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Twenty Bystanders Shot with BB Guns During LG G2 Promo Event


During a special promo event for the G2 launch in Korea last week, LG filled up 100 balloons with helium and planned to set them free up into the sky. Inside the balloons were coupons for free G2 devices. Their plan was to have the balloons naturally deflate and fall to Earth safely for people to find them. Unfortunately, some things never go to plan and some not-so-patient attendees were in attendance. 

Coming equipped with BB guns to the event, as soon as the balloons were released, chaos ensued. Twenty people walked away from the event (or were taken to the emergency room) with BB gunshot wounds. LG has since cancelled all similar types of promotions in Korea, and announced adequate compensation for those that were hurt. I’m guessing a new G2 might make those BB wounds feel a bit better.

Some people will do anything for a free phone.

Via: Korea Times

  • umbrellacorp

    BB gunshot wounds?

    HTFU. You can just call them shot with a bb gun.

  • Armus

    Oh come on. It was made by lg for pete sake. Can’t be that good

  • Weber
  • Tyler Casilio

    All for a G2?…

  • DJyoSNOW

    Koreans don’t know how to use a bb gun?? (& for that we thank you)

  • Chris Stuart

    There is no way 20 people got hit by accident… The people with the BB guns should be locked up.

  • KleenDroid

    They should have ended the promotion and not given any of the ohones away to those that were shooting. But I bet the idiots doing the shooting didn’t actually end up with them anyway.

  • Ian

    pew pew pew

  • duoexo

    Imagine if the balloons had G2’s? People would be getting shot and concussion’s. And if the phone is supposed to be as thin, people would be getting shanked from above.

  • jose

    Samsung be trolling hard!

  • thedonxr

    I would have shot myself with a bb gun for a free lg g2

    • michael arazan

      I would too, BB’s don’t even break the skin at close range, Now pellet guns will do serious damage

      • Raven

        I got shot in the stomach by a pellet gun while I was riding bike when I was kid. It bled like crazy and hurt like hell. Plus, I was just riding down the street minding my own business when it happened so that really sucked.

  • duke69111

    Silly Apple users.

  • USA!

    In Soviet USA, you would be considered a terrorist if one pulled out a BB gun at a public event.

    • fish1552

      Or a 32oz soda in Soviet NYC!

    • Big_EZ

      You should be arrested if you brandish your gun and start shooting in public unless lives are in danger. You should keep it holstered and concealed (unless you live in a free state where open carry is legal). But yeah, we do live in USSA

  • BTLS

    rouch!!! re-re in my rye!!!

    • jeff

      Sum Ting Wong!

      • geedee82

        Bam Ding Ow!

        • martyjones100

          Wee Tew Lo

  • Warwick

    Samsungs hitmen :p

  • MichaelFranz

    I’m curious as to how many people had BB guns, and how they were such bad shots that they couldn’t aim up at balloons but shot at people…
    also why would LG announce they were going to do this and no think someone would try some ridiculousness like this

    • Travillion

      All bullets, even BBs, fall back to earth….

      • JoshGroff

        How dare you speak logic on the Internet!

  • Blue Sun

    LG: “Learning from You”. I’d love to hear what they learned from this event.

    • starnovsky

      Lesson is simple: don’t do this dumb thing again, ever.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    It had to be LG.

  • Mike

    Lol awesome

  • hkklife

    Since the non-US G2 has a removable battery and microSD slot, I’ll gladly take a little pain and suffering in exchange for the better variant of that phone….especially if LG were to throw in a free TV for good measure!

    • Weber

      We used to shoot each other with bb guns all the time as kids. You’d welt up, but hey, man up. I’d gladly take a bb to the skin for a free phone.

  • KevinThorn

    You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.

    • MichaelFranz

      probably the best and most appropriate comment for this article..

    • PhoenixPath

      LG: Look! Guns!

  • El_Big_CHRIS


  • EC8CH

    From hence forth LG G2 owners will be refereed to as “Ralphies”

    • EC8CH

      • STEVER

        ***SPOILER ALERT***

    • Ray Gray

      one of the best movies ever

      • KleenDroid

        I live that movie at Christmas. When they play it in a loop I just let it play throughout the day.

  • @sirsteven

    if those 20 were blinded, they’d no longer have to see the LG G2 Android UI. which is some compensation.

    • Tyler Durden

      Their eyes are so squinted it wouldn’t enter the eye. /nr

  • ToddAwesome