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Exclusive: First Look at the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

verizon galaxy s4

For whatever reason, Verizon has remained uncharacteristically silent since we saw Samsung stand on stage and announce the new Galaxy S4. While T-Mobile, AT&T, and US Cellular have either announced pre-order dates or scheduled launch times, Big Red hasn’t even acknowledged that the device exists. Thankfully, we saw their version of the device cruise through the FCC at the end of last week, so we know it is indeed on the way. And today, courtesy of a long time and trustworthy DL source that dropped some goodies into our inbox, we now at least know what the device will look like once it does arrive.

What you are looking at are the official press renders for Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S4. Yes, you are looking at the evolution of the 2013 and beyond vision of Verizon’s marketing department. Clearly, the branding of the home button on the Galaxy Note 2 was only the beginning.

With the Galaxy S4, we’re seeing “4G LTE” logos diagonally tiled along the entire backside. All I can say, is that I hope the logos don’t fully wrap themselves around the sides, as this painful sight could easily be removed with a new battery cover. While that will obviously cost you extra in order to rid yourselves of this eye-sore, it will be worth the extra $15 or so.

Oh but wait, it gets worse.

gs4 exclusive2

If the tiled backside wasn’t enough to ruin your Galaxy S4 appetite, wait until you see the new physical home button on the front of the device. Over the last year, we have seen Samsung stick to a one size fits all approach to their phones, similarly to how Apple does it. However, with the GS4 we’re seeing Verizon flex back. We’re now understanding why we have yet to hear about the phone from Big Red – the modification to this new and extremely large home button is clearly going to take longer to produce. We’ve seen delays of devices like the HTC One due to their new UltraPixel camera, a situation that appears to be repeating itself here with Verizon’s Galaxy S4.

gs4 exclusive1

The last we heard from sources suggested that we wouldn’t see the device until mid-to-late May. If these modifications in hardware are anything to go by, I may start to wonder if it won’t be later.

Dying to hear your thoughts.

Update:  If you are just now finding this post, yes, it was an April Fools’ joke. Look at the date.

Cheers ___!

  • Danny J

    Where can I get one of these???

  • Alexis Crute

    Ok you fooled me. But I do hope Verizon doesn’t f of the phone.

  • AC

    yikes … I was about to throw up after seeing the verizon phone. Then I realized that it was posted on 1st April. Well played 😀

  • Nicole Strunk

    Wow, I am almost willing to leave Verizon to get a not so ugly S4. The back cover can be replaced or covered, but that button is hideous!

  • the back of the phone doesn’t matter since it will be in a protective case.

  • Mick

    time to switch carriers if they take that long just to brand it. or just go by version outright

  • John

    This is hilarious

  • Mid to late May? Well crap. My bionic is limping along due to gravity storms and it might not make it until May.

  • OneSon

    I don’t know about that button….I might just keep my SGIII

  • Rex_D

    Initially my heart dropped into my stomach, then I was going to leave some nasty comments about the ignorant reporting and how this could NOT be true and that the writer should do some real research before posting stories like this…. HA, got me!!! Wasn’t until I scrolled through the comments I caught on!! Nice work!

  • Could careless with the home button. I just wanted to know if Verizon will the phone to quad band as it originally made or remove all the bands and make only a single band which really sucks. I just don’t know why Apple could keep their quad band receiver and not others manufacturer. I think Verizon and Apple is responsible for this the phone should be cheaper since they take off this feature.

  • Doobsky

    you almost had me there for a second!

  • Jeff McLean

    Ironically, given VZW shenanigans, I totally thought it was real all day (because my phone cut off the home key, couldn’t see it, that gives it away). I literally LOL’ed after that. Well played indeed.

    Reminded me of why this is the one day of the year where I don’t even bother reading the tech news….lol.

  • Sally

    Stupid home button I’m switching carriers now!:(

  • chris125

    Touche droid-life, had me until I saw the home button

  • Brandon

    I am an idiot… I was reading other April Fools posts but for some reason I thought this was real at first. Nice work!

  • mattu

    I bet Verizon is keeping quiet about the S4 because they want to keep on selling the S3 at a higher sales point for longer. Also, not to discourage people from the S3 when they still need to meet their sales quota for S3’s over the next month and a half!

  • CapnShiner

    I was thinking this could be a joke as soon as I saw the first image of the battery cover but I was ready to accept it as real until I saw the home button. Good one, Kellen. Personally, I think it would have been more believable if the home button was made bigger with the same proportions as the real one and a bigger bottom bezel. That would have allowed room for the capacitive buttons and the Verizon logo wouldn’t have to be stretched. Too late now, but maybe next year.

  • bikerbikk12

    Wow wtf ? Thats almost a deal killer I just hope theres covers for the EXTRA LARGE HOME BUTTON ! Lets hope it was zoomed in on or something , and why would you plaster 4g lte like that ? Its ruining rhe whole look of the device


    I saw the back side and believed it. Then scrolled down to the comments. I passed the VZW button which would have given it away. My stomach dropped.

  • baconslayer09

    It actually wouldn’t surprise me if Verizon did put a bunch of 4G LTE watermarks on the battery cover.

  • NICE ONE….Almost had me…lol

  • stevo

    that ugly ass home button should be enough reason NOT to buy this phone

  • Dylan Patel

    GOD DAMN IT! I had a heart attack when I first saw the home button!


    This is actually believable, given the fact that Verizon made the Note II look ugly with their logo.

  • Vince

    Why not just put VERIZON all over the screen too?

  • Batman

    It’s easy to mistake this for something serious. I wouldn’t put this past Big Red.

  • Prang

    April fools.

  • Kree Terry

    10/10 would bang

  • fanboy1974

    I believed that back until I saw the home button. You half way got me.

  • gstamp

    i hope this another april fools prank LMAO, but if its not im kicking Verizon out of my life.

  • William

    April fools to you guys too

  • RoadsterHD1

    It had me hook line and sinker. And I KNEW it was April fools today I just didn’t put 2 and 2 together. That’s it….. no more “not drinking” before bed-time!!

  • Trevor

    It’s sad that any of us would look at that backplate and actually believe it was true. That’s just about where we’re at with Verizon.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I wouldn’t put it past Samsung to do this though., or to at least allow this to happen……

  • I won’t lie. At first groggy glance this morning the back plate had me. Then I saw the terrible PS render of the home button and fully woke up and remembered what day it is.

  • Mike Collins

    April Fools!!

  • Lane252

    oh now i am not buying this. i cant believe verizon would strong arm so badly and make this beauty ugly

  • droidify

    This is why every time I launch chrome, DL is the first link I click.

  • RaptorOO7

    AF jokes aside, do you have any real information about the Verizon GS4 to announce? I was actually excited until I saw the images and knew they were an AF Joke.