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First Look: Nexus 7 (2013) Official Google Play Case

official google play nexus 7 case

On Tuesday, Google revealed their first official cases for the new 2013 Nexus 7 on Google Play (outside of that zipper thing). The cases are actually designed by Google and molded perfectly to fit their new affordable tablet. They come in four different colors (blue, red, white, and black), are made of soft suede, and carry a premium price of $49.99, which most would argue is far too steep for a flip case. We’ve already highlighted a number of cases that can be had through Amazon for as little as $5, but just in case you were thinking of going the official Google route, we bought a couple to give our first impressions on. 

official google play nexus 7 caseofficial google play nexus 7 caseofficial google play nexus 7 caseofficial google play nexus 7 case

When you pull out one of these new Nexus 7 cases, the first thing you’ll notice is how beautifully designed they are. The two-tone color scheme of the blue and red versions is quite lovely, but they also feature a little specially placed Google flag so you know exactly who made them. The interior is bright, the plastic feels more premium rubber than cheap plastic, and the fit on the device is about as snug as it gets. Actually, take a look at this picture after I tried to remove my N7 from it the wrong way. Whoops!

official google play nexus 7 case

Once your tablet is dropped into these official cases, it will not be falling out. It takes work to both insert and remove your Nexus 7, which is something I think we can all appreciate. Another thing I immediately noticed was how flush the case came up the side of the device. Rather than overlapping onto the top, it sits just below the edge, so that you won’t run into your case during long swipes from left to right or as you hold the tablet in hand.

They really do feel like premium flip cases for your tablet, but if you were looking for extra features like sleep/wake or magnets to hold the case closed, you won’t find any of that here. There are cutouts for camera, power, volume, and the speakers, though, just none of the other goodies that have become standard are much cheaper options. They feel great with your tablet in, thanks to that fine suede, and also look amazing. That price is just going to be tough to stomach, especially when you find yourself having to reach for your power button each time you open one up.

official google play nexus 7 caseofficial google play nexus 7 caseofficial google play nexus 7 caseofficial google play nexus 7 case

The rest of my thoughts are in the video below.



Additional Images

official google play nexus 7 caseofficial google play nexus 7 caseofficial google play nexus 7 caseofficial google play nexus 7 case

  • It is very attractive to a lot of my color choices I like red. God just imagine yourself with one red one is great

  • XSI Wireless

    looks good but it is too much money for a case http://www.xsiwireless.com

  • Ancan

    And we start waiting for the Chinese rip-off with magnets.

  • when the discount program hihi

  • John Murray

    Bought a Devicewear case for my N7. I would highly recommend it.

  • Andrew

    I got a case from amazon for $1 (~$5 shipping) shortly after I purchased mine. My N7 sits will and has magnets for sleep and everything. Only problem is when I have the cover open, it feels odd handling the face cover behind it. I’ve learned to adapt though for $1.

    I’d probably still would get this one if it had magnets for sleep though.

  • Jeff

    Coming to you now, the official Nexus 7 case, not only overpriced, but also under-featured! How can you resist!

  • Ome_Twi

    As far as I could see there are only TWO nice features in this case:
    choice of material and the way case holds the device.
    But I wouldn’t take it even for free.

  • Dallas Milem

    I will stick with my $10 Moko case. That has sleep/wake and magnets.

  • It’s really so beautiful. This is Google’s first design that I like. Looks very classy and suitable for a businessman like me

  • material reminds me of cases for the Chromebook 11 i just got

  • Ryan Gullett

    The fact that a company like Google always is out of stock of items (some) is beyond frustrating. And to make this case $50 with no real features…What the hell! Probably going to watch the video on the cheap cases and order one from there. Sigh.

  • ObviousNinja2

    It’s the Matias Duarte tax. since he thinks he’s god.

  • JWells

    I’ll keep my $7 I-Blason case with Wake-lock, thank you very much!

  • DainLaguna

    Everyone talks crap on this case…….

    Then the giveaway happens and you’re all about it

  • idk

    Wake-lock I can look past, even if it’s silly not to include. But when you drop it the cover won’t even stay closed to protect the screen? How does a company as big as Google make these mistakes, do they hire no usability engineers? Isn’t the point of a case protection first and foremost?

  • BadLuck

    UPS guy just dropped off mine…which promptly broke as I was inserting my Nexus 7.

    • LionStone

      Daang…no bueno! 🙁

      • BadLuck

        Yeah, I thought it would just snap in, I guess not lol. Already spoke with Google and they said they’d accept the return and refund my money. Looks like my Nexus will just have to go naked for a few more days.

        • Kisuk3

          Get a Poetic Slimline, seriously hands down best case for Nexus 7.

          • Jason Jia

            Actually, the Poetic Slimline wears down in as little as a week. Not a good case if you ask me, and the other people reporting this problem on Amazon. The Poetic Slimline is too overrated.

        • Nick V

          I love my Poetic Slim Line as well. It is snug, has **megnets**, and has such a low profile, so it still fits everywhere, just as nekkid.

        • Andrew

          Like a beautiful woman (or man, for the ladies), the N7 looks darn good naked. 😉

  • Trevor

    Kellen, I hear you’re getting really excited…

  • Jpx

    I was going to get this but no open to wake makes it a no go. The real question now is do I buy the ever so amazing looking DODOcase Color Block at $80+ for a tablet that I might refresh every year… UGHHH

  • I have the official Asus hard premium case on my 2013 N7 LTE. I like it, but like this case, it doesn’t have magnets. That, and it doesn’t fit on the first manufactured lot of WiFi-only models. It fits perfectly on later WiFi models and any LTE model. I’m not sure why Google doesn’t sell the official Asus accessories, but whatever.

    I actually like the Asus case better than this one, though, because the Asus case actually has buttons rather than cutouts. It just makes for a much nicer look.

    • Ryuuie

      What’s the difference between the Wi-Fi models?

      • For whatever reason, the first run of WiFi-only 2013 N7s had a shell that was just ever so slightly bigger than the later runs and the LTE models. If you try the official Asus case on one of those first run WiFi models, three corners will fit but the top left corner pops off. If you go to the Amazon page for it, you’ll see comment after comment of people telling you it doesn’t fit.

        • Ryuuie

          Huh… Is there a way to tell which one one has? I don’t have the official case, just the Poetic Slimline.

          • I’m sure you can tell by serial number, but I’m not sure on specifics.

  • Jeff

    No sleep/wake and no lid magnets to keep it closed for $50? Okay, good luck with that, I’ll be sitting over here with my Poetic Slimline.

    • fartbubbler

      what he said.

    • asdf

      How does the slimline cover stay in place when using the device?

      • Kisuk3

        with your hand

      • Jeff

        When folder back it’s with your hand, otherwise there are a bunch of positions you can prop the tablet up with due to the flexibility of the cover. The magnets in the cover also snap to itself to keep it folded at the triangle position if desired.


  • ManBearPig618

    A case should not cost roughly 20% the cost of the actual tablet it’s designed to hold. IMO.

  • Jordan

    does this fit in the sleeve with the case on

  • Ryuuie

    So no one’s going to talk about how that poor Nexus 7 is broken, right? :v

    • Jack3D

      Broken how? My LTE version doesn’t have any issues…

      • Ryuuie

        Check the review images. He almost separated the screen trying to take it out.

        • Jack3D

          Gotcha, didn’t know that’s what you were talking about. Thought you were implying some flaw in ALL Nexus 7’s.

      • bassmaster118

        Yea, looks like the screen is separated.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i cringed when i saw it

  • Butters619

    Droid Live Giveaway?

  • Zephrim

    49.99 for cover for a Tablet that costs just over 200? I mean at least they got the price break on the right item but still!

  • Vermin_Cain

    May I have the red one please? I know you guys usually give things away, I even entered some of your giveaways but I am the unluckiest bastard in the world, so I never win. But, you fine folks can change all that by sending me the red one.

  • Rob Delaney

    VEry good looking and functioning case. WAY TOO MUCH. Poetic makes similar ones for $19.99 and lower. If this would have been $29.99 I would get it because I like the grey outer cover look and texture. But $50 is something I would spend on a Portenzo case because they are handcrafted.

  • Dear Santa

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    No open wake is a deal breaker. It’s a damn nice case. i’d go blue. And stop putting everything facedown, it frightens some viewers.

  • Fozzybare

    not worth $50 without those magnets. this poetic slimline is too damn good.

    • Alexander Anteneh


      • Maxim∑

        lol are you serious?

        • Alexander Anteneh

          I’m making fun of kellens pacific northwest accent

          • Maxim∑

            oh ok my bad!

          • asianrage

            That’s not a PNW accent

    • Ryan Gullett

      The Poetic case is very poorly made. Add wake lock and make this $29.99. Millions sold.

  • Inquizitor

    Very interested, but I can’t really justify paying more than $20 for a case so I’ll wait for now.

  • p0k3y

    I take it it still doesn’t have the smart cover feature? I will wait for it to go on sale for $3 next year, like the one for the 2012 edition.

    • Well, we’ll be giving these away, so you may not have to wait. 😛

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Here comes another hoard of people that don’t even comment on the site that will be posting for free stuff! LOL

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          you don’t understand how far down my heart sank when i saw all the entries for the moto x.

          • tomn1ce

            I thought the same thing on the Chromecasts give away 0_0

      • ManBearPig618

        I win?

  • Greg Morgan

    Error on video

    • John Sanatar

      Same for me.

    • Hmmm…looking into it.

      • Fozzybare

        worked on youtube.

        • Greg Morgan

          I tried on youtube, the ad played, but no video.

          • I’m getting the same thing, but it did play on my phone fine. Stupid YouTube.

          • Mike

            Working fine for me.

          • MikeKorby

            You should get a Windows Phone 8. I hear that Youtube works great on it.

          • Kisuk3


      • JRUIV

        looks like that Nexus 7 is cracked around the charging port