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AT&T Nabs Exclusive on the HTC One 64GB in the U.S.

htc one 64gb

According to a new video posted to one of AT&T’s YouTube accounts, they were able to grab the exclusive on the 64GB variant of the HTC One. Twice in the highlight clip do they highlight the 64GB feature with a green “AT&T Exclusive” circle. As you may know, the device will come in both 32GB and 64GB variants since it lacks a microSD card slot. I can imagine that those of you who were not necessarily going to choose AT&T as your One provider are a bit saddened by this move. Then again, 32GB is quite a bit of storage and should be plenty for most, especially with an increasing reliance on cloud storage for much of what we do.

So we’re looking at 32GB from T-Mobile and Sprint for sure. If Verizon also gets the device, we’re assuming they will only have the 32GB variant as well.  


  • Uriah Romero

    It’s pretty cool that AT&T gets to sell the 64GB Galaxy S4. I can do with a smaller amount though, so it wouldn’t matter. I just want to try the 1080p display! Given that it takes a while to get there, I like to kill time while I’m on my way to and from work at DISH by watching my live and recorded shows on my phone. I can stream from my DVR wherever I am going with the DISH Anywhere app and I think it should work wonderfully on a full HD display.

  • Antony

    That is sad! Looks like there’ll be very little cure for HTC now. Very, very, very dumb move! Many who are not with AT&T or trying to get away from it not gonna go back to AT&T because of this. Good luck, HTC. You gonna need it.

  • I think I hear crickets. In my opinion, I don’t think many people are going to find a need for that much storage space. I have a 16 gig S3 and I’m doing just fine.

  • meh, 32Gb’s are very manageable. Just hope it actually comes to Big Red.

  • Amit kumar

    Wow awesome devise. It feels fresh and modern. I agree with you, because I checked full
    specification of this phone on this website as well. http://www.gadtecho.com/

  • Michael

    I guess It’ll be nONE for me.

  • kdog

    Htc quietly stupid

  • I am happy they’re at least bringing a 64GB to the States at all. I couldn’t find one for the Note 2.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hopefully it’s a limited time exclusive. Like, maybe a couple months at most.

    HTC is shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t offer the same storage capacities on every carrier eventually. It just makes it looks less “premium” if you know what I mean.

  • TravisSlothBearAbram

    I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the htc one comes with 25 GB of dropbox storage for two years when you buy an HTC one. If I am right then I Dont see how 57GB isnt enough storage for people. Its a phone for christ sakes not a computer or secondary hard drive. Its a phone! Do you remember what phones use to be back 5-6 years ago? You’d be lucky if your phone had 1-8GB of space and people back then hardly complained. I truly think you people expect way too much out of your smartphones and people have become spoiled. In case your memory is shot HTC made the first Android phone and was the sole reason we have a ethora of android phones today. I’m sorry but I truly think you guys expect phones to replace your laptops or something?! Its not meant for that, nor will it ever be. I can also say as a true power user who blows through 19GB of 4G data each month and as someone who uses his phone for everything, I dont think i’ve ever used all 32GB of storage on any of the past few devices….the hell do you people do put Blu-Rays on your phones? Smartphones were meant to combine the best characteristics of a phone/camera/music-video players/internet all in one device….it was never intended to replace the individual devices, so it truly makes no sense to me when people criticize phones for not having enough storage for their music and videos…you guys have very high standards for phones maybe you as the consumer should go build your own phone so you can’t complain about it. Regardless of what anyone of you say the HTC One will succeed if you’ve done any amount of research you’d know that there’s already hundreds of thousands of preorders for the device in the US and its already been voted the best android phone ever made thus far ( or in 2013) not sure which so dont quote me on that. But yeah I never lost faith in htc so why should you?

    • Do yourself a favor and become familiar with the phrase “technological progression” along with the fact that your opinion does not equal all. Whether or not you grace us with the blessing of your shared opinion or not, these are things we expect out of a mobile device. Congratulations on winning the award for the most most ignorant and self-centered comment on the internet.

    • Hence the point, so after 2 years what happens to your data that you stored on drop box? Or am I now supposed to pay to access my pictures, music, and data? If so please explain to me why? They’re mine aren’t they? Give me enough storage or expandable storage and there is no problem!

  • Daniel Marcovici

    I am severely disappointed by this move HTC. I am a T-mobile subscriber and was looking forward to getting my hands on a 64gb version of the HTC One. Then you went and gave AT&T the exclusive rights to the 64gb version. I was one of your biggest advocates and was planning on switching from Samsung over to HTC again. Sadly now I will have to give Samsung my business once more. Why on earth would you do phone exclusives with carriers:-( You could do color exclusives but not when it comes to specs like storage. I am so disappointed HTC. That really hurt as I was looking forward to coming back, perhaps next time because I plan on sticking with T-mobile !!!

  • Dillon Brown

    dat status bar…

  • yummy

    Yummy no need no stinkin 64 g

  • andrew galvin

    ok, I want it.

  • cryosx

    i’m guessing HTC gets more advertising in AT&T stores because of this, they better . . .

  • Do you think this means no AT&T branding?
    *Nevermind, just saw it.

  • tomn1ce

    If vzw gets the One they will probably get the 16GB version of the phone just like they did with the D-DNA (J Butterfly)….good job vzw 0_o

  • Jason Walker

    HTC needs to fire about 50 people and hire some people that know what the fk they’re doing.

    • I totally agree, time for a whole new regime.

  • JakeS41

    Often times these “exclusives” are temporary. ie – ATT has a 90-day exclusive of the 64GB before it rolls out to the other carriers.

  • Dylan Patel

    Did they just say the same thing in the video 3 times…

  • Poor HTC. I almost feel sorry for them at this point.

    • Jason Walker

      I’d feel sorry for them if they weren’t blithering idiots.

  • RichFromBX

    I hate that these don’t have an SD card – I’m personally a big fan of them especially when changing devices often…I have all my music, pictures and what not available straightaway – no re-downloading or restoring..

    it’s was one of those conveniences that had me sticking with droids over iPhones…

    • With Play Music (and unlimited data), that saves me over 20 GBs of space on my devices. You could easily use G+ auto-upload or Dropbox auto-upload on your device to save your pictures too so they are never lost and always available when you get a new phone.

      • RichFromBX

        I use Play but a lot of my commute to and from work has me in a tunnel or going through a tunnel so it’s nice have 64gbs of SD card space with all of it’s video and music goodness – but I hear ya’…sooner or later I knew it would go away and of course 128gb of built-in would be the sh!t..,

      • cryosx

        having both online and offline storage is probably preferable

      • Uh sorry, Play Music is trash! Who wants a music app that you need to run on you data plan, limited or unlimitted?? NOBODY!

        • T4rd

          Then why is Play Music trash since it supports offline music and doesn’t rely on using your data?

  • KleenDroid

    If HTC were playing chess they would lose in three moves.

    • hashtagtroll


    • J Davis

      Incredible, Rezound, DNA..

      • The Droid Incredible: best available device on Verizon for months until the Droid X came out. The Rezound: best available device on Verizon for about 2 months until the GNex came out. The Droid DNA: best available device on Verizon for the last 5 months and counting… (well, I guess it’s dead-ish now, but still.) Sounds like a 1-2-3 knockout to me . HTC has purely lost the battle in marketing and marketing alone.

        • J Davis

          The incredible was a good phone the rest of your comment was just dribble

        • T4rd

          I agree with the original Incredible. The rest.. no. Razr is/was the better phone when the Rezound came out. OMAP 4430 > S3, plus considerably better battery life thanks to the Rezound’s craptastic 1620 mAh battery, the only thing it had going for it was the display. I got my wife the Rezound and regret it; she has to keep it on a charger constantly and it’s pretty laggy compared to the Razr and the Gnex I had at the time, also the Razr is on 4.1 now, I doubt the Rezound will ever see 4.1 (officially). The DNA has definitely not been the best phone on Verizon, lol.. just like the Rezound, the only thing it has going for it is the display. 12GBs of usable storage is pretty restricting, hence why it was sold for $200 on contract instead of $300 like the Razr Maxx HD and Note 2, which are overall more higher end devices by most users and Verizon’s standards.

          • Phill

            The Maxx HD is not “higher end” than the DNA…The DNA is a really good phone, probably better than the note 2 when all things are considered. Samsung’s horrible build quality and aesthetically displeasing software really can kill a phone.

          • T4rd

            The Maxx HD has twice as much internal storage (with support for 64 GB SD cards for additional storage) and a significantly larger battery, those things are what most buyers value most over display resolution or quad core processor, so I would argue it is higher end to a lot of people. The build quality of the Note 2 is anything but “horrible” and in no way “kills” the phone. If you’ve read any reviews for it, you’d see that it pretty much unanimously gets higher marks than the DNA (and almost every other phone for that matter). The S-Pen and size put it in a whole other category compared to other phones too, so you can’t even really compare them directly anyways. But I guarantee you that the Note 2 has sold considerably more on Verizon than the DNA despite it costing more on (and off) contract, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a higher end or better phone, but definitely speaks to its demand and uniqueness.

          • Zack

            The Razr was cool but no removable battery. The GNex was also a sweet phone but i didnt hear great things about call quality. If your good with Android and Rooting your phone the Rezound was and is far better than the competition IMHO

          • T4rd

            Definitely not. I had (have the Note 2 now) the Gnex and my wife has the Rezound. Call quality was not an issue on my Gnex. 4G reception wasn’t as good as the Rezound, but battery life (though still mediocre at best, was still better than the Rezound), performance, and software support (both official and unofficial) was/is considerably better on the Gnex. My wife hates it and would have taken my Gnex if it wasn’t too big for her..

  • RaptorOO7

    And here we go again. Verizon doesn’t take a great phone on their network, says nothing about the GS4, neither AT&T or VZW will offer a GS4 64GB and now AT&T gets the HTC One with 64GB and everyone else is left out cold. Unless AT&T paid a butt load of cash and/or Verizon didn’t want it then its really a stupid move.

    The only card left for Verizon is a DNA+ with sam internals, BUT, it will LACK the One’s styling and be a POS looking phone.

    One more thing, how long is the exclusive since this is the only flagship phone for HTC this year, and if AT&T doesn’t move as many as they could with other phones then what.

    • Proof that it won’t just be a One that’s branded as the DNA+? Oh wait, there is none.
      The GS4 has an sd slot. Buy a 64 GB card for $50 and bam, you have 96 GBs of storage on your phone. Also, the DNA is a hot piece of ass… quit whining like a 12-year-old. This isn’t XDA.

      • RaptorOO7

        If the (rumored) DNA+ even remotely looks like the HTC One and comes in 64GB (which it won’t) ATT would sue the crap out of HTC and they would be done. Exclusive is just that.

  • Jon

    The spec I’m waiting to hear about is battery life.

  • lrohenaz

    yaaaay! more anti-competitive exclusives! woohoo!!

    Personally, I will never purchase an exclusive phone again. I will never purchase a subsidized phone again. I will never purchase a locked phone again. I am not going to play their game for a couple extra Mhz. Artificial restrictions are bad for everybody, no matter what form they take. Too bad because otherwise it’s a nice phone.

    • So just buy a global version for full retail. Subsidies are dying in the US. It won’t be long before there is no such thing as a carrier exclusive.

  • They messed up on this one!! Not going to AT&T and I think a lot of customers feel the same way. I might be switching to iOS cause I’m not going to Samsung. Sorry HTC you want to survive, then you have to stop letting these American carriers dictate your product. The consumers are the ones that should drive your product.

    • joseph pastor

      Lol, you want to completely switch OS platforms…over…a carrier? or a company even?

      Nexus ftw……..

      • No expandable memory only comes in 16gb….no…f a nexus also.

        • joseph pastor

          lol cloud storage is something you’ve obviously never heard of. 50gb-dropbox, 50gb-box, drive, skydrive….do I even need that much space? No. And you probably don’t either. How often do you have an internet connection with your internet phone? If most of the time you’d say yes do you realize how your statement radiates with ignorance?

          • A) your retarded
            B) I don’t like nor trust cloud storage. If it is such a great idea how come the average user doesn’t use it or care for it? Do the research.
            C) I don’t need my data, my info, personal pictures, movies, ect. being stored in the “cloud”/server so that they can possibly use it.
            D) Have you tried streaming your music from the cloud with no data connection?

          • Austin Warren


          • Sam

            This is a typical response. Cloud storage is absolutely useless when it comes to apps because you can’t install apps in the cloud. People like to have many apps saved on their device, even if they’re not using it now, they know at some point they may need an app down the line.

            16GB is horrible, because apps are getting larger. And even if you do have apps that are small in size, the future app updates continue to consume more space.

  • Once again, HTC screwing things up by doing exclusives. They need to take note of Samsung, no exclusives. If anything, they can do color exclusives but PLEASE for the love of god no phone exclusives.

    • One thing to keep in mind, is that HTC has no power anymore. Samsung is on Apple’s level now and can almost tell carriers what it’s doing. HTC, simply accomplished something by getting the One on what could be all 4 carriers. But if a carrier wants something exclusive, I doubt they can say no.

      • Tech Pro

        I think they could. This kind of exclusivity comes with incentives such as money or commitment of certain amount of order. Maybe the true reason is neither T Mobile nor Sprint want to commit to 64GB model since it’s more expensive and less customers want it.

      • MicroNix

        My hope would be that T-Mo’s new rates with unsubsidized phones catch on. Grab a decently priced, unlocked Nexus and go where you want with what you want. Comcast doesn’t tell me what PC I can use on their network….why the heck should the carrier care? (other than GREED that is)

        • kkjdroid

          Don’t give Comcast any ideas.

    • Tom

      It wouldn’t matter much if it had a microSDXC slot.

  • Supertical

    For HTC’s sake I hope this isn’t true. I’ve been waiting for this device on sprint and was ready to pick up the 64 GB version just so I wouldn’t have to think about how much space I have left. With the zoe’s taking up .5 GB each, that adds up quick when you have three kids ages 8, 4, and 1. If this is true Samsung will be picking up a customer that has just decided to leave the iphone life.

    • Jon

      There is a very easy solution…turn on Google plus auto photo uploads. It gives you unlimited cloud backup and all your photos remain private by default. Then occasionally delete your already backed up photos from the phone.

      • Why would you want to back things up in the cloud (on a server you don’t control)? To me it’s not safe, and not private enough. A server crash or hack and your photos are gone by no fault of yours. Let me mess up and erase my files, I’m not an idiot and don’t need someone to hold my things in the “cloud”.

        • Jon

          So you would rather trust your photos to memory stored on a tiny device that easily gets lost, stolen, dropped in water, or otherwise damaged beyond repair, than on a cloud service that backs up your data in multiple locations and is statistically far safer than the memory card in your phone?

          Use double authentication in Google. It makes it virtually impossible for your data to be compromised by a security hack as it requires both your password, and your mobile device.

          I remember about 10 years ago, I had a PC and I would backup my data to 2 different hard drives every few months. One day my PC died. I went to my first backup hard drive, and it was also dead, I then went to my second backup hard drive, and it too was dead! True story….the cloud has never failed me. My devices always fail me.

        • Phill

          You contradict yourself in this comment. You say you’re not an idiot, but then you go and say you don’t think cloud storage is “safe” when in reality your data is much safer on Google’s servers than it is in your hands.

    • I’m hoping the same thing too. I’m a SPRINT customer who is disappointed at this so far rumor.

      • Austin Warren

        Get off sprint and you won’t have data problems.

        • Nah I love my unlimited data plan…just get a different phone.

  • JoeN

    Methinks Verizon will get a refreshed DNA that had the internals of the One, allowing a 64GB variant that way. Sneaky but effective if it turns out to be true.

    • edythewiseman

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    • They are. It’s called the Droid DNA+. Also, methinks it will be exactly the same as an the One, just branded as the Droid DNA+.

    • The internals are not enough to keep interest in DNA…
      The design and BoomSound are unique believe me… How many times I watch a video or a game on my phone and wanted the sound to come from the front of it!! :/

    • michael arazan

      Verizon is going to ruin it, I doubt it’ll even have the same casing as the new one, it probably look like the original DNA, verizon hates change.

      • James

        I’d rather have the updated DNA… 5″ screen is perfect for me and the DNA is just plain sexier looking IMO.

  • reyalP

    The benefit to Verizon comes in all the branding. Front and rear Verizon logos to make all those non verizon customers jealous. Can’t wait to see the ginormous 4glte logo etched into the back of that aluminum body!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Piss on [email protected] any way Tmobile customers will get the best deal anyway for the 32gb version.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Great video thou.

    • squiddy20

      Hmmm, lower storage option = lower price… Of course it’s going to be a “better deal”? How intelligent are you?

    • Simon Belmont

      Lets play Madlibs with Richard Yarrell: Piss on *insert anything other than T-Mobile* because the *insert Samsung product* is better than *insert everything else*.

      Le sigh. Le sigh, indeed.

  • why

  • Adam

    64gb One is not enough to get me to switch VZW Jr…

  • Sam

    Meanwhile, Verizon is forcing16GB of storage on it’s users on many Android phones now. And that 16GB is actualy much less thanks to all of the crapware they pre-install on the phones.