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Motorola Supposedly Sending Subliminal Messages, Moto X Announcement to Take Place July 11?

Subliminal Moto

Either this is a very smart/sneaky thing Motorola is doing or the Internet needs to take off the tinfoil hats. According to Leo Laporte, who received an invite to a small press event taking place July 10 and 11, Motorola plans to unveil the Moto X on July 11. How do we know this? Well, apparently Motorola already told us, we just didn’t “see” it. 

In the ads that went up earlier this week, showcasing talks on the Moto X and all of its custom goodness, there was a man and woman jumping off of a dock. The man is jumping in the form of an “X” and the woman is in the shape of an “I.” In Roman numerals, this could be taken as “XI” which means “11.” Some people are running with this and assuming that since reports speculate that the Moto X is launching in August, that a device announcement could be taking place on July 11. Seems legit, right?

Does this come off as a bit of a stretch or could you see this being the real deal?

Via: This Week in Google

  • JohnPA2006

    2 peeps about to jump in water, does this mean the next Moto phone will be waterproof/resistant?

  • i like hight technologi!

  • ryan

    this is exactly what I thought when I saw it. that it was some sort of message.

  • Elliot Kotis

    Or…. It is Moto X 1?

  • enigmaco

    No way motorola would do a cryptic message like that no way.

  • rczik

    I see X 1 as in Motorola X1 to be followed by X2, etc.

    • lye

      This makes much more sense.

  • disastrousrainbow

    It’ll be a brilliant stroke of marketing genius if something does happen on the 11th. Similar to those first Droid Razr commercials where it’s slicing through the city, although if they would’ve sliced through some apple’s and oranges, the latter being Samsung, that would’ve really put those over the top.

  • Marvin Nick Nick


  • 72monkeys

    WTF? I’m ready to reach through my mac and thump both of them in the back of the head! Where’s my Moto X???? Been waiting 2 years for this! …I feel better now

  • JB

    Release It Already! Moto needs something BIG to get their throne back! The News is Encouraging

  • Jesus Paleta

    Motorola is part of Google… the invitation should be by Google.

  • david

    Wow , 5 articles today? None yesterday ? I used to love coming to this site for android news, back when kellen was committed. Now its not even worth pulling up the site because of so few articles and the massive amount of adds. I’ve started to find my news in other places now, I’m sure a lot of you are thinking the same thing even if you don’t admit it. Get things right again and your loyal fans won’t jump ship anymore.

    • Bionic

      Go fuckkkkk yourself and read phandroid.

      • KDC

        any specs for the droid ultra

    • Joseph Pojunis

      Yeah, it’s so annoying how 4 guys don’t want to spend a holiday weekend away from their families on a computer. /sarcasm

    • justin

      boo. hoo.

  • bananatroll

    BGR is reporting no announcement next week.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      BGR? Really…

      • bananatroll

        They are typically pretty accurate. Still a rumor tho, so salt on the side.

  • Butters619

    Oh, we saw it.

  • chris420o

    clever girl (jurassic park voice)

  • Bionic

    I wonder if she shaves…………

    • ToddAwesome

      hope so

  • Leonardo Benveniste

    The device will be called the X1 and there will be other devices of the same family under X2, X3 and so on

  • Bionic

    Now if only the phone itself was going to live up to the hype, a lot of you guys are gonna be disappointed. October is the month you want to wait for unless you are not a power user and this phone makes SOME sense to you. But im not a power user and I still had to have a top tier device. Cuz……..top tier.

    • chris420o

      i couldnt live with that fugly button and soft keys…i just cant i try playing with one and i wanna throw that piece of plastic against the wall i feel like im using a bb curve

    • bananatroll

      What if I just want me some stock android on Verizon?

      • Bionic

        Not 100% stock

        • bananatroll

          The pictures I have seen depict all stock core apps including phone, messenging, contacts, camera, etc.

          So what exactly isn’t stock about it, considering the there most important parts are?

          • needa

            the kernel will not be stock. neither will the system files. and i hope and pray that the camera isnt stock either. i have seen the icons… but i want a little more options when it comes to the camera. the original leak months ago said they were going tobe focusing on the camera. i hope that holds true.

          • bananatroll

            Well all that really interests me is the stock core apps Motorola build quality.

          • Bionic

            Some Motorola add ons like smartactions

    • ROB

      Waiting for the Snapdragon 800 and 2 gb RAM…

  • TheTruthSquad

    Ignore the man and concentrate on the woman. Moto wants you to look at her and that is what I am doing.

  • Vanquishgc

    It’s Google, I wouldn’t put anything past them as far as creativity goes.

  • JDHokie

    Or it’s an X and exclamation point – X!

  • sangro azul

    Does anyone here use pic speed free wallpaper app? Been getting “no internet connection” error msg on my RAZR Max last couple of days… what gives? Any ideas how yo fix b/c I like the app…

  • Terrormaster

    I’ve said October 1 (10/1 or X I) the very first time I saw the ad earlier this week. Sticking with a 10/1 release suggestion.

  • bananatroll

    Whatever the ad means, Motorola is definitely doing it right. Their marketing guys obviously know how to generate buzz for new products.

    if it is stock Google and a decent sized battery, I’ll gladly put my RAZR HD on Craig’s list for this bad boy!

  • pblakk

    I just got rid of my MAXX HD due to being sick of the lag and awful browsing…. let’s see if finally we get some decent Motos. I’m not buying any of the hype like I did before the RAZR HD’s launched last October. That’s all.

  • Joe

    No guy would jump like that, he is going to nail his balls!

  • ddevito

    Guy Kawsaki from Motorola is taking the stage to unveil it. For those who care, he was an Apple Evangelist in the 80s. The guy’s been around the tech block

    • needa

      why would a google employee be unveiling a moto phone? even better… why would the ceo of moto not unveil it?

      • kidtronic

        Guy Kawasaki is a Motorola employee.

        • needa

          thats what i get for believing a wiki. wiki says google. as an adviser to moto. should have just looked at his g+

  • ThePeas

    How is this not obvious…

    He is holding up FIVE fingers, she is making a 0. Clearly the first Android 5.0 device.

    • bananatroll

      That’s an awfully big assumption don’t you think?

      • Joseph Pojunis

        Congratulations, that was what we like to call a joke.

        • bananatroll

          * crickets *

          • David Hayden

            There is only crickets because you are just now getting the joke after everyone has already had their laugh.

          • bananatroll

            So is David balls deep in you or are you plowing the fields tonight?

    • Larizard

      The girl is not making a “0”. She is making a “T”.


      That’s the model number of the upcoming Moto phones.

      • michael arazan

        2 People, 3 articles of swimsuits, clearly it means the 23rd

  • Scott

    There is something odd about the jumps and the shadows…. If you look at the full page add his shadow is off set to the left by almost 45 deg… hers is almost straight behind her if not slightly to the right…. bad photoshop skills?

    • Mark Mann

      the guy is also not jumping straight out like the woman is…his shadow is as much straight behind him as her’s is

  • OCSportsGeek

    Well, that my new device update date is 7/9 on VZW and I was planning on the S4…I can hold out a few more days on my Razr. Fingers crossed that this ridiculous thing might be true. That said, I’m still torn on should I S4 or wait indefinitely on whatever the VZW HTC One solution is. I have another plan upgrade in Feb (my wifes phone) and she would be happy with either my used S4 or HTC One, so I can get whatever’s on VZW at that time. Which, you know, will be3 some 5-6 month old phone from other carriers with more bloat! More Droid! …AHHHH VZW why do I love your LTE speeds so much?

    • Vanquishgc

      If the One is just the same version that’s been on the other carriers, go S4 man. Just my opinion, but I trust Samsung a lot more these days, plus you have the whole removable battery/ SD storage thing too. Now if it’s an updated model like the Butterfly S……You might need to do some soul searching on that one

      • OCSportsGeek

        Thanks for the heads up. That’s sort of how I was feeling, too..I think I’ll just jump on the S4 and then wait til feb for the new one. I think the wife would prefer inheriting the S4 anyway. Looks like I’m pulling the trigger tuesday…

        • Vanquishgc

          I can tell you I’ve sold quite a few, and people just love them to death. If you’re looking for a top tier phone on VZW, there just is no equal. Only thing close is the Note 2 (proud owner here), but that’s comparing apples to oranges. And seriously, I make crap off S4’s compared to say, Windows phones, or S3’S, but I’ll sell the 4 every time because I know they’ll be thrilled with the purchase, an have zero regrets. Also, don’t forget the sheer amount of accessories available for it since it’s the same exact model on every carrier. A lot of people forget about that part of the value equation.

  • Jay20

    seriously this promotion of faggotry by showing men in these kinds of ads is a promotion of satan. only show women.

    • richie97

      Can’t… tell… if… serious.

    • ROB

      Im like the guy in the AT&T commercials with the kids.. WHA….WHAT?

  • MichaelFranz

    i believe it….apple has done some things like that where they make annouements and hide numbers in them. I think the iphone 5 has one as well. Its a nice strategy and make people excited. I picked up on it but couldnt put XI together as anything reported. Unless 10/1 is release for something.

  • Justin W

    I think the tinfoil hats need to go.. But what’s this about a press event? I haven’t seen any blogs post about it yet, and usually that’d be something of importance given the hype around the Moto X.

    Also, I’m going with it’s the 1st gen of the X phone. Or the 1st device in the line-up of X phones this year. Not sure, but seems most likely.

  • motox

    … but since we are looking at them from behind.. it’s actually backwards and they’re spelling at IX… so July 9th is the actual date.. *mind blown*

  • Guest

    @Joshua_Bailey already half-called it on here for the first article

    • Joshua Bailey

      Kind of. I said the X1 referred to maybe an October 1, 2013 release date for the X hero device. Shot in the dark.

  • Stewie

    Moto isn’t intelligent enough to come up with something like that, even if now owned by google. move along …

  • needa

    oh my god that was miserable. -> scanning through 40 minutes of leo laporte and his advertising of sponsors every second. but i found the reference in the video.


    its a google deal. not even a moto deal. why would google be unveiling the moto?

    • Mark Mann

      oh i dunno, maybe because google owns moto?

      • needa

        you obviously have paid zero attention to how google and moto operates if you are going to make a smart a$$ response like that.

        • Mark Mann

          aside from the “oh i dunno” what was smartass about it? if google owns moto(and yes, i paid attention) what would stop them from announcing/presenting a moto device? ford can say that they will have nothing to do with lincoln from now on, but it still doesn’t change the fact that every lincoln car is a rebadged ford

          • needa

            ford and lincoln operate differently. ford chassis, engines and drivetrains, interior bits, etc are used in lincolns. a lincoln is a rebranded ford. a moto phone is not a rebranded google phone. when they say you ‘lose’ your google badge when coming over to work at motorola and when they say that they are treated as two completely separate companies… what does that tell you? what does it tell investors if google has to do the keynotes for motorola products? what does it tell all of the other android oems? when google states that moto is treated the same as any other oem.

            and “oh i dunno” is all it took.

        • richie97

          I would agree with your vitriol, if Moto’s new logo didn’t have that “A Google Company” plastered on the bottom.

          • needa

            fair enough.

  • You guys are all wrong. The picture is actually an “X” and a lower case “L”, meaning the new Moto phone will probably be eXtra Lame.

    • chris420o

      like your comment

    • Rob Schoenfeld

      Tell me do you know the color of an Iphone 5 by shoving it up your ass? Are you luck enough to be a have inside knowledge. Does your clairvoyance transcend transcend thought and time. I think not. Just another hater with nothing better to do while living his mom’s basement.

      • Wow everyone’s so touchy. I’ve owned 4 Moto Phones and I’ve loved them all. I forgot the internet can’t sense sarcasm.

  • SkylaC90

    I think that if Moto really is announcing something on July 11th then then this is the smartest most awesome announcement ever and Dennis Woodside is really clever.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Where are the half life 3 confirmed comments? :/

    • Justin W

      Here’s one:

      XI = 11, and Motorola = 8 letters. 11 – 8 = 3. HL3 Confirmed.

      I’m leaving now.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Was waiting for this comment. Was not disappointed. Take my like good sir!

  • RocketPunch

    The secret message hidden in the photo clearly is about the Launch of Half-Life 3.

    • Aardvark99


    • Elliot Kotis

      3 lines! Half Life 3 confirmed.

  • I thought it meant they were gonna buy an Xbox One.

    • That doesn’t make any sense.

      No one’s going to buy it.

      • Phillies3429

        Haha. Outselling PS4 in my area. Best Buy said they only had one PS4 reserved. 🙂

        • Vanquishgc

          then I feel bad for those suckers…..

          • LiterofCola

            Why? For buying a superior machine?

          • Vanquishgc

            XBox One…Superior? mmmm ok. I mean if you like Microsoft watching your every move……

          • Jason B

            Well your phone watches you too. Google sends anonymous data to their servers ALL the time.

            What’s the difference?
            (and you most likely have a front facing camera on your phone, so if you’re concerned about Kinect spying on you, well you have something more mobile and used far more often)


          • Vanquishgc

            Nah I’m looking for excuses lol. I’m Playstation through and through so I’m very biased admittedly. There’s a lot of other things I don’t like about the Xbox One, I just picked that particular thing. But seriously, my gaming system doesn’t need to watch me eating cheetos on the couch while watching Netflix lol.

          • Bobert Buttons
        • kixofmyg0t

          Best buy lol. They also claim Monster Cables are worth the money.

          • Marc Lewis

            They aren’t worth it unless you’re a musician. Bought one 8 years ago and haven’t had to buy another with the 2 times it broke on me haha. (lifetime warranties)

          • sk3litor

            Was just going to say the exact same thing. For musicians they’re worth every penny

          • Kimm Ryland

            as Angela explained I’m alarmed that anybody able to make $7048 in 1 month on the computer. did you see this site w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

      • Elliot Kotis

        Why? Has great NEW exclusives, what does PS4 have, it has Knack (previews by MMGN say it is just a crappy copy of R&C), oh and BTW, how are your extra DRM’s and share button going (yes since MS removes DRM’s, PS4 has more, as devs decide).

        • It was just a joke. I don’t scrabble care.

          PC MASTER RACE

      • LiterofCola

        I’m buying it…

    • Ahmed Abbas

      LOL 😀

    • bboyairwreck

      Do I have to do a single-sign online to share my used APK’s?

  • Robert Macri

    Why not October 1?

    • EatUrCrap

      Because my upgrades in August and this would make me much happier.

  • fallsgable

    He’s just “airing out” the “package”…

    • What colors does this “package” come in?

      • bananatroll

        Pink, brown, yellow, red, and white

        • “Google, where is the closest ER?”

        • Rbq

          Taint even close to correct.

  • needa

    lol. leo laporte. has that guy said anything relevant in the last ten years? and why would moto be unveiling the x at a ‘small’ press event. seems to me like everyone and their mothers would get an invite to it.

    • mechapathy

      Yes, in fact, he has. Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention. He now runs a hugely successful IPTV/podcast network. Kinda like TechTV, except for the fact that it actually makes money. And on that network he hosts/produces many shows with relevant content.

      • needa

        yes i know. he is another kim komando. helping those that do not know how to help themselves. i have in fact braved through a couple of his escapades since the tss days. i called it quits after a liveblog of an apple event a couple of years ago. i think the 4s keynote. he is a smart man and knows how to make money. but he is too ‘general’ for my tastes. everything is dumbed down too much if that makes sense.

        • mechapathy

          Yeah, I’d agree. But I think that’s something that helps his success. I’m still a fan, and he definitely strengthened my growing interest in technology when I was younger. And I think he has a more grounded insight into recent tech stories, as opposed to the FUD mongerers that are all over tech journalism. There are shows on his network that do cater to people who have a more in-depth knowledge; I like This Week in Computer Hardware, All About Android, This Week in Enterprise Tech, etc.

          • needa

            it does peak my interest. especially on those days that i am craving a podcast and cannot find one on my normal sites.

  • ahhh yes

    maybe its the ‘x’ from nexus….Hmmmm

  • MotoFollo

    well it was kinda obvious the dude was an “X”, but the girl was more difficult to discern.

    • Larizard

      The girl’s hands make a “T”.


  • Trevor

    Are those shark-infested waters? Cause that could mean something completely different.

  • EC8CH

    Going to roman numerals is where it starts feeling a bit strained.

  • NorCalGuy

    Any way you look at it its still “in the comming weeks”

  • fallsgable

    are they going to set up kiosks AT 7-11 on 7/11 too???

  • ToyotaKeith

    Might Be a reach,but they sure are distinguishing symbols the way they are jumping there.

    • duke69111

      That was kind of my thought. That’s not a normal jump, especially from the woman.

      • Rabid Rotty

        My thoughts exactly, women are not allowed to leave the kitchen except if they are on their knees

  • Maybe they are calling the phone the Moto X 1? Or maybe it is just on the 11th..

  • JoeyKhache

    I always had a feeling that the guy and girl meant something, they wouldn’t put them in that position without it having some sort of message, just didn’t know what.

    • Josh Shaw

      Bro, I always jump into lakes in an “X” position.

      • Verizon

        Really? I’m usually in a “Q” position.

        • Josh Shaw

          Nope either an “X” or a “Y” depending on whether or not it’s my time of the month or not.

        • Butters619

          I go for a “?” position but one time I really injured my back

          • Mine’s a /, just to join the fun.

          • Elliot Kotis

            I enter a “Q” or a “n” (dive)

    • But if it really means July 11, 2013 wouldn’t we already be seeing some type of invite being sent out to shareholders / tech blogs?

      • mechapathy

        You mean like when Leo explains that he was invited to an event via email by Guy Kawasaki?

        • That’s just one person and seeing as Motorola is trying to make this a big deal with all the ads in circulation I wouldn’t see them releasing a new phone in some “small press event” and only inviting a small handful of people, instead I imagined them pretty much inviting the world with YouTube live stream invites, developer invites and of course all the big names in tech blogging.

          • mechapathy

            It’s 50 people, who are all likely influential tech journalists.

      • rk

        This may have something to do with the Google xlabs project mentioned a few months back. Rumors had it involved with robotics and control systems. Maybe Andy Rubin is part of this.

  • Tommy Thompson

    I think this is the definition of “reaching”.