Check Out Don’t Tap the White Tile Game on Google Play

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Games that are quick and to the point are perfect for mobile devices, since they are easy to pick up and then put down. The newest game to catch my attention is Don’t Tap the White Tile, a game which tests your hand-eye coordination to the max. 

The goal is quite simple – just tap the black tile which is closest to the bottom of the screen, and then make your way up as fast as possible. As the title mentions, do not tap the white tiles or you have to start all over. On top of the Classic mode, there are also an Arcade mode and Zen mode, which offer different gameplay types if you so choose.

Once you think you have scored a good round, challenge your friends using Google Play Game Services which are included in the game.

The game is free to download, which is awesome, so go grab it off of Google Play.

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