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Is This a New Picture of the Nexus 5?

nexus 5

A member of MacRumors forums (of all places) under the name weespeed posted the picture above this afternoon, which he claims is of the new LG Nexus 5. The forum poster mentioned that he was able to hold the device, that it is smaller than the G2, and feels a lot like the Nexus 7. He also mentioned that the display is just “Ok” and not as good as the Galaxy Note 3’s, but that it did have small bezels.

The phone looks a heck of a lot like the device we have seen in a Googler’s handsat the FCC, and at a high-school party, so it could very well be the newest picture to date. Unlike the FCC screw-up, though, we are seeing the return of the vertical “Nexus” logo that mimics the logo of the Nexus 7.

A leak from this weekend gave us the following specs to expect in the device:

  • Display:  5-inch Full HD display, 442 ppi (potentially 4.97-inch)
  • Processor:  2.3GHz Qualcomm Snadragon 800
  • RAM:  2GB
  • Internal Storage:  16GB (could be another model too, this is what was in the log)
  • Camera (rear):  8MP (no idea if it has OIS like the LG G2 camera)
  • Camera (front):  1.2MP
  • Sensors:  accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity, light, barometer, orientation
  • Battery:  2300mAh (via FCC) and wireless charging
  • Other:  LTE, NFC
  • Model:  LG-D820

What do you guys think? And what is the device laying on top of the Nexus 5? Is that another Nexus 5?

Via:  MacRumors

Cheers Wayne!

  • elmatrix

    Great news!!! thank to Nexus 5 Hype, the app I installed in my smartphone, I am up to date regarding nexus. I wont miss the launch!!!


  • lin

    where is the photo uploaded?

  • lin

    Like it?

  • bjssp

    When we will be sure if it has 2GB or 3GB of RAM?

  • Tyler

    I thought the camera was confirmed to be 13mp

  • TeeTinz11

    After the N4, that matte back is nice…

  • Alan Paone

    Hey Kellex, can you do some digging and find out why Google gave up on bottom headphone jacks? This is nitty gritty investigative journalism stuff.

  • Dave S.

    I know megapixels aren’t everything when it comes to cameras, but if this thing only ends up having an 8MP camera…that’s kind of a disappointment. I’ve got an 8MP on my current phone already…I wouldn’t mind upgrading to something higher or “better”. Even the LG G2, which this Nexus 5 is often described as being based off of, has a 13MP camera…so why does this one only get 8MP? (I guess it’s to keep the cost down, but shouldn’t this be an improvement over its predecessor, the Nexus 4, in all categories?)

    • Alan Paone

      13 megapixels is a worse camera at this size.

      • Dave S.

        What “size” are you referring to?

        • Alan Paone

          seonsor size. 8mp lets them use bigger, better pixels. 13mp is smaller pixels, and comparatively worse in low-light. Thats why the only companies with more than 8 mpx are samsung and LG, they care more about specs than quality.

          • Dave S.

            Well, if they used up that extra space in that camera spot for bigger sensor(s), instead of having a huge (seemingly pointless) ring around the lens, then that might help.

          • Alan Paone

            It looks kind of cool at least..

          • Dave S.

            The phone in general (I agree) or the huge ring around the lens (I disagree)…? ha

          • Alan Paone

            It would probably look as bland and generic as the G2 without the ring. It looks a little stupid on its own, but it adds some flair and rounds out the design.

          • Dave S.

            Yeah, but the G2 has a pretty big ring around the lens as well, at least certain variants of it do.

            Overall, I just want them to make this thing official already…it’s potentially going to be the phone I leave Verizon for!

          • Jim Davis

            I own a Canon digital SLR camera that I bought in 2005. It has a 6 megapixel sensor. It takes better pictures than any phone camera (even with an 8 megapixel sensor). It’s not just about maximizing the pixel density of the sensor.

            Phone cameras are better served by lower pixel counts (larger pixels/sensor area). They are so thin that the lens focal length is tiny and so the lens itself must be very small. This translates to less light getting to the sensor. Lower density sensors have larger pixels which let more of the incoming light stimulate each pixel.

          • Dave S.

            Whoa now…slow down…

            Are you trying to tell me that a camera on a device that was built to be a camera is BETTER than a camera on a device that was built to be a phone?!


            (also, don’t take this reply too seriously…I’m just jokin’ around.)

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    LG should stick with making washers and dryers.

    • JD_26