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Samsung Galaxy S5 in Three Colors Allegedly Photographed and Filmed Behind New Gear 2

Galaxy S5

We are one day away from the official announcement and unveiling of the Galaxy S5 from Samsung, and of course, someone has already been able to snap a few pictures of the unreleased device. While someone close to Samsung was shooting a video of the Gear 2 smartwatch, it’s plain to see a new Samsung smartphone in three different colors sitting right behind the watch – is it the Galaxy S5? More than likely. 

From the video, it appears as though there are three colorways –  Gold, Black, and White. All we can see in the video is the top of the backside of the phone, and from just that, it appears that Samsung moved the LED flash to below the cameras, and the device is a bit more squareish.

Not much else to hype, as the device will be completely official tomorrow. Kellen and I will be live in NYC from Samsung’s event, so be sure to catch our liveblog tomorrow at 2pm EST.

Via: SamMobile | @Mucci82
  • Mike Scott

    I found original pictures of the S5, they look great, bigger than s4. take a look here. http://www.actualtecnologia.com/samsung-galaxy-s5-al-lado-del-note-3-y-el-s4/

  • picrthis

    I’m not sure were you got your S4 from but the flash on my copy of the S4 is right beneath the camera lens too, the S5’s appears to be a little different BUT I don’t see where they moved it……..??

  • MK17

    Too bad the iPhone will be them to 6G.

  • Leo

    looks like the S5 will have a huge camera bump there….

  • Tyler

    So much for headphone jack on bottom. :/

  • chris_johns

    I love android n almost everything android…but samsung is absolutly pathetic…why ill never buy one ever…white/black/gold…i hope apple sues the pants off them

  • jbdan

    Disappointing S5 leaks indeed. Wow

  • Orion

    And TW still looks the same if you look at the latest leaks…..smh.

  • AndroidAce

    Not being a hater but I dont understand the hype surrounding samsung phones. I had a Galaxy Nexus and S4 and for one, samsung’s build quality is not the best Ok, so Samsung produces phones that contain the best processor and removable storage and battery. +3 points. However, IMO when I buy a phone, not only do I look at specs, but also design. I refuse to buy a phone that looks similar to the last phone I had. Albeit, there arent many options to consider when designing a phone, but I really feel like Samsung is following the footsteps of Apple: Release a new phone every year that LOOKS the same with all the gimicky features and added bloatware

  • jpippo4

    Flash is different. Also, the head phone jack is on the other side. Seems to me raised as well…

  • RiceCake

    How funny would it be if they didnt unveil it tomorrow and it was 5 new tablets or something. I would get a good chuckle.

  • Alec

    Yup, looks nothing like a GS4 at all…way to switch things up Samsung.

  • Nicholas Armondo Martinez

    I love my Galaxy S4 and can’t wait to get the Galaxy S5.

    • Tim242

      Same here!

  • Chris

    Kids these days…..