Deal: Slash $125 Off Moto X Orders When Choosing Walnut or Teak

If you missed out on Motorola’s $225-off Moto X deal, they have another ready for you. It’s not as deep of a discount, but it does include $125-off and an upgrade to either the Walnut or Teak natural backs. So should you jump on this deal, which runs until May 19, you are looking at $399 for the Moto X “Pure Edition” in Walnut or Teak with 16GB of storage.

Not bad, not bad.

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Moto X (1st Gen) Could Get Lollipop Update in Next “Few Weeks”

Because the level of anger over the lack of a Lollipop update for the Moto X (1st gen) has risen substantially within recent weeks, Motorola’s David Schuster took to Google+ today to talk about the status of everything.

According to Schuster, they have seen a “lack of support” from some of their partners, thus the reason things have taken so long. “Partners” is a pretty generic term, so that could mean anyone from chipset makers (like Qualcomm) to their various carrier partners who need to approve updates before they can be pushed out.  (more…)

These Could be the Model Numbers for Three New Motorola Devices With Quad HD Displays

Add XT1578, XT1585, and XT192A to your list of potential model numbers for future Motorola devices headed to Verizon. That’s it, though. Just add them to the list.

Where did the numbers come from? Over the weekend, a redditor created an account called AndroidLeaks and posted up those three model numbers, along with what he claims are select specs from each. He supposedly grabbed the information in an “analytics system” that shows the devices being used in and around the Chicago area, where of course, Motorola is based out of.  (more…)

Motorola Seems to be Gearing Up for a Wave of Android 5.1 Updates, Here are the Release Notes

Motorola seems to be gearing up to unleash a wave of Android 5.1 updates onto its entire line-up of devices. We first saw Android 5.1 release notes show up for the Moto X (1st gen) in Brazil a couple of weeks back, but we are now seeing sets for the AT&T Moto X (2nd gen), “T-Mobile” Moto X (2nd gen), and Moto X (1st gen) in the US. We have yet to find info for the DROID Turbo, though I can’t imagine it won’t also arrive very soon.  (more…)

Emergency Dialing Maintenance Update Coming to Nexus 6 and Moto X (Updated)

According to Motorola, a maintenance release (update) is schedule to go live for the Nexus 6, Moto X (2nd gen), and Moto X (1st gen) some time in the very near future (Edit:  DROID Turbo, Ultra, and Moto X Pro as well). Motorola posted a document detailing the update this morning, noting that you should apply this update “as soon as possible,” but that it corrects an issue that will probably only happen under “very rare” circumstances.  (more…)

Deal: Motorola’s $225-Off Moto X Deal is Live – $349 for 32GB, $374 for 64GB

The $225-off Moto X (2nd gen) deal that Motorola announced yesterday is live in their store.

Initially, the details for the deal were a little scarce, but we now know exactly what you are looking at. For $349, Motorola will hand you a custom designed Moto X (2nd gen) with 32GB of storage through Moto Maker. That’s a $200 discount, since the 32GB model normally runs $549. If you want the full $225 discount, then you can upgrade to 64GB for just $25 more. So for $374, you are looking at a custom Moto X with 64GB of storage instead of the normal $599 price.  (more…)