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Motorola Appears to be Pushing Kit Kat to the DROID MAXX and ULTRA Again

droid maxx

After prepping and beginning to push the Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” update to the DROID MAXX and ULTRA back in mid-December, word spread of a group of devices potentially being bricked and needing revival support from Motorola. All signs pointed towards the update being pulled while Motorola looked into the situation, though no official word ever confirmed that. As of this morning, we are starting to hear from readers who have received the same update (build 19.5.3), which could mean that Moto has worked out all of the kinks. 

To see many of the new features you’ll receive with Kit Kat, be sure to check out this platform highlight post. We also went hands-on with Kit Kat for the Moto X, which should give you a great look at what Kit Kat will bring to the MAXX and ULTRA. After all, these three devices are almost identical outside of their appearance.

Since we don’t have an ULTRA or MAXX in house, this is where we ask you, dear reader. If you have not yet installed the Kit Kat update on your new DROID device, are you seeing an update when heading into Settings>About phone>Software update?

droid maxx ultra kit kat

Cheers Alisha and @palmaoh! 
  • Dyrelogan

    Kitkat for me broke my Droid Maxx. Shuts off on its own. Screen becomes unresponsive. Battery life is not as good as it was before update. Messages don’t go through. There were several other issues that I had so Verizon sent me a new phone and I am sticking with the OS that’s on it and not update to 4.4 until they either fix it or until 4.5 is out. VERY rushed and under tested kitkat for the Maxx. Back to the drawing board, Verizon and Motorola.

  • Kurt Simon

    How can I block the kitkat upgrade on my Droid Maxx? It blocks foxfi from working to make my phone a wireless hotspot.

  • John Friend

    There aren’t enough changes with this update. And the rooting process is difficult. Happy with performance on 4.2.2.

  • MacroCy

    I’m getting the install update request and would rather not since I use FoxFi and am assuming it would no longer work until they update. Is there any way to stop getting this annoying message. It comes up all the time. Will it automatically update when I turn off my phone? (I’m definitely not tech savvy.)

  • fd2blk78

    If anyone is still in this post, I tried to take the update today. Phone is rooted, and I figured I would lose root, but went ahead with the update anyway. Enabled all of the frozen apps and everything. But the phone went into a boot loop. (it powers up, starts, gets service, then shuts down and restarts all over again) Does anyone know what the first step here should be? The update never started. When I pressed the proceed with update button, it immediately turned off, and restarted. It has been doing this ever since. So from what I can tell the update never actually started. Thanks for the help.

  • Lindsey

    I got the update but, not much seems different other than the settings and emoji. No white icons, no transparent status bar, no option to add extra home screens, no google now short cut. I thought this was supposed to be a bigger update than that?

    • BrandonWhite116

      You need to have an app that takes advantage of the transparent status bar. I suggest downloading the GEL

  • Marc Lewis

    I got the OTA update in a zip file and updated my Maxx that way back when it was announced. Will I still get the update even though its the same?? I have had many minor problems with kit kat. The phone was flawless before and now things crash and loading bars dont move with Google voice.

  • kevin zaleski

    Just got the update but it broke the Home button for me (Droid Maxx, Nova Launcher). It behaves like I pressed it twice every time so I am stuck in the view of all of my screens…

  • parksaar

    Using HD Maxx and have been waiting for Kit Kat expectantly, but still no update. After seeing that fox fi doesn’t work with it, I may wait now. Still love my Maxx though. Only smartphone I’ve ever seen that can last all day with near constant use. Prob will never switch to any other phone unless battery life is this good or better.

    • Michael Tate

      My sentiments exactly!! GREAT phone, even better battery life. I’m happy staying on JB until FoxFi puts out a patch for KK.

  • D.j. Sanders

    Anyone else feel cheated by this update? I honestly can’t see anything different with 4.4 vs 4.2.2. I take that back the settings icon looks different.

  • Phuong Tran

    I just got the update… Now to play around

  • Kristopher Koehler

    Success! Even smoother meow!


  • Sean Byrne

    I just got the update on my Droid Maxx in Chicago. A few questions: anyone know how to make the status bar transparent? Also, I’m not seeing a developer option in System Settings. How do I find that/turn on ART?

    • greg

      They unfortunately decided to not have a transparent status bar, im not sure why though

    • h2ohustler

      Settings>about phone>build number (tap build number 7 times or so and it will unlock Dev opts)

    • BrandonWhite116

      You need to have an app that takes advantage of the transparent status bar. I suggest downloading the GEL

  • shawnk

    Just now checked and sure enough, we’re downloading now.

  • h2ohustler

    Updated/installed on droid MAXX at 4am this morning. Still a black bar on top and blue icons as well as the two data transfer arrows…

  • got the update when i went to settings and pulled it manually.

  • RoadsterHD1

    RAZR owners are getting KitKat too. Excellent news

  • MangyDog

    Installing KitKat now on my MAXX! Love this phone. Charge it every other night. Had the RAZOR MAXX before.

  • Diane Jones

    Just updated to Kit Kat on my Droid Ultra. Now I will read n see if I should have or not.

  • thumps

    Droid Maxx…..updating now

  • thatguybluu

    Downloading now!

  • Kipp Hollingsworth

    Not for the DROID RAZR MAXX HD on Verizon yet.

  • NedNedson

    I loved FoxFi hot spot app but Kit Kat broke it.

  • fred

    Got update….. but loss functionality of foxfi. Am I suppose to have all those system certifications?

    • Jason

      FoxFi will have to come out with an update for the Maxx/4.4 combination.

  • terry12s

    Checked for an update this morning when I woke up and – Bingo!!! 🙂

  • David

    Downloading as I type this. 🙂

  • DCABuckeye

    Got the update when I woke up this morning. Very quick and works fine. The soak test back on December 19th bricked my phone and Verizon replaced it overnight dispatch. I’ve had zero issues with the new phone and the 4.4 update this morning so far.