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Official Twitter App Spotted for Google Glass?

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Ready to start tweeting from Google Glass? Yesterday, a tweet was spotted that has since been deleted, coupled with the label “Twitter for Glass.” Once news got out, the account was deleted, making it quite possible that no one was supposed to see it.

Adding to the fun, the Twitter account @Mogrooth (minus the Muddler), belongs to a mobile engineering manager at Twitter, Shiv Ramamurthi. Additionally, 3rd party app developers cannot use the word Twitter in the labels, so the fact that “Twitter” is used in Twitter for Glass lends more credibility to the story. 

Glass Twitter

Does the idea of an official Twitter application for Google Glass get you excited?

Via: TechCrunch | AllThingsD

  • punkroyale

    I think these are very uncool. Perhaps my opinion will change in the future but likely not.

    • DroidFTW

      Nope you are correct. These are Segways for tech nerds. People with glasses don’t want to wear glasses. Women will never wear these. These things are a bust before they ever launch.

  • Awesome! Now everyone can read and write their little “tweets” while ignoring their human companions and their beautiful surroundings.

  • Dillon Brown

    not really, I don’t need a rehash of what’s on every other mobile device on my face. Give me something new with this hands free visual overlay. Google Now should be leading the charge and 3rd party apps tying in to that to make that experience better.

  • Nope, not that exciting, I’d rather see instagram… #glassgram

  • bull3964

    So, a Twitter app for Glass, but we can’t get a properly formatted tablet UI?

    • Adam Emshwiller

      i can not STAND that…. priorities are all messed up

  • punkBOY

    Any chance we can just move on….sorry I little self respect for me let alone these glasses.

  • anezarati

    how would you type out the message? either voice to text or you set up a “pre-recorded” message that is posted with all photos you want to share?

    • The voice to text on Glass is said to be pretty good.

      • anezarati

        i just saw the other post about the voice to text. it does seem pretty accurate, but i wonder how you would say “hashtag” haha

        • I’m pretty impressed when using voice to text and it gets all of my smiley icons. I say “tonguey face” and it works well. Maybe if you say “hashtag symbol” followed by the word you want tagged, that could work.

      • larry

        Or “a little weird” according to Eric Schmidt

        • He said talking to it was weird, not the voice to text feature.

  • KleenDroid