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LG Posts Up Side-by-side Comparison Video of the G2 Running Kit Kat and Jelly Bean

We know there are a lot of patient G2 owners out there, waiting on LG to green light an update to Android 4.4 for the device. Today, LG is teasing all G2 owners by showing off the device running Kit Kat alongside the currently available G2 running Jelly Bean. The device is put through a few speed tests, such as web browsing and gallery performance done in slow-mo, which should only leave G2 owners craving more. 

Don’t worry, G2 owners – there is light at the end of the tunnel. As stated in the video’s description on YouTube, it appears that the update to Android 4.4+ will soon be available in mid-March for folks in the UK. And when updates go live in UK, it doesn’t take too long for it to make its way over to the US.

If you watch the video, you can clearly see that Kit Kat will bring a bit of new life to the device, with faster task performance and camera app opening and focusing speed.

Hang in there, folks. The wait will surely be worth it.

Cheers Chris!
  • Randy

    i guess when you start talking MS, you rellay need to realize the more beautiful things in life. IDK, family, the trees, something. and was i the only one creeped out by “the finger”? 🙂

  • Disqus_n00b

    Snappy, buttery, smooth until 4.5 comes out…

    Back in the 2009 Blackberry Storm days the latest leaked BB 5 OS was described in the same way

  • Jaimin
  • Garemlin

    I’m another that could take or leave the update. Been on of the best running and performing phones I have ever owned. And this is coming from Moto fanboy.

  • MiMo1986s

    how about LG G PRO !

  • Torrey Shelton

    LG can update the speed of 4.4.2 on their phone but they cant update the speed of their OTA rollouts. Not good enough..

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

      -_- Some people are never satisfied. If you’re so desperate for newer versions of Android, root your phone. Problem solved.

  • Alexander Ruiz

    Android 4.4 or…. Settings > Developer Options > Window animation scale (.5x)/Transition animation scale (.5x)/Animator duration scale (.5x)…

  • litobirdy

    I hope they show a video of real differences

  • MissMyFoxFi

    I have a G2 and I miss the FoxFi app which does not currently support the G2. Any other app suggestions for free WiFi tethering without rooting the phone?

  • rww

    Wow… what a truly stupid video. The G2 comes with a wickedly fast S800 processor. The difference in a few milliseconds (or even a few hundred!) is trivial. Just bring on the new features of KK and quit pretending it’s some silly efficiency improvement. The improvement is in the new features themselves, not the minor speed increases.

  • calculatorwatch

    Hopefully they update the G Pad soon too. I just got mine and I’m debating whether to keep the skin or root it and put Cyanogenmod on. LG’s skin is not too bad and I like having knock-on and the notepad features, but there is some occasional jank that I feel like Kit-Kat could fix.

  • jnt

    The G2 is pretty darn fast as it is, but does stutter and hiccup occasionally, so even these small improvements will likely make it an even better experience.

  • mcdonsco

    Quick question for anyone that knows…I’ve got an lg g2 on Verizon rooted, running the alternate version of mobile hotspot (the one that doesn’t check for provisioning) and g2 xposed.

    Will an ota to KitKat, once it hits, kill these? Will I not even get an ota because of the alternate apk?

    Figuring once it does hit I should wait for regaining of root, if lost, before updating.

    • ramifications

      Never take an OTA if you’re rooted unless Devs have checked it to make sure it won’t break root. If you do take it, you may lose root and you take the risk that there may not be a way to root it for awhile.

      You may or may not get an OTA depending on if you installed a custom recovery (like clockworkmod) or not.

    • droidftw

      If you’re on a share everything plan tethering comes standard with the plan. Root isn’t needed.

      • mcdonsco

        I sometimes use upwards of 14gb a month on my grandfathered unlimited plan…so that’s not an option for me unless I want to pay up the rear.

        • droidftw

          I have a 12GB Share Everything plan.
          Devices on it:
          HTC One
          iPhone 4s
          LG G2
          Droid RAZR MAXX
          iPad 3
          iPad 3
          iPad 2
          Chromebook Pixel

          The only devices that use more than 1GB a month are mine, the Pixel and the G2. It works out well for me 😛

          • mcdonsco

            And your monthly bill is how much?

          • droidftw

            $330 a month but $25 of it is Verizon Edge payments.

          • mcdonsco

            And your monthly bill is? What around $300+/ month assuming the tablets have built in cell connections? If not, that’s still $270/month.

            I pay $120 and have unlimited everything and can tether the devices I need to tether (laptops and tablets) for no extra cost.

            If I add tethering then I’m at $150…if I go share everything than im at $160 with potential overage charges for data.

            Think I’ll still with what I have and continue to root.


    LG is gonna update a phone???? I’m excited!!… for the 8 people that bought one of those

  • Rand Paul 2016

    It better come with split view like the flex, thats all i got to say.

  • Liderc

    Can’t fix that skin though.

  • Rob77

    Is it me, or is their skin a clone of TouchWiz?

    • Chris


      • The Narrator

        Don’t disrespect Jin!

        • Jakeeeee

          Jin is the man!

    • abqnm

      It used to be more TouchWizy. Now it is less TouchWizy. Less TouchWizy than TouchWiz even. Except for maybe the newest new new version of TouchWiz. That is less TouchWizy than older versions of TouchWiz.

  • scubydoo24

    Imagine how much faster it be if it was stock android

    • Chris

      Stock isn’t anything special.

      • Liderc

        Yes, yes it is.

        • The Narrator

          He’s the only “special” one around here, if you catch my drift.

        • Chris

          if it was then Google would enforce it.

  • NemaCystX

    That was a very well done video presentation. Where can I get the song LG?

    • WCM3

      My guess is Vienna Boys Choir 😛

  • WK


  • Chris

    oh LG.

  • flosserelli

    Both versions would be snappier if window animations were disabled/reduced.

  • SplashMTN

    I’d rather see it in real time….

  • Billyt

    I’m happy it’s getting an update, but honestly love this phone the way it is too. First time I could say that after a long, long history of Android devices.

    • droidify

      Same here. After a dozen android devices that all needed factory resets every month, the G2 has been fantastic. Owned since September and still jank free.

      • Nexoduss

        I’m thinking about getting the g3 when it comes out. My girlfriends maxx has been getting laggy since the kit Kat update and im getting tired of my note 3 haha. First world problems

    • Will Frame

      Yeah, I may not even update unless there’s an easy root method. The 4.2 LG devices are so easy to root and there’s really not much in Kitkat that compels me to upgrade.

    • Ryan

      Exactly, but I still want kit kat on it.

    • I like the new app opening animation. Much more android than having the app just appear.

  • MrBouche

    Has anyone owned LG devices prior to this? Do they regularly update them in the long run or dump them once a new line is unveiled? My contract is up and I have the HTC Rezound and I went from Liking it to counting down the days until I can destroy the thing with a pickax. It doesn’t hold calls, sometimes it won’t place them… Sometimes I don’t receive call information or VM notifications for a while after they’re left. This is my second one. The first I rooted but the second I didn’t because I wasn’t in the mood to go through all those motions. Anyway, thanks for any information you can provide me.

    • T4rd

      My wife’s Rezound went from Mediocre on 2.3 to horribad on 4.0.4. It had the worst battery life I’ve ever seen on a phone too, I think it was good for maybe 90 mins of screen-on time and I couldn’t ever get it much better with any amount of factory resetting or app/setting disabling.

      • Nathan Borup

        ummm the rezound is htc… htc was terrible in the past. LG has definitely been better when it comes to updates and quality

        • T4rd

          Indeed it is. Was just commenting/venting on the Rezound since he said he had one too.

        • Chris

          So has HTC. Updates have been improving and they even posted that page that talked about how the updates work and what phones are getting what.

          Hell Thanks to them I got 4.3 and Sense 5 installed on my EVO LTE. Sure I had to find a windows based compiuter and sideload the update and wipe my phone clean but since the update the phone seems to be running a lot better then before. A little faster too

        • LionStone

          How has LG been better than HTC lately? At&t LG Optimus G Pro is still on 4.1 I believe, while the 15 month DNA itself is on 4.2, and in integration now for KK.

    • Updates? Not really. The AT&T and Sprint Optimus G went from ICS to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Which kinda sucks since its a Nexus 4 with LGs skin and bloatware.

    • Chris

      I used to have a rezound. Loved the phone but performance was getting worse, even for a late 2011/early 2012 phone.

      The specs were pretty good too, just blogged down by Verizon and their crapware.

    • James Geist

      Right there with you brother. I have a Rezound, and while it doesn’t do anything horrible, the battery life sure is a pain in the ass. I don’t even seem to hit an hour of screen time by the end of the day. Definitely don’t watch any video or do any real gaming on it. I’m about 95% locked in on the G2. The Moto X keeps creeping into my head, but it’s tough to trade in a 2 year old Rezound for a new (ish) Moto X that is roughly the same size. I’m looking for a little more real estate and specs to last me for the next 2 years.

      • MrBouche

        I have an extended battery for it, but it really thickens the phone up. The capacity was probably a little higher than what the G2’s packing. It’s amazing how they can squeeze that much battery into a sealed case. I was resistant to the idea of not being able to replace the battery but it shouldn’t be too much an issue with a protection plan. I was looking for a phone with a larger screen as well… But not one the size of a note or the HTC one max. This one looks just right.

      • If you’re looking for a bigger handheld device, it should be the Droid MAXX and the Note 3. G2 is a great device if you’re into rooting and rom’ing. If you want a smaller device the Moto X (better overall footprint w/bigger screen vs Rezound) and Droid Mini (extremely small footprint same size screen as Rezound) are solid options.

        • James Geist

          Not looking to go that big. The Note definitely just feels too big in my hands. I just want to go bigger than the Rezound, and the G2 seems to fill that spot perfectly (even though it’s hard to get a read on these things in hand in the store, since they’re tethered to the wall.) Plus I can grab the G2 for free right now on Verizon upgrade, which can’t be said for those big devices.

        • James Geist

          By the way, I now hate you. The MAXX has officially entered my competition. I thought it was more oversized than it is (think I was thinking of the One Max). First I had it narrowed down to the Moto X v Lg G2, but really wanted something bigger than the X. I had no idea that the MAXX was 5 inches, had kit-kat, and had all the active notification and what not that the Moto X has. And I really dig the Kevlar back look and think it will hold up better than the G2’s plastic smudginess (I’m not a case guy.) Dammit!

  • T4rd

    I dunno where they’re getting ms at, I counted several seconds for all those actions! =p

    • droidify

      It’s in slow motion. Read the article 😀

      • Mike Aurin

        Speaking of tards…

      • T4rd

        No wai! Fur realz, bruh?! =p

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Smfh. A certain other techblog does these test and it’s just silly. The finger presses are NOT identical and when you’re talking milliseconds it definitely does matter.

    • RaptorOO7

      And yet the MS Counter doesn’t start until the finger touches the screen so a difference of a few MS between screens is not relevant when the actual time is calculated correctly. Perhaps they could have synced the video’s better since it was the same user but not at the same time.

  • Paul

    I read that they actually had to slow down the kit kat version. It was too fast, and too smooth. If we humans tried to use the phone at full speed, our brains would expect some degree of motion to be accompanied with the smooth animations from the phone. Without it, we’d all get sick.


  • duke69111

    So I guess that means we are not getting the stock lg browser. Edit: The video used both browsers.

    • Jon

      Just wanted to say I went to UNI and I’m rooting for the Shockers the rest of the season unless we meet you at Arch Madness.

  • Silky Johnson

    I’ve been rocking kitkat on my g2 for a while now, albeit aosp. I’ll have to give this a shot when it comes out though, lgs’s stock camera app is just so much better than aosp. you can port it to an aosp rom, but not if youre using ART.

    • Comk4ver

      I thought the stock rom is great… Did you go to ASOP for kitkat alone or something else?

  • Brian James Balzer

    It’s pretty funny how they use all that fancy equipment yet they still use their fingers to interact with the screen.

    • duke69111

      Some of those test results were close enough, the finger press would make a difference.

      • Brian James Balzer

        You would think they could get a machine to interact with the touchscreen using some kind of capacitive stylus.

        • Randy

          She did have nice nail though. 🙂

      • teejaycard

        They should have set up some kind of rig with touch pens to tap them at the same time. If they would have set it up like that then maybe I would have watched the entire thing. haha

  • MettaWorldTroll

    For when milliseconds count!!! Seriously though, if you watched this video in real time you wouldn’t notice much difference at all. Just hope they scaled back on their skin some.

    • The Narrator

      Their skin is the least bloated.

      • MettaWorldTroll

        Even less than Motorola? Didn’t think so. Honestly though, I’d still take LG’s skin over Samsung’s.

        • The Narrator

          Motorola can’t really be called a skin.

          • Ryan

            I agree on this front. Having used it, I think at its basic core, its just stock Android with Moto features baked into it. There is no skin or even Blur to even think of anymore.

        • guest

          who’s buying motorola’s phone nowadays? i mean, only geeks who login to websites like these buy motorola phone. sales/profit(loss) clearly shows not many people buy stuff from them. thank god they were sold to chinese.

          • I’ve actually seen a lot of Moto X’s around town. I mean right now the X is pretty much the best deal on the market (~$300-350 off contract, free on contract) and the features still hold up (who else can say they have a customized to them phone?).

          • BlackMaGiC1o0

            I own a moto X but when i was in NYC for Superbowl week i saw quite a few ppl pull out there phone and started shaking there wrist to activates the phones camera. The only phone i know that has that feature is the Moto X so you would be quite surprise my friend.

          • M

            You are also forgetting the maxx and ultra.

      • Guest

        HTC’s skin has been less bloated over the last two years. Compare Sense 5 to Sense 3.5 – Sense 3.5 was the most bloated sense yet.

        • The Narrator


          • bd1212

            He’s right, though.

          • The Narrator

            I never said HTC wasnt any less bloated. It’s still littered with useless stuff.

          • bd1212

            That’s true, but then again that can be said for every manufacturer skin.

          • Cyber Jethro

            Blinkfeed can be removed. I haven’t dared to do so, in fact it has replaced Flipboard, pulse, feedly and even some elements of Instagram for me. It’s one feature that is seems stupid until you use it daily.

        • guest