HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 “Google Play Editions” Now Available

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As expected, since the date is June 26, the new “Nexus experience” editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are now available through Google Play. Each runs a completely stock version of Android that will be updated directly by Google (or won’t they?), much like its line of Nexus devices. You won’t find HTC’s Sense or Samsung’s TouchWiz anywhere on either phone, making these the ultimate flagship phones for Android enthusiasts.  (more…)

Reminder: “Nexus Experience” Editions of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Arrive Wednesday

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For years, Android enthusiasts have expressed a desire to have top-of-the-line flagship devices outside of the Nexus line that are running stock Android and are far-removed from the experiences delivered by OEM skins. In fact, most ultra-enthusiasts still root their skinned devices and then flash stock-style ROMs to give them the closest thing to having a Nexus phone. Come this Wednesday (June 26), some of your prayers will have been answered, as Google has teamed up with Samsung and HTC to deliver both of their 2013 flagship smartphones as “Nexus experience” devices that run stock Android, get updates directly from Google like a Nexus, and will be sold through Google Play.  (more…)

Sony Xperia Z Will Offer the Closest Thing to a True “Nexus Experience” Should It Launch


Is Sony preparing to launch their flagship Xperia Z as a “Nexus experience” device through Google Play along with HTC and Samsung? According to two reports this week, that is indeed the case. Both reports claim that it will arrive this summer, though one mentioned July as a possibility. Like the “Nexus experience” devices from Samsung and HTC, the Xperia Z will also be sold through Google Play, run stock Android, receive updates in a timely manner just like both of those devices, and will run on AT&T and T-Mobile networks here in the U.S.  (more…)

HTC to Possibly Allow Existing One Owners to Remove Sense UI From Their Device?

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New details have emerged out of the HTC camp regarding today’s announcement of a “Nexus Experience” HTC One. Two main points were brought up when speaking to The Verge, the first concerning the device’s hardware buttons. They will remain on the device, with the Android OS being built around them. Exactly like how they are currently, Google Now will be accessed by long pressing the home button and then double tapping the home button will bring up Android’s multitask windows.  (more…)

A Few Thoughts on This “Nexus Experience” Program


The “Nexus experience” device appears to be all the rage these days, grabbing headlines left and right. After Google announced the first in this new category at Google I/O as the Samsung Galaxy S4 “Nexus experience,” HTC decided they would like to be a part of this elite crowd as well. This morning, Android leader Sundar Pichai announced the HTC One “Nexus experience” to an applause from tech enthusiasts across the globe. It’s a move I think many of us have hoped for all along – you know, the latest flagship devices running stock Android, receiving timely updates, and having no part of a manufacturer skin.

It’s a dream, right? Mostly, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have questions, concerns, and other thoughts in general. Here are a few that immediately come to mind.


HTC One “Nexus Experience” Confirmed by Sundar Pichai, Available June 26 for $599

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Sundar Pichai is on stage at D11 this morning, and right out of the gate announced that they will sell an HTC One “Nexus Experience” through Google Play on June 26 for $599. This device was rumored and denied and rumored again shortly after Samsung and Google announced their “Nexus Experience” edition of the Galaxy S4 at I/O, but over the last week, rumors picked up that HTC would indeed be offering a similar experience on their newest flagship. Today, that rumor is confirmed.  (more…)

LG Exec Claims Company is Not Working on the Nexus 5, No “Google Edition” Phones Either

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Even though Larry Page reportedly stopped off at LG HQ in early May to discuss the next Nexus smartphone, LG Mobile’s European VP Kim Won has stated in an interview that his company is not working on what the media has dubbed the “Nexus 5.” While Won and LG consider the Nexus 4 as “a great success despite the production problems,” they do not need another Nexus to remain successful. Over the last year, LG has made a strong climb up the Android ranks, selling personal record numbers of smartphones that include the Optimus G and recently released Optimus G Pro. To be clear, this doesn’t mean that LG is not willing to work with Google again on another Nexus device, this simply means that they aren’t making this oft-rumored Nexus 5.  (more…)