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Google Preparing to Sell the Nest on Google Play? (Updated)

Once Google had acknowledged that it was acquiring Nest, the smart-home accessory manufacturer, we sort of wondered if they would ever use Google Play to help sell devices. While no announcement or movement has happened thus far, we noticed today that on Google Play’s support pages for available devices, they list Nest as being available on Google Play in the US, UK, and Canada. That is interesting for the simple fact that the device isn’t actually available on Google Play in any of those countries.

So we are now curious – is Google about to make the Nest available for purchase directly through Google Play? Tough to tell, but why else would they list the device as available in those select countries on a Google Play devices support page. 

We should also note that if you head to the support page below and click on the “Nest Learning Thermostat” link, that it redirects to a Moto G GPE page. It’s as if the listing is either up pre-maturely or someone screwed something up.

Now it could be that since Google owns Nest, that they wanted to list out the Thermostat, just to list it. However, they didn’t do that with any Motorola products other than the Google Play Edition Moto G, nor have they done it with the Nest Protect (even though sales for it have been halted for the moment). They really seem to stick to products sold through Google Play on this particular support page.

We will keep an eye on it and let you know.

Update:  Google has pulled the Nest listing. You can see how the listing looked below.

nest google play

Via:  Google Play Support
  • Carlos Poupart

    I still see the nest for sell in the Google Play Store http://play.google.com/store/devices

  • Nowai

    Be cautious if you have a variable speed blower, or a modulating burner. Been on the lookout for Nest, but 1st gen wasn’t even multi-stage. Latest version supports multi-stage, but supposedly is not very good with variable and modulating. Some user reviews seem to be unhappy with the multi-stage handling as well.

  • A2theC

    For a moment there I was concerned they’d be pulling a Moto on this one!

  • Jeff Mowbray

    Nest is a phenomenal thermostat. Hope they delve into home security

    • cwillen

      It looks like they’re entering the whole home automation area, so I would assume security would get lumped in there.

    • WickedToby741

      I want a Nest/Google internet router.

  • alarson83

    I’m going to need to do a lot more of those google opinion surveys.

    • Jimmy Baez


      • JRomeo

        he thinks he can buy a Nest thermostat with Google Play Money…….. ROFL……Sorry to burst your bubble……. but you can only buy products with cash in your Google Wallet account……. Not cash in your Google Play account.

        • DERP

          It’s called a joke. Look it up sometime.

    • coolsilver

      I just wish the buttons for yes and no were more spaced apart.

      • valapsp

        I see what u mean by that 😀

    • Royal2000H

      I signed up a while ago and I still have this message: “we’ll send you a notification when you’re approved to answer surveys” . anyone know how to get that going faster?

      • wendyo123

        my Aunty Arianna got a nearly new silver Chevrolet Colorado
        Crew Cab by working part time off of a macbook air. try this C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

      • +1 this question. Stuck on the same step.

      • Bob_By

        Using any add blockers?

        • Royal2000H

          I think ad-away is enabled… will have to check. Does that stop it from working?

          • Captain Spaulding

            That doesn’t affect it, I’m using AdAway aand I get surveys from time to time.

          • Bob_By

            Yep that will cause issues with the app.

      • Sentimental Fool

        Be a better demographic?

        • Royal2000H

          I know this was a joke, but I fall into a good demographic.

          • JRomeo

            my wife and I both subscribed to this…. she elected to receive surveys no matter if they were paid or non-paid, and I elected the opposite… and apparently, the non-paid demographic receives more surveys than my demographic of paid-only………….. I am also suspicious that the female demographic receives more surveys than the male demographic……..

          • Royal2000H

            Even though she elected to receive more non-paid, does she also get more paid?

          • JRomeo

            YES!, this is what bugs me……

    • Bob G

      Too bad you can’t use those credits for hardware 🙁

      • alarson83

        Indeed. Not that id get enough surveys to buy hardware anyways.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Meh… Rather walk into a store and get one, or buy it from Amazon. Google can keep their shipping prices.

  • sc0rch3d

    my home came with a “smart thermostat” and while it does not look as pretty or have internet connection……the ability to schedule your air condition is enough to get the job done.

    srsly….who is at work and thinks…..”oh s**t i’m having a party tonight…i need to bump that bad boy down from 75 to 68″

    i know the value comes in with some of the monitoring stuff….but too much dough fo dat

    • needa

      i just had to close up my chrome book and walk over to the thermostat to turn on the a/c. it was a balmy seventy-nine degrees. i am not being sarcastic when i say it was a lot more work than i cared to do at that time.

    • sirmeili

      The nest “learns” your schedule. No need to “program” it. You just need to adjust it manually for a while until it figures out your schedule (I think you can put in a start schedule as well). It also can do auto away, so if you leave during a period of time that you normally don’t, it will put itself in “away” mode.

      It also figures out how long it takes to get from a certain temp to the temp you want. So say you come home at 5pm every day, it will figure out how long before you get home it needs to adjust the thermostat so that it hits temp as you are getting home. Same thing for when you wake up.

      *Note, I don’t own a nest. I would if I actually worked in an office, but since I work from home it actually makes more sense for me to use a set schedule. I also have my house automated, so setting it to “away” can be as simple as pressing a button next to the door as I leave or locking the door form outside. That being said, the above is how I understand the nest to work from the reviews I’ve read. IF I had a “dumb” thermostat and I was gonna buy a “Smart” thermostat, I would get a nest.

      • Nowai

        I’ve considered that ability, but now that I have a programmable thermostat and pay attention to my schedule I realized that all of that fancy-pants stuff is basically useless to me. I come home at random times, depending on what I feel like doing after work and that’s an up to 4 hour window that might randomly show up. I ultimately still end up manually adjusting the thermostat when I get home.
        I can see value in that thermostat if I left work every day at the same time, and every day my schedule was identical, but so far the only value in programmability has been to get the house warmed up in the morning on weekdays.

        To add to the smart thermostat selection comment: seems the general HVAC consensus is that if you have a modulating Lennox furnace you should most definitely get a Lennox thermostat instead of a Nest, as it works as part of the system and supports Lennox features better (obviously).

  • Rainy

    Oh boy a $250 thermostat. Sweet. It will only take 20 years of imaginary savings to get paid back. What’s next a $130 fire/co2 detector that is not that good at detecting fire or co2? At least it gives google an eye into your home.

    • bozzykid

      Are you saying you will get less than $10 savings per year? Based on most reviews, it is more than that. Also, people use the Nest for more than just energy savings. Being able to remotely control your thermostat is worth it alone for some people.

      • JRomeo

        I already save manually……… I turn my A/C off at around 8am, then when I return home at approximately 6:30pm, I open the windows, let in some cool air, and house cools down to about 78 degrees, easily, with no air conditioning. after closing windows, i turn it back on to 75 degrees……

        • Yeah, you don’t live in a desert. If I did that, I’d come home to a melted couch.

          However, leaving for a week trip and forgetting to turn AC from normal 75 to 80 would be awesome to remotely log in and adjust it as well as turn of the other preset scheduled settings.

        • bozzykid

          No one said you couldn’t do it manually. However, 99% of people don’t even use the schedule feature of thermostats.

      • Remote

        “YOU CAN REMOTELY CONTROL” is NOT a FEATURE in this century.

        • bozzykid

          What are you even saying?

  • litobirdy

    cheaper MAYBE?

    • Adam Neighbors

      Right? Seems like an amazing product, but for that price I could put a nexus 7 on my wall.

      • John Davids

        And then you would have a Nexus 7 on your wall and still no ability to interface with your furnace. Point?

        • Adam Neighbors

          I was exaggerating obviously, my point is that for the price you could buy a full fledged tablet and have the entire functionality of a nexus tablet, or buy a thermostat.

          • John Davids

            Oh I know. I am just a dick 🙂

          • Adam Neighbors

            It’s okay, i’m just mad I glued my nexus 7 to the wall for no reason. :/

          • a) youth.in.asia

            Obviously it’s not for you, calm your tits

  • Carlos Lopez

    might get one for my parents