Microsoft Reportedtly Asks HTC to Put Windows Phone on Its Android Devices

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According to reports out of Bloomberg, Microsoft is holding discussions with HTC in hopes that the Taiwanese manufacturer will bake in Windows Phone right alongside the Android OS on select handsets. In turn, Microsoft will possibly waive the Windows Phone licensing fee, which will then give consumers the option of choosing a default OS on the phones. As weird as it sounds, HTC may try just about anything to turn its fortunes around, after posting less-than-ideal quarterly numbers. 

Steve Ballmer and a team of high-level executives apparently took a trip recently to Beijing in order to discuss the deal, but there is no word on whether HTC agreed to such an offer or not. When Bloomberg reached out for comment from Microsoft and HTC, both companies declined to say anything on the matter.

We could see the potential benefit of dual-booting a Windows OS on an Android device, but to swap Android for Windows Phone completely? You must be joking. Do you think it’s a good idea for HTC to take Microsoft up on its offer? What’s the worst that could happen? If you are HTC, you can’t do much worse financially, right?

Via: Bloomberg



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