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Nexus 5 Receives Unofficial Teardown Before Launch

Nexus 5

Given at how many leaks the Nexus 5 has seen over the past month, the only thing left to do after an unofficial teardown would be a drop test, but that would just be depressing at this point. If some guy took the device we are all waiting to see, and then purposefully destroyed it? Blasphemy. Anyways, we are on the brink of seeing what Google has in store for the Nexus 5 and Kit Kat, but one group decided they were tired of waiting, and decided to open up the Nexus 5 themselves to see if it was filled with chocolate and wafers. Turns out, there is no candy. 

With the back plate taken off we can’t see too much, but enough to be satisfied for now. We can definitely spot the device’s 2,300mAh battery, the supposed 8MP camera with OIS technology, and all of the screws that hold the phone together.

Maybe a drop test would be more exciting, but again, they make us cringe.


Nexus 5 TeardownNexus 5Nexus 5Nexus 5 TeardownNexus 5 TeardownNexus 5 TeardownNexus 5 TeardownNexus 5 Teardown

Via: GSM Arena


    omg why cant the battery be removable :(..

  • Bret Williams

    This isn’t a teardown. Looks like a replacement screen with the frame attached. you can tell from the plastic over the rear camera and lack of any other parts shown.

  • Jawboe
  • Luke Cooper

    @paulobrien on twitter says carphonewarehouse in UK taking tele orders for 16gb at £295

  • n11

    Holy Moly, I’m not sure what I can’t stand more, not seeing the N5 unveiling or all these stupid gif comments everytime I visit DL.

  • yankeesusa

    This is getting out of hand. either google did a horrible job at keeping this phone at bay till the official release or they are just not wanting people to buy it by pissing them off. So many freaking leaks its unreal. By the time it is released I’m only going to have money for the ps4 and not for a new phone.

  • dragonflyr

    people .. just go buy a G2 and spend a few minutes modding it. then you’ll have a nexus 5 maxx. done.

    • trwb

      Yea I like the g2 better but its hundreds of dollars more off contract

  • Brandon Rosonina

    what kind of leaks are they going to show at 11 PST…. because it’s not going to be the fkin phone!

  • BigDeeNY99

    This phone better make breakfast considering how much you folks talk about it!! Geeze.

  • hexodat64

    I don’t normally post, but for some perspective. I have a DNA and the 2020 mAh battery and it does pretty well, this is with a presumably less efficient screen, processor and running Sense 5. I bet this phone will do pretty well

  • Ant

    I believe i can fly, The Nexus 5 is the reason why, I think about it every night and day, I hope today i can buy it via Google Play. *R Kelly Voice*

  • Morbid138

  • xzero425x

    I really hope 4.4 does something new with the notification system on the lock screen. Only thing i wish they would change on android 😡

  • Thom

    What’s up with the 2220 may rating?

  • droidify

    This is the first time I noticed the ear piece speaker. Interesting it is round instead of a rectangle.

  • I have an S3 running CM 10.1. I am not convinced it is worth “upgrading.”

    Convince me, please? I want to be convinced. I’m just not yet.

  • kkloster

    anybody else care about the width? I keep looking around to see if it will be wider than the nexus 4 or about the same. nexus 4 is actually just a hair too wide, but it doesn’t seem possible that with 4.95″ screen this thing can be any narrower than the nexus 4. I loved the width of the galaxy nexus. even though we’re talking about 2.70″ vs 2.67″. If the guy who leaked the HD photos is right saying the nexus 5 feels like an LG G2 in hand, then it sounds like it’ll be more like 2.79″ and as stupid as it might sound, that is a deal breaker.

    • jbdan

      With all the leaks and measurement confusion, the closest thing I’ve seen (especially with all the pictures out there of N5 cases vs the N4) is that the N5 is a hair narrower than the N4 and a few hairs taller

      • kkloster

        Really?? I hope that’s true!

  • The Verge have to already have a review unit. They are literally the only tech site that isn’t going crazy with articles right now. I think you guys were right on the Droid Life show last night.

    • Also if you follow any of the verge guys on twitter, Nilay was there a week ago when he took a photo of him landing into SF. Yes I am stalking all the tech sites and twitter pages.

      • Guest

        2PM EST 😉

        • I will throw it out there and say 4pm EST and see if it sticks. lol

          • Just_Some_Nobody

            Some people are thinking 4:40pm EST

          • Guest


      • Frettfreak

        Not to bring up other sites in DL, but you knwo who else is really quite this morning about Nexus stuff is Androidcentral. hmmmmm….

        • I see that now too! I am just thinking The Verge because of last year when they had that Google video exclusive on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10.

          • Frettfreak

            YEAH!! Forgot about that!

  • Larry Wei

    omg there’s a golden ticket inside

  • chris_johns

    Surprisedly verizon cdma/lte radio found!?

    A man can dream cant he

  • Ryan B


    • Stevedub40

      Classic. Well done sir.

  • Luke Cooper

    nexus 4 page id on the store has changed to include size (for me anyway). anyone else notice the difference?
    I could see it coming back at the last price

  • I have literally been scanning all these articles for the words CAMERA TEST

  • Timothy Sternig

    Only thing it’s missing is the curved display! What? I thought that was the in thing and what all the cool phones are doing nowadays…

  • DanielMena9

    The Verge is down!!

    • BrianRoskamp

      No it’s not…

  • FreakingoutFabulous

    I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!!!! AHHHHH Someone PLEASE just release the fraking phone already so I can throw the one I have against the wall!!! It’s like when they used to release the new issues of comic books, or Harry Potter!

  • Luke Cooper

    2300mah makes me sad though.

    • Menger40

      Don’t be sad, Moto X does fine with 2200. Plus, we’re all gonna undervolt this thing anyway, right?

      • trwb

        It’s better to have a higher capacity battery to begin with. This was a cheap move by them.

        • Luke Cooper

          agree, a 3000mah to start would have been much better

        • Michael Roberts

          It’s all about getting it to the right price… You can’t have a Porsche for the price of a Pinto…

          • I’d be willing to buy a Chevy.

          • trwb

            Yea but this isn’t a price of a Pinto. It costs them roughly $225 to make the average top of the line smartphone. It’s gotta be less to make a Nexus with all the corners that are cut. They could at least put a higher capacity batter in this massive phone.

          • droidify

            Moving from a 2200 to a 2800 or 3000 would have seriously cost a couple bucks. Move the price to 359 and give it a great battery. After having a G2 for a month, I will never buy a phone that I have to carry chargers again.

          • nexus5dreamer

            Yeah, the G2 battery is great! Finally threw in the towel that no N5 is coming to Verizon and i went and bought the G2. PRETTY BAD ASS PHONE.

        • Just_Some_Nobody

          Well, it wouldn’t be a ‘cheap’ phone then would it?

          People are expecting this to be $349.00US. Where do you think the cuts have to be to get it that low?


    • J Dub

      Looking at the G2 battery life shows us the Nexus 5 should get about 75% of what it does (2300 mah/3000 mah = about 75%). This means it will get about 30% more than the Nexus 4.

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      But it has the S800 in it. That proc sips battery.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Why can’t you just update the old posts… I can’t follow the comments in 4 separate articles, eat lunch AND work at the same time!!!!

  • hfoster52

    Its Phone porn…..

    • Ej McCarty

      Phone porn on another phone. Pornception

  • thatguy

    Yes, but will it blend?

  • MooseCat

    Hmm, in this picture, http://www.droid-life.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/IMG_7374.jpg, it looks like the section above the battery and below the camera is empty. Was something taken out or what’s going on with that?

    • Prodstick

      The SoC board I presume

    • Colton

      this is where the Verizon logo is supposed to be according to recent reports

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      That’s the hollow space under the back cover that will allow the phone to creak when you push it.

  • kevin

    Epic plot twist. Google were the ones releasing all this info all along and are doing so just to make us want the nexus 5 even more. Think about it…this is the most hyped nexus phone yet

  • OG Droid
    • MichaelFranz

      lol undercover brother

    • sc0rch3d

      when google goes for the keynote, the announcer will stand up there “welcome to the google event, we have lots to show you” *points to a sign that says SEE INTERNET* then steps off stage with a simple screen showing the price and link to google play

    • Dale

      Who here thinks Kellen is going to magically post Nexus 5 and KitKat reviews at 2:00pm EST?

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    2300? Stopped reading.

    • john

      iPhone seems to do OK with 1500mah. Maybe the software will help?

      • Dude, screen size.

        • Milind Shah

          Dude, kitkat…you never know what they bring up!

          • You can’t compare the iPhone’s battery to this device because of screen size. Yes, software optimizations can help. I get that. But there’s no reason to bring in an iPhone.

            If anything, the Moto X would be a comparable, but even then, that device doesn’t have enough juice for my tastes.

        • Just_Some_Nobody

          Dude, S800.

          • Okay, I’ll stop the “dude” stuff that I started 🙂

            I understand the processor and software can help with power consumption, thus extending battery life. That said, screens typically take the bulk of the battery, and software ain’t helping with that.

            So, a 2300 mah battery can only be stretch so far.

            It’s like a car with a small tank of gas. Yes, you can squeeze out mileage by driving under 55, not turning on the AC, and of course, optimized engines help.

            But sooner or later, a 10 gallon tank of gas runs out.

    • Jeff

      You must be new here if you’ve only NOW heard the Nexus 5 will have that as a battery.

  • John Burke

    Still hanging in there for the possibility of a 3,000 mAh battery variant…
    *fingers crossed*

    • This would be fantastic. I’d fork up an additional $50 for that.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Release it!

  • oops

    There’s the hidden CDMA radio!!!

    • Tim242

      For Sprint only.

    • Ian Case

      Don’t tease me like that.

  • Richard

    This is driving FREAKING CRAZY!!!!! come google!!!! Relase the phone already!!!!!!

    • sadnerds

      It’s a phone. Find real meaning in your life.

      • Richard

        Well obiviously you need to take your own advice. because you spend you time on android newa blogs reading comments and responding to them. By the way, the reason i want this phone already, is because I’m still using a 2 year old Galaxy Nexus. I need a new one.

      • Derin Richardson

        Find a hole to crawl in and and stay there.

      • Menger40

        A wild douchebag appears!

  • Jeremy Gross

    loaded with news!

  • Joey Sandoval

    Can Google just hurry up and take my money!!!

  • Chris Wallace

    I’m laughing, smiling, and crying hysterically all at the same time.

  • Wayne

    Slap a VZW radio in there plz

  • htowngtr

    So… micro SIM?

    • RGiskard

      Good question, I am hoping to nail this down, too, so I can order an adapter if needed.

    • David VanHouse

      Yes micro sim

  • #D

    Where’s the motherboard? Or is this a dummy unit?

  • Zander

    … I don’t know how much longer I can wait before I go steal one from a warehouse.

    • letsrob

      Steal a case of them. I’ll buy one from you.

  • i heard this may have always on voice capabilities such as the moto X? jelly

    • turdbogls

      guy from reddit with hands on time says yes…..even with screen off

      • capecodcarl

        The NSA requires that feature to be available on all new phones from here on out. 🙂

        • Frettfreak

          scarry part is you KNOW if they really wanted to they could use that. WITH OUT A DOUBT!

  • my92agsr

    active notifications?

    • Tim242

      No. It has an LCD screen.

      • chris

        couldn’t it still have active notifications, it would just suck battery life?

        • turdbogls

          yes, but i doubt it will

          • chris

            o yea there’s no way. i was just confused that active notification could only work on an oled screen.

        • Steve B

          Google wouldn’t waste their time.

  • Dan Lopez

    Look at all this Nexus 5 GREATNESS today!!!

  • Bill Mitchell

    All these leaks are making me so happy and so sad at the same time…

    • evolutionx1

      Even Mario cannot stop the leaks now!

      • Buur

        Your Nexus is in another castle!

        • Rafa Sandoval


    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Yeah that battery news is sad. 3000 should be standard

      • MichaelFranz

        3000 would of made me leave my droid maxx…and possibly verizon

        • Just_Some_Nobody

          1) It’s have not of
          2) If the phone had all the features in it that everyone wants, it’d be a $700US phone.

          • Tyler

            So you think in order to make everyone happy you would have to double the price? People want Verizon radios, more storage, more ram, bigger battery. All of those things add maybe $100 at most to the price and thats overestimating.

          • Just_Some_Nobody

            Ok, even at $449, people would be crying and whining.

          • Tim Swann

            don’t forget better camera. They didn’t use the same camera from the G2 (which has 13MP shooter). Throw that, plus your batter and ram wants, and you’re looking at more than $100 easily.

      • Frettfreak

        You have ZERO clue how long this will last. Size doesnt matter if everything else is optimized. Look at the X, 2200 and still kicks ass for battery…

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          I’ve been spoiled with 3000+ for a while. Dont feel like downgrading specs.

        • Ej McCarty

          Sounds like you’re just trying to reassure yourself about other things 😉 haha I kid

        • EraserXIV

          Regardless of how much “optimizing” they do, the simple fact is that a 3000mah battery will last longer than a 2300mah. If it can last a day on 2300, that means it had the possibility of lasting a day and a half on 3000. The fact that the MAXX can fit a 3500 and still maintain a sleek frame gives OEMs no excuse to not being able to fit at least a 3000 into most phones.

        • J Dub

          There is a clue. Go look at Anandtech’s G2 review. Find the battery tests and then multiply them 75% (.75). This is simple math. Either way you can see that it is going to be decent. The G2 got over 10 hours of wifi browse time. The Nexus should have a little over 8. That puts it around the Moto X and nearly 2 hours more browse time than the Nexus 4.

          • malcmilli

            yeah i tried that method and its a good optimistic reference. However the Nexus 4 fell short of the Optimus G in battery, while utilizing the exact same internals. That’s my only reservation.

  • Rock_Kickass

    That’s what the inside of my nexus 5 would look like,,,, IF I HAD ONE!!!!!

  • Kevin Gallagher

    I’m going nuts