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Even With Vanilla Flagships Launching, Google’s Nexus Platform Not Going Anywhere

nexus 4 nexus logo

It is exciting to see Google partner with the top Android manufacturers to bring completely vanilla versions of their flagship devices to Google Play, but during today’s D11 sit down with Google’s Sundar Pichai, he stressed that this does not mean the end of the Nexus program. 

While Google will release these “Nexus Experience” Galaxy S4 and HTC One devices, next-gen hardware made specifically for Google’s next-gen software is not going anywhere. Here is what Sundar said during the interview when the question of eliminating the program was brought up.

Walt: So you won’t make more Nexus devices?

Pichai: The goal with Nexus was to push forward hardware with partners. That will continue as well.

So in the case of the Nexus program and vanilla-flavored flagship devices, we can have our cake and eat it too.

Via: AllThingsD

  • vs

    Just ditch next Nexus low end devices altogether. They want the “pure android” experience it seems selling unlocked high end devices like S4 and the One gives the user the best of the best from the get go but at the sacrifice of a higher price. Still, you don’t see the Nexus 4 doing S4 sales numbers either. Obviously you cut down on operating costs and get more people to adopt you’re flagship device.

  • Joshua P.

    Good, because even a $600 HTC one is ridiculous.

  • Omar_S92

    You always get the Verizon people crying for a Nexus. Why don’t you all get that CDMA and Nexus devices don’t get along very well.

    On a CDMA network, the carrier has control of the devices. On a GSM network, you simply pay for your services with little to no control from the carrier.

  • Droidzilla

    CDMA. This is Verizon’s fault.

  • EC8CH

    Good because frankly the Nexus Design puts all other android phone designs to shame.

    All screen front with no buttons or logos and a smooth ergonomic shape.

    • Trevor

      Yes! I love the clean look on the front of the Nexus devices. I think it looks awesome.

  • anezarati

    anyone notice that he said the goal of the nexus WAS….was as in past tense


  • br_hermon

    Was I the only person that read that headline and took it to mean, “Nexus isn’t going anywhere, it’s idling by, dead in the water, failing to really take off, not living up to it’s potential”? Just sayin…

  • Mike Hilal

    Why cant they make nexus phones flagship level devices? How would that hurt rom development any? It makes no sense for the nexus not to be an ultra high spec device.

    • They want them to be affordable off contract. Look at the Nexus versions of the S4 and the One.

      • Mike Hilal

        $650 isnt bad for that level of HW. I’d gladly throw down for the total package. Maybe call them nexus primes?

        • But you are the minority there. Samsung and HTC could do it because they already had the hardware so it didn’t take any time designing it. Google wouldn’t sell enough to be worth it.

          • Mike Hilal

            I disagree. I think that a flagship google device (even one based off an existing flagship, but with OSK) would sell enough to justify it’s cost. Even Moto’s CEO admits they can sell phones under $650 and do fine. Get that poppycock out of your head that it cannot be done affordably. Even with that I wouldnt mind paying them a premium for a device that will be useful for more than 6 months. Im sure many many others would agree…after they balk for a few weeks at the price.

    • Droidzilla

      The Nexus 4 pretty much was that when it was released.

      • Mike Hilal

        No 1080p, and No LTE. So no, not really.

        • Droidzilla

          1080p is irrelevant on a screen that size, and LTE is far from necessary (many of us get faster speeds and better battery life on T-Mo HSPA+ than Verizon LTE).

          • Mike Hilal

            Maybe if your vision isnt so good. Mine is normal and I can easily see the difference in resolution between the new S4 and my gnex (both pentile). The many you speak of must be in a lucky market, HSPA+ doesnt even crack 5mpbs here in FL vs Verizon anywhere between 14 and 31 depending on signal.

  • JRomeo

    The Headline for the article says “Google’s Nexus Platform not going anywhere”, and then in the article it says that the Nexus Platform “will continue as well”…… so apparently it is going somewhere. It will continue just like it continued last year…..

  • Vikinglifeguard

    This is why when my contract is up I am leaving Verizon. I am going to await the next Nexus or great vanilla phone and bolt for Tmobile most likely. Been on Verizon for 8 or 9 years I think, but it is time. I am tired of CDMA and being stuck on one network

    • Blue Sun

      I’m in the same boat. Although I haven’t been on Verizon quite as long as you. CDMA & international travel has been anything but smooth compared to my AT&T days.

      • Mordecaidrake

        That’s why you just get a global ready Verizon phone, like the S4.

    • Mordecaidrake

      I want to do the same thing, been on Verizon for 14 years. However, T-mobile doesn’t have coverage anywhere near where I go.

    • KleenDroid

      I was considering the same thing since my contracts were up. So I decided to keep my options open by purchasing an S4 full price. Keeps my unlimited, no contracts, and I get to root and Loki unlock and flash away. Having just as much fun as I did with my Gnex.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I’m hopeful that it might get released on Verizon VoLTE, but if not, I think maybe I’ll be getting a Moto X. I’d prefer a Nexus over a Nexus experience device though.

  • yummy

    Wait, what? Why do people talk
    if they have nothing to say? Oh,
    whoops…..Ill let myself out

  • Flat_Stanley

    He didn’t say there would be any future Nexus phones. He just said that the Nexus hardware program wasn’t going away, which doesn’t necessarily mean more phones (though they aren’t precluded).

  • joejoe5709

    Veeerrrry reassuring. Good move by Google. I’ll take a true Nexus over the Nexus Experience any day of the week.

  • Steve Benson

    Totally unrelated. Root Explorer updated with new-ish UI!

  • cjohn4043

    I’d rather a Nexus with stock rather than the One or S4. You lose a lot of great features on the S4 and One when you put stock on it.

    • Not really. as described before, Beats Audio made into the nexus edition of the One. Still, hardware vs hardware, it’s the ability to choose that counts.

      • Bob G

        Because Beats Audio is the only feature on the One that is worth anything?!

        • I’m not debating that. I’m curious to see the camera “improvements” gone as well.

          Well, looking at the S4, nothing came over.

        • Benito Wood

          The other features are blinkfeed (nobody wants) and Zoes lol

        • Benito Wood

          Oh Id definitely miss the IR blaster too. It’s taken the place of my directv remote

      • rals

        Remember you are also losing the software enhancement of the camera. End of the day, you’re stuck 4MP camera, which probably be on par or if not worst than the GNEX,

        • I’m not sure it’s that much of an issue honestly. Hardware is hardware – you aren’t changing it’s ability to take in light.

          I’m curious to see what happens when the software improvement to the camera goes away though.

          • Ronnie

            I have an older One X that I rooted and flashed AOKP and I am surprised how much the photo quality decreased after losing the HTC camera software

          • I’m hoping that Nexus Experience means that they open source drivers for the camera, or at least allow their usage in AOSP.

          • I don’t know enough about it one way or the other, but if this phone loses any of the camera functionality, that will significantly effect its appeal to many people. I think we tech folks underestimate how much of a selling point a great camera is on a phone. Most people do not want to carry around a point and shoot for pictures.

      • 1ofdakoolkidz

        So, on the HTC one what happens to the camera, cause without the software 4 ultra pixels is not going to look as good.

  • Naturally. Still don’t know why this would surprise anybody 😛

    • Alex

      Because its still one of the top 2 networks. Issues aside with verizon, the galaxy nexus has still been the best phone on the VZW network. Sure it may not get updates as fast as on other networks, but it is the fastest updated phone on verizon and provides those of us with no other good alternative for a network (a large swath of the country) a great option.

      • Bob G

        Verizon don’t care about Nexus people.

      • they’re also one of the top 2 proprietary networks.

      • Right, it might be the largest, but unfortunately that doesn’t translate into being the easiest to get a device working on it. I think Google wants to ensure a smooth experience for users and that’s something you can’t promise with Verizon.

      • Jeff C

        I agree. I had my GNex on VZW until i weaseled my way into a free S3 keeping my unlimited. It was an awesome phone for what it was and it aged very well. Even getting something along those lines again on VZW is almost considered a win

      • Mark

        “the galaxy nexus has still been the best phone on the VZW network.”

        Far from it. I always thought it was just Verizon having spotty coverage until my gf got the S4 and has full coverage while I’m struggling on 1 bar. Absolutely terrible radios

        • LiterofCola


        • KleenDroid

          I owned the Gnex since launch day until I got the S4 on launch day on Verizon. My wife now has my Gnex. With the exception of the first week my reception has been wonderful on the Gnex. Just as good as my new S4. I have always thought the radio performance is related to the network in a certain area. Why else would my reception go from dropping calls and no signal to wonderful in a weeks time?

          I agree that the Gnex is one of the best phones on Verizon. Maybe only second to the S4 because of specs.

      • michael arazan

        The GNex is also the Most updated phone on Verizon. No Other Phone on Verizon has had so many updates for just one device that wasn’t a security update.

        Maybe vzw is pushing updates better because people who post at the vzw wireless community forum only go there to complain about vzw sucking at updates every time one is available, been doing it for a year for me, along with other customers, to voice our distress, opinions and help each other.

        Only problem with the vzw community forums is, they will delet or modify your posting if they don’t like what they hear like nazi censorship, and it’s not just swear words, they deleted my post for talking about xda’s site, rootzwiki, roms, root, unlocking a gnex, and tons more.

      • dcdttu

        I had the Verizon Galaxy Nexus for one month. It had the worst 3G reception on a Verizon phone I’ve ever seen. Countless times my friends with iPhones and even the Droid Charge would have perfectly fine 3G, and I would literally have none (with 4G turned off). Battery life was awful as well. The first call I made with my CDMA GN, I dropped. At my house, where countless other calls were made and never dropped. I had almost no usable signal with that phone.

        Now, the Galaxy Nexus GSM Model? Best phone I’ve ever owned. Stellar reception, fast, extremely good battery life, great call quality.

      • TylerChappell

        I don’t know if there has ever been a phone on Verizon’s network that drains through more battery than the GNex, maybe the Blackberry Storm’s lol. It was a terrible misstep. But Samsung also isn’t known for their quality. I still get better LTE signal in my DNA than what the GNex, Galaxy S3, and even the new Galaxy S4 do. My brother’s Bionic also beats the Samsung devices in picking up LTE in our area.

    • PhillipCun

      Making it no available on the nation’s best and largest network is still a surprise. We know why, but still…. People expect to have these options on the the largest network. Maybe once Verizon launched VoLTE

    • EC8CH

      Surprised… No

      Disappoint…. I am

    • I don’t know that it is a surprise, but its just disappointing.

  • BTLS

    jusssst don’t count them working with every carrier… such as big nasty