith

moto 360 concepts-7

I really like the Google Now-esque look here, plus you get a familiar clock face with weather and date.

+Luigi Elisino

moto 360 concepts-10

For those who want their clock face to just show time and date, here is a concept that could animate as the time changes. Minimal and beautiful.

+Marcin Stepien

moto 360 concepts-9

A big, bold time on the right, with shortcuts on the left. It doesn’t have some of the complexity of others, but do you want your watch to be complex?

+Denoix Louis

moto 360 concepts-8

Similar to the last design concept, the focus here is on the time, but with shortcuts to your most used apps. This is a watch first, by the way.

+Rafa Valdez

moto 360 concepts-119

It’s cartoonish, yet fun. I don’t know what else to say, other than it would be fun to use for a couple of days.

+Gen Gao


Because pretty animation.

+Hope Olszewski

To see all of the other amazing designs, cruise through this Moto 360 community on Google+. Let us know if you find others that are equally as awesome.

  • Joe

    The top design has officially made up my mind to go with the black steel option…and I like the look of leather with it so I’ll be getting that. As far as the watch face itself, it’s beautiful and minimalist, and I’m positive there will be a whole slew of similar options. 🙂

  • Sok kimsoueng

    Buletooh.. Facebook. GPS..?

  • Taglogical

    Many of these designs are nice, except none of them will matter if Moto puts an OLED in this thing cause you won’t be able to see them (outdoors/in daylight) – PALEEEASE MOTO use an LCD (ffs!)

  • Denny

    also mine was not too bad 🙁

    sorry for double post :/

  • Guest
  • Ed G

    I like the design of the one that tells me I have 1 massage waiting.

  • Kree Terry

    Ive been wanting to try my hand at a few faces but just havent had the time. Glad to see the community really strutting their stuff though, some awesome stuff on the g+ community.

  • Raphael Uduhiri

    Amazing! I could see people purchasing these for $0.99 and above from the play store like icon packs to keep the watch face fresh

  • nosedive94

    If the $249 price point turns out to be accurate, I will buy at least two of these so I can have a different cool watch face on each wrist.

  • TC Infantino

    Wow, that first one looks great. If there were any smartwatches that I would even consider, it would be the Moto 360 with that top image as the design of the face.

  • Sean Spediacci

    I truly loved this guys design for the MLB At Bat app. I know it’s not a true face and more of an app, but what a great use for the watch!


  • jbdan

    #2 & #7! (imo)

  • Matt Empson

    I’m not usually one to toot my own horn, but uh, “Toot toot.”

  • Guest

    I’m not usually one to toot my own horn, but uh, “Toot toot”:

  • I like my mechanical watch.

  • the watch collector

    Whats the diameter of the face? if its less than 50mm its not for me.

  • Daniel Thomas

    I can see a new app that monitors ur location and calendar (like google now) and sets a pre-identified skin for that location. Like a classical watch face for a dinner date, or a more casual face when at happy hour or home. I like the possibilities here.

  • ckeegan

    as if I needed to be more excited for this thing

  • The one with “Google Now-esque look” seems so simple & cool.

    Love it!

  • NexusMan

    I’ve browsed the entries on my own, and also agree that there are many fantastic designs, however, from the ones chosen here, I only like the 1st one.

  • cgalyon

    First is my favorite

  • D-Boy

    Some fantastic designs. I like the very first one that shows calendar events with an arc on the watch face. Brilliant. All it needs is a weather icon next to email and text icons. The second fave is the Google Now-esque design but they’re all well done. Can not wait for this watch.

  • n900mixalot

    These designs are stunning. But I will be laughing my behind off when the actual watch that comes out looks nothing like these. Bright high-contrast screens require battery life and high pixel density.

    But these are still something to aspire to. Those with reasonable expectations are never disappointed but some of the folks here are going to be in for a shock.

    Great job to all of the designers though.

  • Jeff Mowbray

    Dang, seeing these really ramps up my excitement for this watch

  • Capt. Crunch

    The Google now one really fits with the android wear design. Definitely using that one with my future Moto 360.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    The Nazariy Kulyak one reminds me of old HTC Sense… anyone else? I got a pang of nostalgia.

  • Jake

    Those are some creative concepts, but some of the designers need to keep in mind that the display will be the size of a watch face, not their computer screens. therefore, the text and graphics need to be large enough to read at a glance. Take a look at the official samples of notifications that were recently released.

  • so…whats with that grey bar on the bottom of a lot of them….just curious why some of them have that designed in

  • I couldnt love this more…i might seriously have to get one i hope it feels like a quality watch so i dont feel lame wearing it…i love the idea of switching up faces…when i get it im rocking only classic watch look faces none of the smart watch looking ones…and switching them up depending on my outfit red blue whatever woo lol

  • C-Law

    Hearthbreath? never seen heart beat written this way

  • What’s the deal with the bottom bezel? Is it there or not?

    • needa

      from what i read when they first announced this… they cannot make a fully round screen. the bottom needs to be flat for the connectors.

  • MeCampbell30

    ITT: Designers can’t tell time.

  • Gsizzle

    Damn these are really good. Job well done.

  • John Clausen

    I can’t wait for this thing. I was in the market for a new watch, anyway.

  • Nick V

    These are amazing, and I just joined the community to see more. I am extremely excited about this watch and what it is.

  • abqnm

    Though it lacks notifications, or weather, I really love this design. https://plus.google.com/104427989872377991112/posts/ZRVv5jhCMQB

    I also love the classic look of this one, plus it has notifications. https://plus.google.com/113523116202674854388/posts/4DKjCnu5YkV

    • agree…if and when i get my 360 im rocking straight classic faces

  • Woah, all of these are awesome, I can not wait to buy this device!!

    • Anyone else heard the rumors of Apple’s iWatch being a round clone of the 360… I’m bummed to hear that.

      • akellar

        Because Moto is the first to make a round watch? If it was square would you claim they were cloning LG or Pebble?

        • Yes, i’m afraid Moto’s innovative design will be dwarfed by an iwatch that looks similar. It’ll go down in the books that Apple made the first round smart watch.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Look at the current screen shots. There appear to be red marks indicating event times during the day. They are in the very outer edge of the screen and seem to indicate time frames. I like all the different interfaces but hope they come a bit later down the road as to get everyone used to stock.

  • jgemberton

    If this thing, at a minimum, has the same features as my MotoActv, I’m all in.

  • Danny

    I’m sorry, but I think most people are forgetting the size of these screens and the distance from your face the small screen will be. A watch is good for “glanceable” info. If the text is so small that you need to bring the watch to your face, it’s useless in my opinion.

  • It is baffling to me they added that horrible bezel at the bottom completely ruining this otherwise beautiful, round watch (imo) I cannot believe that will make the final product, it just can’t!

    • Michigan Guy

      Engineering can only get you so far. Bezel is required in this case.

      • well the original moto 360 showed did not have this bezel, it only showed up recently

    • Jake

      Some sort of bezel may be required for certain swiping actions. For example, a swiping up with a starting point on the display could be for scrolling. Swiping up with a starting point of the edge of the display (reason for bezel) would be for swiping away the screen or some type of Google Now/Search action.

    • calculatorwatch

      Honestly I think the fact that you’re complaining about this seems silly when you stop to think about what Moto has actually accomplished with their design. Don’t forget that a round screen like this has never been done before and that every other smart watch still has at least twice the bezel of this one. Even with the bezel a design this polished is completely unheard of in a first generation product in an emerging market.

    • to be clear, i talking about the tiny black straight part at the bottom of the watch, making the inside not a perfect circle. You guys really don’t think tat is odd? its a round watch until the last 2 mm, I don’t get it

  • RoadsterHD1

    I like the Rolex look. I’ve seen it on YouTube.

  • droidrazredge

    The Motorola 360 design + possible design concept skins + plus the rumored price just made this watch better than anything the competition can even fathom to come up with. Motorola just said step up your game because we’re back. I might actually start wearing a watch again thanks to Motorola.

  • Jeff C

    I REALLY like that first one, a inverted version of it (black face) would be even better.

    • Allen Yates

      Hour digits need to be a good bit larger, but other than that, I agree. Looks awesome!

      • MH

        All of these things. Yes.

      • ilovetechnology

        The guy who made that one posted an updated design with slightly larger hour digits and a dark background version, makes it my favorite one for sure:


        • David Belyea

          That black background is absolutely gorgeous. Very clean but holds all the information you need for basic use. Between all that and being able to dictate text messages to the watch I might never pull my phone out of my pocket.

    • nosedive94

      [weak joke about black face being racist]

  • Orion

    Seeing all these concepts just wants me to get the watch even more.

  • The strap on this watch and the way its placed really bothers me.

  • NorCalGuy

    These turned out pretty nice. Hopefully there will be some type of ability to possibly switch between different interfaces maybe like a beautiful widgets style were you can pick and pull different aspects that are to your likeing.

  • Jaxon Wright
    • Lucas Berger

      Why do all of you add notification support like this? Responding like this (in your example) is already built into Android Wear, no need for smth like this. A Watchface is just the “screensaver” of Android Wear, I think.

      • Jaxon Wright

        Ok, then just don’t include the text notification….?

        • Lucas Berger

          I would say yes, but I was just curious. I installed the Android Wear SDK and runned it, probably you should do it as well (if you havn’t already ;)), it shows pretty well how it works and will work on the 360. Otherwise you can watch this vid right here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-o7JBCtszJM (min 1.50 it begins to become interesting..)

  • Tony Byatt


  • Akshat Mittal

    Everytime I see a Moto 360 related article, I tend to buy it even more. I love this thing Motorola! Now, just keep the price right, and I’ll buy it.

  • Shane Redman

    Any of them with the black background and that google-now style face…..my wallet is ready

  • BAM1789

    I’m a watchoholic.. This might be my cure to never buy another watch again!

    • epps720

      Except to buy another one of these when the battery goes

      • michael arazan

        I wonder if there is a way to make a digital smart watch automatic like my other watches, as long as there is movement it stays charged from kinetic energy

        • epps720

          that would be amazing!

  • Kevin

    two missed calls and one swedish massage

  • cizzlen

    Absolutely. Gorgeous.

  • breadable

    I was looking at these on Google+ last night. There are so many good ones! I can’t wait to change my watch face daily.

  • WCM3

    “1 massage” oww owww!!

  • Dominic Powell


    Those are two of the best there is. Florian Cordier has a ton of good new posts.

    • Oh yeah, those are fantastic!

  • TheDave1022

    Like the first one the best, but not sure how white background will be with battery life

  • hyperbeatser

    those make mine look like absolute garbage…