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Moto X Phone Specs Leak Points to Most of What We Already Know, 10MP Camera Though

motorola xt912-4

On Friday night, well-known mobile industry leaker @evleaks posted up what it believes to be the specs for Motorola’s soon-to-be-released Moto X phone. As expected, thanks to an .ini file that we obtained along with countless other leaks, these specs match up to what we mostly already know of a phone which is currently codenamed XFON, that will be powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (MSM8960). We’re also looking at a 720p display, though the actual size has yet to be fully confirmed (likely a 4.3″). The phone will carry 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage, run Android 4.2.2, sport a 10MP rear camera, and 2MP front camera. 

  • 1.7GHz dual-core MSM8960 Pro processor
  • 720p display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage
  • 10MP rear camera; 2MP front camera
  • Android 4.2.2

While those specs are not necessarily all that impressive on paper when compared to phones like the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4, remember that Motorola is going for something completely different with their new line of phones. CEO Dennis Woodside said in a recent interview that new Moto phones will anticipate your needs depending on the time or situation thanks to advanced sensors and other new tech. So Motorola isn’t exactly going to try and blow our minds in the spec department – they plan to impress us with experience.

Motorola has said that the Moto X phone will arrive this summer.

I have to admit that the naming scheme is becoming quite confusing at this point. We know of a phone with the codenamed XFON that has variants in the wild for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, and believe it to be similar to the phone you are seeing at the top of this post. With that said, Woodside called the Moto X a “hero” device during his interview at D11, yet a dual-core phone isn’t necessarily what we would consider to be “hero” material. Moto X could simply be the branding for their new line of phones, much like how Samsung has the “Galaxy” tag.

No matter what, we are expecting this phone to arrive in the near future.

Via:  @evleaks

Cheers LiterofCola, Andrew, and Justin!

  • Laborin_HK

    Looks a lot like my Galaxy nexus, and both the gnex and the Xphone looks good in white 🙂

    I alright with a smaller screen than my Galaxy nexus, since its top left corner is a struggle to get to most of the time, maybe 4.5 inch with the onscreen buttons is the best sweet spot (with small bezels)

    Motorola seems to have kept the camera details/quality secret, but I’d like a good camera that matches the 920 or HTC one in low light.

    Finally, I hope this phone like past motos have great battery life. How about a 2500mah in that small body 🙂

  • ThomasNeidhart

    NO NO NO 4.3? that’s so small 🙁 I was 100% sold on this because everyone was saying 4.6-4.7″ screen, and yes it matters. I have a 4 like most people probably do, and I realize that a 5 inch or so is what I’d like. sigh…… I want to buy American and not support slave workers trapped in buildings, to be frank. But man, I see those with those 5.5-6 inch Samsungs and I want something close to tat.

  • Dude

    There should be a Droid 4 replacement model. I need an X-slider here.

  • Dude

    There should be a Droid 4 replacement model. I need an X-slider here.

  • Chad Persaud

    Sorry to burst samsung bubble but My coworker has a GS4 and i have my trusty old Sony Xperia S that was released ages ago (imported from Europe rooted running latest android) and it Blows the S4 away in display and performance. Even the Sammy Fan admitted to it. My only gripe with the Xperia S is no removable or extended battery or SD card slot. The Xperia Z is looking good but no replaceable battery (at least it has memory card slot). If Motorola cram 441ppi (Xperia S had it since 2010 now GS 4 has it) 720p and removable battery with extended capacity and sd card slot in a durable phone it will be the best. Software does not demand a quad or octal core processor at this time unless its a smart 1 that use less power than the dual cores out there.

    • Chad Persaud

      Also note that Galaxy Nexus running stock android works better/smoother than any GS3 or GS4 with that silly touch wiz

  • Franc012

    I would rather see Motorola put out a good, budget phone (Say $250 without a contract) than have them add a bunch of useless features. I have yet to use NFC or a front-facing camera on my GS3. Motorola now wants to add a bunch of other hardware most of us will likely never use? How much is that going to add to the cost of the phone? There’s profit to made in the budget phone market. Why do all these manufacturers insist on building phones with features most of us don’t even use?

  • chris420o

    this article made me weep

  • chris420o

    If these specs are true…ill be truly dissapointed…i want a hero device i want top end specs and not from last year…i want the snapdragon 800 quadcore i want a 1080p screen i want minimal bezel edge to edge i want 2gigs ram or more i want a juicey battery powering it along with moto american made build quality….like w t f the n4 got way better specs and that phones cost efficient?? im lost here…if these sepcs are true i will be patiently waiting for an htc one on verizon and a decent price drop(samsung wont get a dollar from me with there plastic korean crap)

  • Jeff

    There is a point to be made here. Motorola may have to lower the hardware specs to make room for the cost of state of the art sensors and software that would make it ahead of the pack. If they hit an incredible prove point at the same time that’s even better.

  • Rickpot

    I want a battery hero xphone moto

  • cb2000a

    If this is a picture of one it wastes way too much space on bezel. I want to buy an American made product, but not one that is two years old.

  • user311

    This phone will be perfect for my GF. She’s tiny and looks hilarious using my S4 so this should be the perfect size for her.

  • Jared Muskovitz

    Without a quad-core processor, well, this has turned into a huge disappointment.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Honestly…this just doesn’t seem to be that appealing. With the hype surrounding it, it’s starting to remind me of the whole Bionic experience. BUT, of course, perhaps the software/experience will be rather amazing. We’ll see. But, I’m really not getting my hopes up on that.

  • Brandon Golway

    I’m happy that I decided to pull the trigger and get the S4 instead of waiting for this, because I’d probably root/rom it and loose all the custom motorola features.

  • neil fraser

    Galaxy s4 tht the fone ye want if no I phone 5

    The rest pure pish….Neil F …..Scotland MUTHA FUCKKKKAS

  • neil fraser

    Moto fones of past huv been pish pure n simple but might b a wee change a new fone tht does evreything all othr fones can dae anyhow so mare bollocks

    Neily F …….Scotland YEE HAA MUTHA FUCKAAAZ

  • SrCumbersnatch

    They better get this thing out before the Galaxy S4 Mini!

  • bionicwaffle

    720p is a plus! 1080p is completely a waste on a display that’s 5″ or smaller. All that does is use more battery and cpu/gpu with no perceivable benefit in all or nearly all situations. Hopefully they also got smart and went with LCD instead of OLED. Are you guessing it’s a 4.3″ display because of the resolution? I disagree. I’d bet on anything from 4.5″ to 5″.

  • Carlo Razzeto

    But will they come with stock android, that’s the question.

    • Most likely, no — see:

      CEO Dennis Woodside said in a recent interview
      that new Moto phones will anticipate your needs depending on the time
      or situation thanks to advanced sensors and other new tech.

      Such features aren’t part of the stock Android OS. However, we have no reason to believe that Motorola will skin the OS now. My guess is, the general experience of the phone will be unskinned, and work just like stock Android. But there will be integration done to wire parts of the system with the new sensor tech that’s only available to the Moto X line (not the stock Android OS.) I also think there will be apps that are not in the stock Android, but essentials to the Moto X experience. And, unfortunately, there may be some bloatwares from the carrier, but I am guessing that Motorola will try to keep the number as low as possible.

      The bottomline is, I believe it will not be the Nexus kind of stock Android, but pretty close. To people like me, who is on Verizon, it may be as close to stock as we can get in the foreseeable future.

      • Carlo Razzeto

        That’s what I would half think, but then there are rumors of a Nexus X and I’ve heard the same type of “know what you need next” rumors associated with it. A nexus device shouldn’t have non-stock software like that.

        I would like to see something a lot closer to stock, I honeslty don’t trust Moto-software. I have a Razr now, I like Moto build quality, materials and even the design. What I don’t like is the day to day experience (this may be where Moto CEO got confused and started thinking people wanted something really advanced).

        The phone some times works smoothly enough, but honestly has constant issues with speed. It jams its self up doing goodness knows what. Screen freezes are a constant, it takes forever to do anything at all and even google has now contributed by making google now very very painfully slow on a first query (subsequent queries are lightening, but I usually only wanted the first one!).

        Motorola does need a better experience, but biometrics and tattoo authentication isn’t the answer. Here’s what Moto needs:

        1) Continue good build quality / design
        2) Pair with good, consistent performance

        3) If, from there you can add light skin (app drawer groups) fine, but *ONLY IF YOU INTEND TO PROVIDE QUALITY*. None of this “well it usually sort of works, but it tends to get jammed up forcing you to reboot” stuff.

        Microsoft learned a hard lesson with Windows 9x series products. People don’t have the patience for “reboot it” and “format it yearly for decent performance”. This just doesn’t fly anymore. Guess what, the same applies to post PC devices (iDev, Droid, WP, Windows 8 etc). Reliability and speed are vital. I don’t know if Moto 100% understands this, I actually don’t know if google 100% understands this yet. But at least nexus devices seem to be smoother and more consistent.
        I want an xfon, but I want something closer to a nexus. I don’t feel ready to trust motorola with any custom wizbang programming. They’re not good at it.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Most of the hangups on the Razr seem to be from Google Now. I’ll also note that the Galaxy Nexus has a similar issue with similar specs, so it shouldn’t be terribly surprising. Less laggy, but still not instant.

          The newer Razr HD and M don’t seem to have any issues though, so if these devices are more powerful still, then they won’t likely have any issues.

          From the way Mr. Woodside has been talking, it seems like Motorola is very much focused on the overall experience and trying to get out of all the spec wars. If they can deliver a rock-solid experience that makes the iPhone seem slow and laggy with exceptional battery life, then it might just end up being the phone to have in 2013 despite the specs.

          That is, however a big IF.

          • Carlo Razzeto

            What you say about Google now isn’t exactly true. Not the part about it being a problem (it is actually) but that’s not Motorola’s problem. That’s googles problem, we should all realize that. I also don’t think it’s a local hardware spec issue, I think they introduced a bug dispatching requests on certain devices, because again google now **CAN** be lightening fast, it just never is on the first query.

            No, the biggest issue is when your staring at a frozen screen. Not google now, just trying to open up the app drawer for arguments sake. Take the drawer icon and …. freeze, your looking at nothing but a locked screen. Try and get an app to perform any basic function, it will freeze, then go, then freeze, then go etc. It’s VERY jittery at best. I’ve been slashing and burning installed apps trying to make up for the struggle, but it feels useless, I feel condemed to live in a smart phone world where everything freezes.

            Looking at System Tuner (which I peridoically install) CPU utilization seems to averate 25%!!! That’s with the phone actually not doing much of anything at all, just sitting there with system tuner open reporting usage. There is something wrong there. I think Moto should try taking a step back, pressing the delete key on most or all of their efforts and just put out the best optimised device they can.
            Do they have to play the spec wars? Not as such, though I will say to some extent high specs do help. Having the hardware to start with is a huge bonus. But they would be correct that it doesn’t have to be the end all be all, they don’t have to be the spec kings. What they need is a relivant platform with solid performance, then to spend all their efforts optimizing that for every bit of performace you can eek out of the stock experience. Once they get good at that they can play with something custom.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            That’s just it though, they have pressed the delete button on all of their extras except SmartActions and MotoCast. The Razr doesn’t even have their Circles widget.

            As far as the freezing, the only app I’ve had that happen with is Dice with Buddies, and that’s only because it, like Words with Friends, is a terrible iOS port. Everything else opens fairly snappy except Chrome (which opens slow on everything, that app is huge) and Google Now. The first query on Now is slow because it is loading a ton of data and checks in the background. Like you said though, that is Google’s problem not Moto’s.

            Also, I’m not sure what you have running in the background, but with System Monitor up I’m sitting at an average of 5% CPU over the last 5 minutes while logging with Hangouts, Chrome, Dice w/ Buddies, Play Books, Facebook, and a few random small apps loaded in memory (RAM is @ 90%). There must be an app of some sort misbehaving. I will say that yesterday it was lagging really bad, but a quick restart completely cured it.

          • Carlo Razzeto

            I’m not sure what Razr you’re looking at, it certainly isn’t the case on OG Razr. SmartActions is there and can not be uninstalled, along with the supporting Android Framework and “SmartActions Propriatary Framework”. I challenge you next to look at settings => Apps => All, see now many apps (hidden) exist in the com.motorola.* namespace. There’s a ton and a half. Then there’s Motorola Services and a host of other services including dock services etc. Then there’s the bloat wear, yes there’s that (I just got through disabling some VZW apps).
            I realize OG rarz has slow hardware by todays standard. I think it’s dual core TI 1.2Ghz with 1GB ram. But still, you compare it to a similarly equipped Galaxy Nexus and it’s no contest. Chrome is a nightmare on this device, terrible user experience. Compare that to the similar Galaxy Nexus, my wife can have 20 open tabs on her phone with no issues, it’s fast. I can’t manage one without it jamming up, stopping, freezing etc.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            I have an OG Razr in front of me. The com.motorola.* services are there to make the phone work, and on a Nexus there are similar com.android.* and com.google.* apks. The dock services only run when they are needed and killed almost immediately afterwards; they aren’t even in the cached processes unless you use them often. The Motorola Services are what calls their custom apps to run (I actually don’t have that process running or cached either, fwiw). More to the point, if it isn’t actively using the CPU or cached in RAM, it will never have any effect whatsoever on your device’s performance.

            You can disable SmartActions if you like, though in my experience that doesn’t seem to make any difference at all if I don’t have any running and I have the “suggestions” turned off. And I conceded that SmartActions, MotoCast, and adding to that the Dock Services (aka webtop needed to be backwards compatible with their lapdock accessories) and MotoCare (their background diagnostic data scraper, if you opt in their privacy settings) are added to stock, but in my experience they haven’t caused any issues whatsoever.

            So, my suggestion if your device is running poorly is to run it for a while in Safe Mode. If it runs well, then there is a 3rd party app or migrated setting from the ICS update that is hampering your system, and you should probably do a factory reset and start adding apps one at a time until you find which one is causing the problem. Sometimes recent app updates can cause problems as well, which is the likely culprit if an issue appears suddenly.

            You can access safe mode by holding the power button like you would normally to turn the device off and long pressing the “Turn power off” button on the menu that appears.

          • Carlo Razzeto

            I’m typing this on a OG razr now, I didn’t bring up smart actions to begin with. I was just responding to the idea Moto has deleted them as it were. There’s a slew of other Moto branded bloat on here as well that I can’t catalog since I’m on the device. That’s my argument. Get rid of all of that, put all effort into development of fast drivers.

          • >> Compare that to the similar Galaxy Nexus, my wife can have 20 open tabs on her phone with no issues, it’s fast.

            I have 4 Galaxy Nexus in my family, and I have never seen Chrome working that smooth. It’s lagging far far far behind the newer phones, even when comparing to those heavily skinned. Sometimes, it’s so slow that I can barely tolerate even 1 tab (that basically means I have to switch to another browser.) I am in no way saying the RAZR is fast, but the Galaxy Nexus is showing its age, and it’s DEFINITELY not fast by today’s standard — in fact, it’s downright unacceptable in many cases. It was not like that before. It used to be fast, but it seems that newer apps demands more resources from the phone. I still recall that when Google Now just came out, it launched almost instantly on my Galaxy Nexus. Now, I have to wait a couple sec for it to start up, and finish rendering. In case you are wondering, I did make sure no other non-stock processes are running.

  • Sporttster

    Well, if this is the phone I’ve been waiting for, I might as well go buy a Razr Maxx HD……

    • Hothfox

      Eh, the Maxx HD is a little worse spec’ed (1 GB RAM, 1.5GHz dual core), but essentially, I agree. It’s not as big of an upgrade as I was hoping for.

      • bionicwaffle

        I think it’s a big upgrade! It has arguably the best quad core (I’m counting the exynos octacore as a quad core because it is a quad core) processor out there, faster than the Snapdragon 600 in the One or GS4. The camera is a huge upgrade as rumors suggest it was developed by Nikon. 2GB of RAM is double that of any Razr. I like motos build quality because unlike the metal of the One Kevlar doesn’t block wireless signals. Hopefully it will still have a MicroSD slot and MicroHDMI port. I’ll put it this way, it’s more of a hardware improvement going from as Razr HD to this than a GS3 to GS4.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          This device is rumored as dual-core, not quad-core. It is essentially the same CPU as the Razr HD with a better GPU (Adreno 320 vs. 225). That said, the benchmarks we’ve seen put it well ahead of both the GS4 and HTC1 in graphics mostly because of the lower resolution. However, it is entirely possible that by pulling back the specs a hair, Motorola has created a very nimble device with no lag using last year’s specs, which would be quite a feat all things considered.

          According to the leaked photos, no to the MicroHDMI, though the SD card is possible. As for the camera, dear lord they needed at least some help, their cameras have been near the bottom of every test lately, so coming out at or nears the top would be a huge step up for the device.

        • Hothfox

          The article states it is only a dual core. If it were a quad core, then, yes, I would agree with you.

  • David Benson

    If this is the screen size I am out for this one. I have an LG Lucid with a 4.3″ screen and it is just way too small.

  • Gregory Durham

    This is not a high end phone the droid razr maxx hd
    is better

  • Quad-core with maxx battery or GTFO. {{-_-}}

  • Ivan Yglesia

    but the price without contract will be maybe $250

  • Babs Oyed

    Uninspiring specs! I guess, on the bright side you get speedy updates, but from experience Nexus devices though with a prettier UI are much less functional than say Samsung devices with TouchWiz

    The prettier UI is actually a moot point as one can download Nova launcher to simulate stock Android interface.

    I’ll definitely be skipping this and getting the Note III unless Samsung manages to screw it up royally (won’t put it past them)