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HTC Posts First Ever Quarterly Loss, Looks Like Something Needs to Change

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It is no surprise that more news of HTC’s financial woes are breaking. For over a year now, the outlook of the company has been bleak. The falling numbers got a little more realistic today, with the news that for the first time as a company, HTC has posted a quarterly loss. In Q3 of this year, HTC lost a net total of $101 million dollars – not exactly bank breaking, but certainly a bad sign. 

This news comes on the heels of their flagship phone, the HTC One, launching on Verizon, which is the largest wireless carrier in the US. This is the eighth straight quarter HTC has posted slumping sales, but the first time that it has ever come to a loss. According to the report by Bloomberg, HTC was not even one of the top five phone manufacturers during this time period either. All signs are painting a very grim picture for HTC.

This type of news makes it a bit easier to believe that they would try something crazy like adding Windows Phone 8 alongside Android on its devices. What do you think HTC needs to do to get back in the game?

Via: Bloomberg

  • Mo

    HTC needs to go back to being HTC and to stop trying to be apple. HTC got to where they were by listening to their customers. They want expandable memory, removable batteries and good designs.

  • K F

    HTC did better because they had more devices to choose from, and the specs beat alot of the competition. Mytouch, G1, One X, Rezound, Amaze, EVO, Sensation etc… they also had good windows phone’s as well. maybe HTC should branch out into other aspects in the market, I love there camera’s, One X, Rezound camera was awesome, make other things besides cellphone, make camera’s, MP3 Player’s, tablets, Laptops maybe even TV’s. look at what people are looking for, expand horizons. Step it up HTC.

  • Looks like someone missed a ‘beat’

  • Carla SBruner

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  • Justin Jordan

    The only thing that could make the HTC One better for me is more Codec support. I can’t play a lot of online videos for some reason even though it has Flash built in.

  • HTC phones have always been a day late or a dollar short with specs over the past 2 years. No expandable storage + no removable battery = FAIL.

  • Sporttster

    I would have bought the One instead of the Note 3 had it had a sd card slot and the ability to do HDMI out. The lack of sd killed it for me. Look, it’s real simple here. Make what people want to buy!! Give it to em when they want it! It’s a darned nice phone but no sd! The wife and I ate at a local restaurant featured on Restaurant Impossible last night. We discussed how it isn’t rocket science having a successful restaurant. Give people good food at the right price with good service and they’ll keep coming back. Screw one of those up, and you’re toast. If you give people what they want, you’ll sell widget after widget after widget…..

  • Stephen D

    The CEO needs to step down.

  • Morbid138

    Two word solution: stock Android.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    They need to stop trying to be like Apple and be more like …oh I don’t know Samsung? Listen to the costumers. Expandable memory or huge internal memory and removable battery or, again, HUGE battery life

    • I couldn’t agree more. If the One had an SD card & say the Butterfly S’ battery they would be sitting a little prettier. Dont get me wrong I wouldnt want any other device, but changes need to be done. #HeresToChange

    • Shaun

      This is not the reason for HTCs troubles. Everyday customers (aka not readers of DL) couldn’t care less about SD cards & removable batteries.

      • a) youth.in.asia

        Ok, then back to my alternatives.. more internal storage and an all day battery and not HTC’s “all day battery” 2000 mAh batteries

  • chris_johns

    1. they should make a nexus…might help them get recognition again with the pure google community…and 2. maybe giving robert downey jr 50billion dollars for some god awful commercials wasnt such a good idea…

  • webharsh

    make Nexus!!!

  • meijin3

    I don’t understand why this is happening. It seems to me a lot of people love HTC phones.

    • People usually love the product they are suckered into buying. But if you look at the history of HTC phones, you will see nothing but disappointment and broken promises. Look up the Rezound overheating issues, the Thunderbolt, the HTC One X not being able to multitask, etc. Stay clear or you’ll be throwing your money at plastic garbage.

      • meijin3

        Put in that light, it makes much more sense (npi). They have a history they need to live down.

  • Justin

    How about a phone that works? I have not used the ONE, admittedly, but by and large their phones are one giant compromise or another. I guess I’m biased, my wife had an Eris.

    • chris_johns

      u compare possibly the most solid phone out to the droid eris…..lol come on man

      • Justin

        Seriously? Did I compare One and Eris? Do you see the sight words than, or, either, and? Nope. No comparison was made. An acknowledgement that I have not used the One, but that most of the phones by HTC I am familiar with have all made major compromises which make them generally pretty terrible. A sensible person would see that I was leaving room for the One to be the exception to the rule because, well, it might be. Jeez.

  • crazed_z06

    HTC should probably stop listening to Android hipsters and attempt to emulate Samsung like LG does. I was at the Verizon store last week and noticed the HTC display had big letters on the wall that said, “The new All-Metal HTC One”. All-Metal? Is that supposed to sell the phone? What does an all-metal phone do?

    Meanwhile Samsung is selling GS4s like hotcakes with plastic backs

  • Chase Chick

    The formula is simple. Release a great phone. Support it with updates. Profit. I’ve not owned an HTC, but after seeing the plethora of people relentlessly complain about HTC update horror stories, I stay as far away as I can. Sorry but HTC dug their own grave. This is the age of the internet, and if you are actively screwing people, other people are going to find out.

    • crazed_z06

      I had a few HTC Windows Mobile devices and the HTC Thunderbolt.

      After the Thunderbolt.. Never again. My last three devices have been Samsung (Gnex, Note2, Note3) and I dont see a reason to give HTC a chance again.

  • MReprogle

    Before they go under, they should just give everyone access to unlock their bootloaders. Getting the phone on Verizon was great, but no way to actually unlock it or get S-Off to work due to hboot 1.54 is ridiculous. I probably would’ve gotten a different phone if I knew that it was going to be locked down like this.

    I know that it’s Verizon’s call on it, but still. Why did they have to make such an unlockable bootloader?

  • fritzo2162

    I think they paid all of their cash to Robert Downey Jr. for that weird commercial.

    Anyway, how is the HTC one not flying off the shelves? It’s inexpensive and one of the best phones available right now. Odd.

    • chris_johns

      advertising works…those robert downey jr adds showed nothing of the phone…not a good way to sell a product when u dont show it

      • It was very easy to understand. That marketing add was meant to show people HTC is changing. Most likely aimed at owners of the Rezound, Desire or Thunderbolt.

        • Yep

          This TBolt owner has had such a bad experience that HTC could provide both me & my TBolt owning brother free HTC Jesusphones and I’d pass.

          I get that it was the first VZW 4G phone, doesn’t change the fact that this phone has been nothing short of a nightmare and almost caused a major family incident thanks to a software glitch that caused the recipient of an SMS to switch after you hit Send. Now, both my bro & I are experiencing random attempts to initiate a 3 way call while we are on the line. Both of us have the same damn glitch.

          Not to mention for me the SD/Removable Battery issue is also a factor, and I’m done with HTC. I don’t care how awesome the One is, the brand is poison to two consumers thanks to their experiences with previous products.

          That got kinda ranty, sorry about that, it wasn’t at all directed at you.

          • Haha thats alright. Wow though. Im glad I didnt own the Thunderbolt. Loving my One though.

  • hoodieNation

    HTC… quietly broke

  • dan0matic

    I’m thinking if they took the time to update and support their previous phones folks would stay loyal. HTC needs to realize that a new customer is far more expensive than keeping a current customer. My wife has always liked HTC phones, but will probably not buy one again. The lack up updates has turned me off. I had a Thunderbolt and felt that HTC could have and should have done something to “apologize/admit” that they made a huge mistake with how they handled that phone.

    • Alexander H

      This. Exactly why my desire to get another HTC device disappeared. It was a great phone…until its first software update….and later ones (ie 4.0) 7 months after promised. Shiny nice new phones are one thing, but if you can’t support them even for two years, you’re gonna have a bad time with losing every last prior customer for a long time.

      • Goldenpins

        Same here. I bought a Mytouch 4G as my first Android phone and got 1 update. Gingerbread. The rest were “security” enhancements. Got a Galaxy nexus and have been happy since.

    • Michael

      While I would agree that historically they have been slow with updates, things have changed with the HTC One. They are beating Samsung with the 4.3 carrier updates (Sprint already released, ATT and TMo this coming week and Verizon at month’s end.

  • Greyhame

    I don’t think it would be hard for them to turn it around. They need to:

    1.) Put bigger batteries in their phones (a la the HTC Butterfly or allow replaceable batteries)
    2.) Support SD cards (again, a la the Butterfly, or make 32 GB the minimum)
    3.) Release the same phones in all markets
    4.) Release a mini with the same specs as the regular One


    5.) Just release the Butterfly globally.

    It’s just getting back to basics and avoiding flashy gimmicks like hiring RD Jr. for nonsensical ads, or buying into Beats Audio. By the time the One was release to VZW, it was already too late to make an impact.

    • Cael

      I agree but gimmicks do attract people…The #1 reason I got my Rezound was for the headphones (the phone absolutely sucks and now HTC is not #1 to me anymore;ie the Thunderbolt effect)

      • IanKellogg

        the headphones? Nothing about those headphones were good, it was all down to the sound processing.

        • Cael

          They said Beats and they were free with the phone for $150. Completely worth it at the time.
          Probably would have did it for the DNA or Incredible LTE at the time they came out and came with headphones…
          Would I do it again now? No.

    • I agree with you. But just a reminder 32GB is the minimum & you would have an overkill phone if it was the same specs as the One.

  • Cael

    SD Card…actually supporting their previous devices after a year….Better battery capacities….get rid of that fugly button layout….

    • michael arazan

      Get rid of sense for stock android while you’re at it

      • SemahjLam

        no lol

      • Justin Jordan

        I dislike Stock Android. Sense 5 is great. Fast and efficient.

      • Steve Schneider

        Oh yeah I forgot Google Play Edition doesn’t exist. Retard.

        • michael arazan

          It’s the nexus edition, dunkoff, and it’s not on all carriers either. Learn a bit to not be so ignorant before you spout off

    • K F

      I agree

  • Butters619

    I own an HTC One X and love it for the most part, but I made compromises when I bought the phone that I don’t think I’ll ever make again. Storage too small. Battery too small. And unfortunately, HTC seems to have that problem with most of their phones.

    Plus, no fault of theirs, the dev scene for the One X has dried up because it wasn’t a popular enough phone.

  • RoadsterHD1

    They need to dump Sense and make phone more interactive with owner. Personalize it like Moto did. OH YEAH dump Sense….

  • Stephen Cox

    When I went with my GN2, I thought about getting the DNA instead. Why didn’t I?

    – The GN2 has a removable battery. DNA does not.
    – GN2 has MicroSD card support. DNA does not.
    – DNA was still locked at the time. GN2 was unlocked. DNA is unlocked now, though.

    I had a Thunderbolt. I loved it (other than the battery life) since it was my first 4G phone. HTC used to awesome. They seem to be in full reverse lately while Samsung still gives people options for phones.

    HTC needs a some game changing hardware to get them back in the race… and tell the carriers to F-off when it comes to S-off so they can get more community enthusiasm.

    • Tyler Bowden

      In my opinion, HTC already came out with “game changing hardware.” The HTC One is the best built android phone I’ve ever held

      • Butters619

        If you hold a One and a Moto X together, the One just feels so unnecessarily large. I’m not saying it’s not well built, but it’s no perfect design.

        • Jordan Webb

          Also, every One I’ve actually picked up has been misaligned. That doesn’t help either.

          • TylerChappell


          • fritzo2162

            Never mind him. One of his legs is shorter than the other, so he things everything is misaligned.

        • Tyler Bowden

          I agree, but at this point in the game, HTC is really competing against Apple and Samsung (Moto is obviously in it’s own league being backed by Google, yet it still hasn’t produced anything ground breaking in quite some time). By the opinion of the OP, HTC needs to make a phone that has game changing hardware. The HTC One blows Samsung away when it comes to hardware design and build, yet Samsung is miles ahead in sales. My point is that HTC hardware is not what is holding them back.

          • Nevets

            From JUST a design and build quality hardware standpoint, yes the HTC One is a great phone that is superior to the Samsungs.

            But from the another hardware aspect, it’s lackluster in my eyes. I’d never pick a One over an S4 simply because it lacks a removable battery and has no Micro SD support.

          • Butters619

            I can agree with that. I trash Samsung phones all the time. TW is awful. Glossy plastic is awful. But Samsung sells more phones than all other Android manufacturers combined, so they must be doing something right.

            Personally, I think HTC needs to still work on their marketing and brand identity. They still haven’t hit a consistent stride with either.

          • Tyler Bowden

            Agreed.. Everyone in my family has a GS3 or GS4 and they definitely feel cheap, but you’re right.. Obviously they are doing something right to sell phones lol.

          • crazed_z06

            The cheap feel that Android blogs constnatly harp about is often mitigated by some kind of cheap plastic case. Even though the trend is to hate on Samsung these days, the fact is they make a great all-around smartphone. Since the GS2, their devices are reliable, fast, feature-packed, and get pretty decent battery life.

          • Tyler Bowden

            I don’t disagree that Samsung makes a solid product.. but holding the HTC One after holding the S3 or S4 is a night and day difference when it comes to hardware..

          • Butters619

            Whoa, slow your roll on that one. The SGS3 gets about the same usage time as the One X, but has a 17% larger battery. The SGS4 gets worse battery usage than the One, even though it has a 13% larger battery. Samsung has the worst usage time to battery size and besides the Notes, it’s not really that great.

            Also, I wouldn’t even go as far as to call them fast. Sure they pack some powerful hardware. But TW still gets plenty of complaints from the home screen or app drawer lag. More so than any other skin. Personally, I think it’s unacceptable that the Note 3 still has some occasional home screen lag considering the specs inside.

            Like I said above, they still sell more phones than every other Android manufacturer combined, so they must be doing something right, but I wouldn’t call Samsung phone’s great all around.

    • James Hill

      I got the DNA over the GN2
      – DNA has a better screen – hands down.
      – DNA cost $50 vs $ 300 GN2.
      – I feel the S4 Pro in the DNA is a faster processor than the Exynos 5 in the GN2.
      – s-off had been achieved with the DNA, making it virtually the same as GE device.
      – The DNA’s build quality feels awesome, the phone looks like a sports car!

  • NorCalGuy

    Try releasing the phone on Vz first instead of 4 months later

  • schoat333

    Sense has to go.

    • Then buy a GE HTC One? I would not have bought the HTC One if Sense wasn’t on it.

  • Godzilla
  • Guest
  • MichaelFranz

    Where Robert Downey Jr’s acronym for that….??

  • Daniel Flores

    I’m sure the HTC One is a great phone. I just can’t get a phone with Sense. Don’t like it. Now, I have the LG G2, and I have no problems with what ever changes they made. Not as bad a Sense. IMO.The One felt good in hand, but just couldn’t get it over the G2.

    Also, paying Robert Downey Jr. all that money for advertising didn’t help either.

  • James

    I’d love to see Sense retired, or at least made optional. Release on contract phones with stock Android and optional HTC exclusive features users can choose to enable or disable.

    I know there’s the One GPE, but at an unsub price of $600 it’s a hard sell for most even with great hardware. I also realize US carriers typically push against stock Android for marketing purposes. But seeing as the current arrangements aren’t working for HTC perhaps it’s time for them to nut up.

    • SplashMTN


      If I had the money the One GPE would probably be my next phone, but it’s tough to justify spending $600 when there are a decent amount other phones with great hardware available at a subsidized price on contract.

      • jose

        Yeah, like the regular HTC One 🙂 I’ve had this phone since the day it launched on Verizon. I don’t even care for root access. Nova is all you really need. This phone is perfect out of the box.

        • SplashMTN

          That’s true. I know it doesn’t get much love from this site but I still use ADW EX on all of my devices, even my GNEX which is the closest thing you can get to stock on Verizon (apart from the Moto X). If you’re going to put a custom ui on a phone it doesn’t really matter what skin it has, but it’d be nice to get updates to the latest builds in a timely manner.

    • Eric R.

      I personally liked Sense 1 that launched on the Droid Incredible. I think that they tried to change it too much with Sense 5. Who liked/didn’t like the Droid Incredible? Its ranked the #1 Android Phone of all time.

      • PhoenixPath

        Never used Sense 1. HTC One was my first HTC Device.

        Love it. Sense and all.

        Converted to GPE…Converted back. Like the features/functionality of Sense. Not even using Nova Launcher anymore…and I paid for that.

      • usaff22

        It has Sense 2.1 by the looks of it, not Sense 1. Sense 1 was featured on the HTC Tattoo

        • Adrynalyne

          HTC sense versions shipped on Verizon:

          Droid Incredible was Sense 1.0.
          Thunderbolt was 2.0.
          Droid Incredible 2 was Sense 2.1.
          Rezound with 3.5.

          I believe Verizon skipped 3.0 altogether.

          Tattoo’s Sense version isn’t even 1.0 according to wikipedia, lol.

          • James Hill

            You forgot the One and the DNA.

          • Adrynalyne

            Indeed I did.

      • Chris

        Had the Droid Incredible too. Great phone, and Sense was great because stock Android was ugly back then haha.

    • jose

      Me personally, I love Sense, especially now on the One. I love vanilla Android as much as the next fanboy but it leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t feel like ROMing to add all the features that Google should have added since the beginning. The latest versions of Sense are great.

      If anybody needs to get out of the UI game it’s Crapsung.

  • John Clausen

    They’re numbers surely would have been better if they released the One on Verizon alongside all the other carriers. I know I would have bought one.

    • Omar Amer

      think verizon is to blame for that.

      • John Clausen

        I’m sure HTC could have done something to speed up the release. Delaying it however many months (how many was it? Like 6?) is unacceptable.

        • Omar Amer

          we just dont know what contributed to the delay since verizon and HTC arent really transparent on the process.

          • Butters619

            Verizon still had a huge stock pile of DNAs to burn though before the One was released.

          • Omar Amer

            proof somewhere you can link to?

          • Butters619

            I don’t know if there was any 100% concrete proof and I’m not going to take the time to scroll through 6-8 month old blog and forum posts, but there was a lot of stuff floating around that pointed to Verizon holding off because of the DNA.

          • Omar Amer

            just theories to give reason when there was no transparency in the process between HTC and Verizon. there was no solid proof because verizon never gave reason on the delay.

            verizon already has delays in software release compared to other carriers, I imagine similar reasons also attributed to the device release. as you saw a couple weeks ago, you cant even add the nexus 7 LTE tablet to your plan because of process verification. honestly, verizon device approval is incredibly slow. just a theory, and no proof. but honestly that is best I got.

          • Butters619

            Could be. But Moto and Samsung phones don’t see that big of delays. Now it’s completely possible HTC was way late getting the phone to Verizon. But I could easily more believe that Verizon had stock to get rid of, especially considering there were picture posted of Verizon stores with piles of DNAs.

          • Omar Amer

            Droids are specific to verizon, so less issue of approval there. samsung I think just had a small delay with sgs3, so they alerady had a device that was compatible with verizon. htc one was more or less a new device that was a multi-carrier phone that HTC was submitting for approval.

            DNA thing Im sure people were reading between the lines with that one. Verizon cant help but try to sell a comparable phone until the HTC One comes out. They cant comment or say anything about their approval process because they dont know how long it can take.

          • Cael

            Which is sad to me because theyll have more than 1 Motorola (currently 4) phone and Samsung (not counting but always more than HTC) phone available during the same time period. The only thing HTC has had going for it is 2 with a 6 month gap. (Rezound/Incredible 4G LTE -> Incredible 4G LTE/DNA -> DNA -> One)

          • Butters619

            While I personally think it’s silly that Verizon carries 4 Moto phones, I think there is a fairly believable explanation for that. Verizon wants exclusive phones. And they want 3 price points for their exclusive phones. And Moto Droids far outsell HTC Droids, so they probably prefer Moto as the manufacturer. So there is 3.

            As for the Moto X. I could think of a couple reasons. Perhaps Moto grew some balls and said “hey if you want us to continue to make Droids, you have to carry are all-carrier flagship.” Or maybe Verizon knew Moto/Google was going to advertise the hell out of the Moto X and they didn’t want to lose a piece of that pie. Or maybe a combination of those two.

            As for the DNA/One. The One (which isn’t a Droid branded exclusive) would have completely consumed the sales of the DNA (a Droid branded exclusive). And Verizon supposedly still had a lot of DNAs to burn through.

          • LionStone

            Yep and remember they were slow to start and had production issues in the beginning too.

        • flosserelli

          Verizon didn’t want the One to cannibalize sales of the new Droid phones.

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  • John

    Don’t most of HTC problems on the android side come from software? i.e. sense? I haven’t owned an HTC phone since G1 but everyone always says how awesome the hardware is and what not. Why don’t they just put vanilla android on their phones?

    • Mike Hilal

      Sense, and the “unique” button layout. The small fixed battery does not help either.

    • mustbepbs

      They’ve made Sense A LOT more attractive than TouchWiz, but they have puzzling design trends like changing the button scheme, throwing in the menu button on-screen, and throwing in small, non-removable batteries.

      HTC needs to take M$ up on the Windows Phone offer, because they can’t compete in Android anymore. Samsung is too large, and Motorola has tons of Google’s money to throw at the wall.

      • Zacisblack

        Windows Phone would make it worse…I’m tired of people bringing up windows phone it’s so irrelevant. They need to overhaul sense and bring it more features like Samsung and LG have done. I’ve used the HTC One and extremely boring.

        • mustbepbs

          At least they’d make something partnering with M$.

    • Michael

      I personally like Sense. It is a lot more polished/finished product to me vs. touchwhiz. My wife has an S4 and toucwhiz just looks like my 6 year old put it together.

  • jack black

    They must have spent too much money paying the bloggers to praise subpar HTC camera/UI and battery life.

    • Cael

      They paid too much making a 4 mp camera.

  • mustbepbs

    If HTC can’t get in the black with the launch of their flagship phone, they’re in serious trouble. Especially on the largest US carrier.

    • Ian

      *even with that launch coming more than 4 months after it initially launched.

      4 months is an eternity in the mobile world and likely handicapped the Verizon launch.

      • mustbepbs

        Yeah but they didn’t have anyone else to compete with in July and August other than Samsung. Moto X hadn’t reached anyone until the end of August/beginning of Sept, and the iPhone 5S didn’t launch till the end of September.

        If they can’t entice people away from Samsung, they have no hope. They can’t compete with Apple, and Moto has sugar daddy Google.

        • At this point, isn’t Samsung the leading phone manufacturer? If so, then it would be easier to compete with Apple and Moto than it would be to compete with Samsung. I think you got that backwards.

          • mustbepbs

            Only Samsung can compete with Apple. They’re large enough and sold enough phones to be “trendy”, the only kind of thing you can be to compete with Apple.

            Not only that, but Samsung is the de facto Android OEM. HTC invested a lot into Android and needs to compete to remain relevant.

  • R.I.P. H.T.C.

    • notthebeeobee

      SMD FGT

    • PhoenixPath

      @thebeeobee #HTCTroll strikes again…

      • Honestly, not trolling at all. They put out poor products. I feel bad for anyone that has been stuck with one.

        • Ian

          The HTC One is the highest quality phone I have ever owned.

          /2 cents

        • PhoenixPath

          Honestly? Yeah, you are.

          You’re a hater…nothing more. Go ahead and try and excuse it, all anyone needs to do is click your name and look at your post history…

          You don’t even own the products you make these claims about. If I were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt I’d say these opinions of yours are simply uninformed. I’m not. You troll every HTC article posted here, hating on products you’ve never owned.

          • I owned an HTC Rezound and was going to get an Incredible 4G until they took 6 months to release it from teh date of the ftc filing.

            Thanks for your concerns, hater/troll.

          • PhoenixPath

            You’re welcome. I didn’t actually expect to get you to change. Just pointing out to you that we all pretty much know it.

            Hate on!

          • Cael

            And the ONLY thing it had over the Rezound was what? The processor? It didn’t even have that image chip the One S had. HTC phones on Verizon are jokes.

          • Yeah, it made zero sense. I traded in my overheating/resetting rezounds for a razr maxx with hopes to get the incredible 4g lte and hoping it fixed all of the rezounds problems (the other being the worst battery life). But the incredible went through ftc in february and then finally came out in like August…to compete with the Galaxy s3 lol. I’m still using my Razr Maxx to this date and waiting for a phone that isn’t just spec bumps. As long as I use lagfix regularly this phone is great.