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YouTube for Android Updated to 5.6.31, Brings Live Video Casting to Chromecast

Welcome to Google’s Update Wednesday, folks! Now that we have the introduction of Google’s Camera to the Play Store, and the Chrome Remote Desktop app as well, we’re now on to more minor updates. A new YouTube update brings some minor, but welcome, changes, including the ability to cast live videos to your Chromecast, a feature we first saw on desktop recently.

Another change found in the update is the removal of the Preloading menu in the Settings portion of the app, which we don’t exactly see a reason for quite yet. Google, however, has countered this by throwing in a Captions menu instead, allowing users to modify captions for videos, but this doesn’t quite explain why Preloading is gone. The last thing we found is that the interface for “Watch Later” looks subtly different to bring it more in line with other aspects of the application.

We are not yet in possession of an official changelog for the update, so it looks like these are the only new features available. If you happen to find anything else that we missed, feel free to let us know down in the comments.

The update should be rolling out to all users soon on Google Play, but if you aren’t a fan of waiting you’ll be able to sideload it with the download link right down below.

Play Link | Download (version 5.6.31)

  • Mike Reardon

    Seems weird to remove preloading with no explanation. I guess I am the only one that misses this

  • Junior G.

    Wow just in time for Coachella!

  • Nicholas Kent

    Holy battery gobbling, Batman! I don’t recall even starting the app after it updated…

  • Brady


    • I meant for that to be on the Design and Maps post, deleted. I did not in any way mean disrespect to the topic at hand, and apologize for my comment which was supposed to be taken in a “playful” way.

      • Brady

        that’s understandable (sincerely).

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Droid Life Podcast live stream… I need to test this.

    • Justin W

      Emergency stream, where is it?!?

  • Arty McBert

    I want tabs back. I hate having to scroll for everything. Not to mention that the commenting system on the YouTube app is abysmal. Do you know how irritating it is to constantly press the “Earlier Replies” when they could have easily added a “Expand All Replies” button instead?

    Why is the web version of YouTube so much better than the app when it comes to UI?

  • joejoe5709

    Ugh. They shouldn’t have messed with the Watch Later. It starts you back at your oldest crap. I guess I need to do some spring cleaning, but that’s pretty annoying. Also when a video is done, it will play the next one in Watch Later as if it’s a playlist. I can get used to this, but it’s not necessary either. It’s almost as if they want us to regularly clean out the Watch Later area to limit these annoyances.

  • JRomeo

    when will youtube app update fix bring back the “Trending” category……. the “Popular” category will have to do for now, but it irritates me that after you scroll a few times, you have reached the end of the trending videos………. you should be allowed to keep on scrolling… just like how youtube works on xbox live.

  • Leif Sikorski

    It still has the most annoying limitation – I can’t see all channels I’ve subscribed to. There is a hard limit of 100 subscriptions in this App :/

    • Ray

      Maybe it’s time you clean up your subscriptions that’s alot

      • RTR2011

        Maybe it’s time Google stop screwing up their apps.

      • Leif Sikorski

        Sure it’s a lot, but it’s so far the best way to remember some channels. There are maybe 10-15 channels I watch on a regular basis, but there are way more channels I’ve subscribed to so I can check them from time to time. YouTube is still a mess, on the phone and the desktop. On the desktop we have at least some fantastic tools like YouTube Video deck (http://www.videodeck.net/) but on the phone it’s a different story.

        If you don’t subscribe you miss the content easily, but if you subscribe you get a messed up timeline. Also their system where you can categorize your subscriptions into collections – it’s a mess. It isn’t supported in the mobile app and adding a channel to it is a pain. I wish they would start a new subscription system from the scratch. Maybe something like we’ve on G+ with circles, it would be much easier and more comfortable to use.
        There are many Google Services I like to use, but YouTube is from a usability perspective one of the worst in my opinion.