Video: This is How Google Glass Looks and Works While You Interact With It

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Dan McLaughlin, an early Google Glass adopter who is part of the Explorer program, has been documenting his entire life with Glass over the last couple of weeks. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Dan was the first to unbox his Glass in that incredibly choppy video when the Explorer editions of Glass first became available. In these two clips we have attached, he takes you on a tour of the UI as he interacts with it, thanks to a screencasting application. 

You’ll see how good the voice recognition is, how Dan interacts with menus by both touching the side of the device and nodding his head back and forth, and how the UI looks in general when returning things like Google Search results. In the second video, you’ll really see how accurate and sensitive the voice recognition is.

Google Glass may look silly as hell on your head, but this type of no-hands interactivity is pretty damn cool. Google I/O, you better have Glass in some form for us to get our hands on, even if it’s for a brief moment.

To see more clips, hit up Dan’s YouTube channel.



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