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Target is Launching a T-Mobile Prepaid Service Called “Brightspot” on October 6, Here are All of the Details

target brightspot

This weekend, Target will introduce a new prepaid wireless service called Brightspot. The prepaid service will use T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network (LTE as well), provides customers with 3 different affordable plans, rewards customers with $25 gift cards for continued service, and allows you to bring your own unlocked GSM device or choose from one of many they will have on hand. The rest of the details can be found below. 

The plans start at $35 for unlimited talk and text without an ounce of data. If you want to use a smartphone and gobble up GBs of data, you’ll have to go for either the $50 or $65 plans. The $50 plan gives you unlimited talk and text, but only 1GB of 4G (LTE) data. If you continue to use data after you have hit your limit, you will be throttled down to 2G speeds for the remainder of your 30-day billing cycle. The $65 plan gives you 4GB of 4G (LTE ) data before throttling you down to 2G speeds.

Service can be started by purchasing a SIM kit at Target stores or Target.com/Brightspot. Once you have service, you can refill your plan at either of those two locations or by dialing *233 (*ADD). Both $35 and $50 SIM kits will be available in stores, however, the $65 SIM kit is only available online.

SIM kits come as either nano-SIM or micro-SIM kits.

If you sign-up and use Brightspot service for at least 6 months, Target will reward you with $25 gift cards that can be used in Target stores. As long as you continue on with service, the gift cards will continue to arrive every 6 months. You can also sign-up to be a part of Target’s monthly coupon program.

We’ve been told that Brightspot will go live on October 6.

Brightspot Plans

  • Unlimited Talk and Text:  $35, no data
  • Unlimited Talk, Text and Data:  $50, 1GB of 4G speed (throttled thereafter)
  • Unlimited Talk, Text and Data:  $65, 4GB of 4G speed (throttled thereafter)
  • International Texting:  Additional $5
  • International Calling and Texting:  Additional $10

Rewards Program

  • With every 6 months of paid service, customers will receive a $25 Target gift card – can apply anywhere in-store
  • Guests will receive gift card via mail within 2-4 weeks from qualifying
  • Guests can sign up for Target’s monthly coupon program by texting “BRIGHT” to TARGET (827438), providing guests additional savings on categories around the store

How is Brightspot different than other prepaid services?

brightspot target prepaid

Interested in signing up?

  • Peter Tester

    The problem with prepaid wireless is that most have no idea that there are countless service providers that resell service under the big 4. The quality of service is identical and it really boils down to the pricing. I frequent http://www.allprepaidplans.com which lists ~25 prepaid providers, plans and phones.

    I transferred my number to Google Voice for forwarding, and can switch providers anytime. Don’t get married to a wireless company, they couldn’t care less about you.

  • PurpleSaves

    Solavei is even better. We use tmobile towers and actually pay you cash to refer people. Its $49/mo for Unlimited Talk Text and Data and 4g of 4g then throttles.. better olan than anyone out there. Then you refer 3 people thats $20 to get out if atm or soend or pay your bill so its like your bill is $29/mo. But they keep paying the more you refer. Plus bonuses! PurpleSaves.com. call me for more Info at 405-513-TALK. Right now its $29 for your first month. Friday the 11th is the last day for that! Beat that guys!

    • John

      Tried it.. Customer service sounds like i’m calling some lady in Mexico with 20 kids chrpin in the background. No answers..spotty signal..no tethering or they shut you down to EDGE speeds. Rarely do you hear anyone speak highly of anything but the 49/mo.

      • PurpleSaves

        John you called another place… that is not even possible… 1866solavei customer service is in a business location and no kids lol… a lot of them speak better english than us lol.. no you are not able to tether.. does brightspot let you tether? Any company that alloaws you to tether charges extra for it.. with solavei you are paying $49 for 4g of 4g then throttles you.. im not misinforming people like brightspot is. What company are you defending because it cant be brightspot. They use tmobile towers like we do.. they are an mnvo like us.. the difference is we offer more than them.. so im confused about your post. . If you call my personal number that I post here it is because I am a social member signing people up and getting paid by solavei to do so.. as anyone can.. I am not customer service. . 1866solavei is.. call them again.. visit the website. Defend with the truth. 🙂 again my personal number is 405-513-TALK

        • John

          NO, I called Solavei. Not a single customer rep, that I dealt with & listened to struggle for answers, had even close to 56$ per month (your 49 after tax) worth of English. I’m explaining my experience with Solavei…no need to accuse me of not being truthful & I’m not defending a specific carrier. Solavei uses select T-Mobile towers and I never made any comparisons or comments in regards to Brightspot. No. I will not call Solavei’s customer service ever again & I don’t need your number.

          • I had a similar experience with Solavei’s customer service. Obscenely unhelpful and it didn’t sound like they were coming through from an office environment.

  • tiget1977

    Tmobile sucks ill stay with straight talk because I’m using att n get 4g data no throttle

  • calends

    The chart above is WRONG and Straight Talk is still a better deal (throttled after 2.5 gb instead of 1 gb).

  • Me

    Umm you can get 5GB of LTE on a regular T mobile plan for like $70 :

  • CompCrash

    The T-mobile direct plans just make more sense. Data is throttled to 3G speed not 2G like most of these. For me the T-Mobile $30 plan should be enough, I have Google Voice for talk if need but I rarely use minutes on my phone anyway. Also I found out that I get 15% off the plans from my employer but not sure if that does applies to the $30 plan or not yet. Planning on switching to T-Mobile as soon as the Nexus 5 is out.

    • Some Guy

      The employee discount does not apply, unfortunately. They need you do have an individual plan that starts at $35, not including prepaid.
      Im on the same boat as you. I’ll be leaving VZW once my contract is up and N5 is out. Tmo is winning my wallet over, my other choice is Aio.

      • CompCrash

        Thanks for the info.

  • shawn gormley

    Why pay 65 a month? Mine is 49 a month and I am not throttled back. Actually I get paid from my cell service and mine is currently 29 a month unlimited everything. Want the same plan? message me.

  • Redsun

    When will one of these guys resell Verizon’s coverage? T-Mob is awful where I live.

  • J Dub

    Tried T-Mobile then left T-Mobile. Until they get a better spectrum frequency it will remain a budget brand.

  • James Vincent

    You mean use T-Mibiles nationwide 3G network, [and 4G LTE..]

  • PurpleSaves

    Well they are already giving misleading info… they say they are 4g while straight talk is 3g/4g depending on their device. Well that is the same with bright spot.. also saying staighttalk is not unlimited but it is.. it is throttled at 1.5g… now lets compare Solavei with brightspot. Solavei $49 (tmobile towers) for the same as bright spots $65 plan plus once you refer 9 people your service is free as long as they continue to pay their bill. Plus they will continue to pay you monthly as you refer people including bonuses! And guess what! They pay you on a visa debit card you can use anywhere! Even atm! Call Rebecca for more info at 405-513-TALK. PurpleSaves.com

  • Chad

    Go with SimpleMobile. $40 bucks a month and unlimited talk and text + 1GB data at 4G speed. I’m using their T-Mobile version of SIM card. Basically I’m using T-Mobile service under different name.


    Crappy plans, will stick w my $30 prepaid plan w 100 mins, unlimited texts and 5gb data.

    Ian B

  • AndrewScottRox

    I’m holding out for the Crispy Cream plans.

  • Bert Dennis

    Just what i need + a $25.00 gift card

  • Rob Delaney

    Actually Target’s marketing is wrong. Yesterday it was covered that a tracfone representative finally addressed the issue of Straight Talk’s data capping and there isn’t any BUT there is a throttle cap like this one set at 2.5GB. So when you compare Straight Talk and Brightspot, Straight Talk is better in price and with those $5 savings each month for six months you can come out ahead with $30 to use anywhere and not just Target. Also Straight Talk uses Tmo and AT&T’s networks depending on the device you use and the area you are in.


    • Tim242

      Straight Talk sucks.

    • Straight Talk Girl

      Straight Talk is actually $42.50 a month if you sign up for automatic payment with a charge card. Total with tax is $50.32 a month.

  • Pedro

    What I would love to see it..
    Prepaid like toll road guys. Keep $40 or $50 in your account. Based on T-mobile’s $30 100 minute and unlimited data….
    100 minutes for $10… minutes are a dime.
    Call it 2GB for $20.

    Use 100MB, charge the account a buck. Use a minute, charge the account a dime. Run out of already charged cash (or less than $10, likely), charge another $50 to the account.
    Pay per use. Everyone move on.

    • Zargon42


      • SpeakWithYouAndMe

        A la carte plan, which is common to the rest of the world.

      • John

        Why not just 30$/month for 5GB plus 900 mins (nites & weekends mobile 2 mobile etc) & unlim text.
        Wouldn’t care if they knocked it down to 3G once I hit 3 GBytes..I’d be cool with that. There are people out here who need data for work & don’t play video games & wack off to porn all day.

  • Matthew Rebmann

    How can they call these “trully talk, text, DATA plans” when they throttle after 2 and 4GBs of use? That’s outrageous.

    • flosserelli

      2 GB of data is still data. How fast it is used is up to the the individual.

      • Matthew Rebmann

        I still call that misleading.

        • Cowboydroid

          It’s not misleading. It’s described right in the plan.

        • LOL

          I dont think you know what misleading means.

          • Matthew Rebmann

            I call it misleading because it’s information that won’t be provided in advertisement or it will be and in very very tiny print

  • prometheus1010

    These can’t hold a candle to the $30 Walmart tmo plan (as long as you don’t need lots of minutes).

    • Bill Anderson

      Can you get that at Walmart? I thought you had to go to Tmo direct?

  • fsdfs


    tmobile themself offers $30 for 5gb of LTE data, unlimited texts but 100 min of talk.

    No tax.

    • JoshGroff

      If only you could use that plan with their monthly phone payment plans, I’d be all over it.

      • Yan Luo

        i used to use that plan with my nexus 4 and it worked perfectly fine. but now i quit because i am a student and i am always in wifi covered area that i can just use wifi to call and those pay by minutes plan when i rarely go out :p

      • The money you save can be used to finance your own phone.

    • Fresh360

      Unless I was told wrong by the rep, you can also add additional minutes 2 this plan…1000 mins for $100 (no expiration) that made this $30 plan the way to go for me once VZW releases their iron grip on me.

      • Bigwavedave25

        Thinking the same thing. That minutes adder is just what I was looking for… I barely crack 120min per month so this would be perfect!

  • Ravi Rao

    2 unlimited data lines directly from T-Mobile are 120 a month (2880 over 2 years).
    2 4GB lines through Target are 130 a month (3120 over 2 years + 200 in gift cards).

    Better take advantage of that 5% discount

    • David Benson

      Are you factoring in taxes and surcharges from T-Mobile? I believe the target is included in the price of the service.

  • Droidzilla

    Looks like these plans
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    Missed the target.


  • sandiegobruin

    So the Walmart is still the best deal for those of us that don’t use a ton of minutes every month?

    • Droidzilla

      If you have multiple people, T-Mo’s plans are hard to beat. There are three people in my family on unlimited everything for $150 before tax (no overage, no data caps, no throttle, HSPA+ and LTE).

      • sandiegobruin

        I was imprecise in my statement. I should have written that Walmart’s $30/mo plan on T-mobile was the best deal for people that don’t talk on the phone a lot.

        • Droidzilla

          True, if you don’t need unlimited data. If you’re under 100 minutes and 5GB, $30/month sure is hard to beat.

      • Bigwavedave25

        Three for $150, is that with a contract plan? I thought the the pre-pay ones are $70 a pop for “full” unlimited…

        • Droidzilla

          It’s post pay, but no contract. So basically if you cancel they need a month’s notice (and they have to run your credit). It’s $50 for the first line, $20 for the second, $10 for each additional, and then they charge to upgrade to unlimited data ($20 per line). If you’re on a single line, it’s the same $70 as prepaid. But if you have two or more people, it gets cheaper by the line. So if you had five people, it would be $42 per line. Not a bad deal, especially considering it’s month to month.

          • John

            correction: it’s $50 for 1st line, $30 for 2nd line, and the 3rd, 4th, and 5th lines are $10 each addition line. Those all include 500 MD of 4G DATA. If you want to add 2GB of 4G DATA it will be $10 extra for each line you add the 2 GB of DATA. UNLIMITED 4G Data is $20 per line.

  • nina

    i don’t seem to understand their definition of unlimited data when it says 1gb of data. ‘truly unlimited data.’ wtf?

    • The data is unlimited, but only 1GB is “high-speed”. This lets them advertise awesome service while not having to deliver for high usage users.

      Now, for most people this is FINE. My wife uses less than 500mb each month. I use 15.

      • chris125

        the sad thing is they claim straight talk you don’t have unlimited but straight talk does the same thing as this plan except its with 2gbs instead of 1 like the brightspot plan.

      • michael arazan

        Love how carriers want you on their netwok But Don’t Want you using their network

    • Blue Sun

      Apparently “unlimited” & “unusable” are interchangeable. I didn’t get that memo.

  • Justin W

    While it’s a good idea, they are really shady with their “truly unlimited” data. StraightTalk offers “unlimited” data, and all they do is throttle you after so much data, which is the same as what brightspot will do.

    • Blue Sun

      At least Brightspot announced their plan from the get go. Can you say the same about StraightTalk?

  • Jason Bowers

    If refills are purchased in-store using the Target RedCard, is the 5% discount applicable?

    • Zacisblack

      Everything in store, including clearance, is eligible for the 5% off with the Redcard. – A Target employee.

      • Jason Bowers

        Thanks. I also missed it in the graphic above.

  • terry12s


  • Tim242

    Those are terrible plans.

    • aznmode1

      I agree. For $5 more you can get unlimited 4g data direct from T-mobile. Only real advantage I see is if you want the $25 giftcard

      • shawn gormley

        Why spend 65? I spend 49 a month, not throttled back in data, unlimited everything, and I get paid from my cell service. currently paying 29 a month. Message me for details.

        • Beverly

          Hi I would like to know who you use for unlimited data, my son uses about 15 GB a month, his phone bill is outrageous. Any info would be helpful. Thank you Beverly

          • shawn gormley

            email me at shawngormley at g mail dot com and i will send info. My bill is down to 9 dollars a month now.

          • PurpleSaves

            Shawn solavei will not work for him if he uses 15gb if data a month. Only tmobile unlimited 4g for $70 a month. No throttling. Dont pick up a person that will not be happy then bash solavei :-).. solavei is a way better deal out there than anything else unless you trully use tons of data.. even if your bill is free if u cant use 10g of data 4g speed u wont be happy.. he wont. There are plenty of fish out there that dont come close.to 4g of data to snag up that will love solaveis plan. 🙂 $49 Unlimited Talk Text and 4g of 4g Data on tmobile towers. Purple saves dot com. 405 513 talk

        • John

          https://my.solavei.com/ solavei sucks when you want simple answers from customer servicethat can speak English. No free tethering allowed either or they’ll slow the crap outta your connection. Oh & signal strength as spotty as a dalmation. If you’re a 1 Email per day person and dont plan on talking indoors it’s great.

          • PurpleSaves

            Solavei isnt for everyone.. it works great for me and a lot of people.. if tmobile is not good in your area its not good in your area. Sprint is horrible in my area.. every house i have lived in it sucks.. the house im in now att dropped calls all the time.. solavei doesnt.. as in customer service they are the best english soeaking foreigners I have talked to.. and all very polite and patient. Dont know everything and still in training but still awesome! Yeah no free tethering. U are paying $49 not to take advantage of it. Even the expensive carriers charge extra to allow u to tether. .

        • John

          Need to be clear..They are not “unlimited everything” and the speed slows after 4GB consumed. ( it’s in your other post above… “with solavei you are paying $49 for 4g of 4g then throttles you”….). Maybe you should post some links to the countless complaints concerning APN settings. Oh…& don’t dare call & ask Pedro for assistance! It sounds like this…”Hola?? Hooooola??? What eeess theeeess A P N you speaky to me off??”

          • shawn gormley

            I call them once a month and I get either a white male or white female that is very nice. You must have gotten a bad apple! As far as unlimted, it is. If it was “limited” then they would be like Verizon, Sprint, At&t and either cut you off or charge an arm and leg if you go over. I said unlimited everything because once you go over 4gigs you keep going without extra fees. I am saving 130 bucks on my 2 phones, 1560 a year. I can use 1500 bucks can you? And also my company is paying me so I am down to 9 bucks a month on my service, unlimited everything! I think that is worth it, don’t you?

        • Kelly

          Is this with tmobile?

    • bigL

      Phhhhh! I’m pimping the $30(NO Tax) Unlimited data plan from t-mobile.

      • capecodcarl

        The 100 minutes you get on that plan is just not enough to be useful if you actually talk on the phone. And no, VOIP is not an option for me. I’ve tried it and it is too flaky.

        • bigL

          Yes, that plan is mainly aimed for at hungry ppl. A person like you talk a lot on the phone n voip is not an option y not try gosmart from tmobile $30 unlimited talk + text. BUT for most of ppl $30 unlimited plan from tmobile is more than enough, plus don’t forget FREE wifi calling. Win win.

          • ビッググリーン

            is that still available

          • bigL


          • ビッググリーン

            I don’t see it on the website.

          • bigL

            Yes, the $30 plan is buried and is kinda of hard to find, but not hard to find if you scroll it through prepaid plan.

            Anwayz! Here’s the link!


          • TheDrunkenClam

            Just to clarify, you guys are talking about the plan that says 100 minutes talk, unlimited text, and “unlimited” data (it says first 5gb at 4G speeds) right?
            The 4G speeds, does that mean LTE? Or HSPA?
            Also what happens after those 5gb are used?

          • Cruxi

            If you have a phone that is capable of 4G LTE you will get it on the 30$ plan plus where it is available too

      • Mal

        How did you get no tax? I have that plan but I get charged tax.

        • Matthew Harris

          Depends on your state. Some states have sales tax and 911 surcharge on all cell plans including prepaid. Others do not or exempt prepaid plans. For example in Michigan I recently re-upped my Net10 plan for $20. I was charged $1.20 sales tax plus $0.34 911 surcharge. BigL may also have re-upped online using his charge card and may be legally responsible to pay the taxes directly to his home state’s Treasury Department — common with online purchases to Michigan where the seller does not directly do business here and therefore does not have a payment account with Treasury.

        • Lee

          If you buy the refills through a third party online seller (I use callingmart, but there are others) you don’t get charged tax. You buy online, code comes instantly via email, you log into the TMO site and enter the code.

          Some have frequent buyer promos and sales too. I usually end up paying under $30 for the $30 plan.

  • darensdorff

    Nice move Target!